Union Bank Warns Me About Phishing

Just receive an email from Union Bank warning me about Phishing. I guess other UnionBank client especially those who got the debit card from them which is called EON Card got the same email too.

Here’s the content.

Dear UnionBank Client,

As an Internet user, you should know about phishing emails. They can appear to be from a well-known company but may put you at risk.

A phishing email generally asks you to click a link in the email and provide, update or confirm sensitive personal information. It may refer to a supposedly urgent or threatening condition concerning your account.

Please note that UnionBank will never send you an email asking for your personal information. You should NOT respond to such email or reveal your PIN or PASSWORD to anyone. Also, Do NOT visit the phishing site, as it is likely to contain a virus or otherwise compromise your confidential information.

I posted it here just to let you know their advise on how to avoid getting phished by phishers.

Chooks To Go Experience – SELaplana

Chooks To Go or its company and owners doesn’t pay me to write this. I understand that the brand and its product can be promoted through this article but my aim in writing this blogpost is not to promote the product or a brand but to rant my experiences with the Chooks To Go employees and its product.

Since late 2007, I was already a fan of the oven-cooked chicken product of the Ormoc Bounty Fresh in Ormoc City. It was our favourite viand in our lunch every time we were in Ormoc City.

Actually, we were there in Ormoc City once in a week for the dialysis session of our aunt in a dialysis center in Ormoc City.

My Aunt, Dialysis Session and Dialysis Centers

My aunt was suffering with kidney failure, so she needed the dialysis procedure as the substitute to her failed kidney. She underwent dialysis since early 2007 in Chong Hwa Hospital (I don’t know if the spelling of the name of the hospital is right. May be its name is Chong Wa Hospital or Chung Hua Hospital or Chung Hwa Hospital. Whatever). We realized that staying in Cebu for the dialysis was more expensive than attending a dialysis sessions here in Leyte. So we decided to transfer our aunt to a dialysis center in Ormoc City (I forgot the right name of it. It’s Asian Renal Center, I think, or let’s just call it with that name).

Ormoc City, by the way, is 120 kilometers from our home in MalitbogSouthern Leyte via the Bontoc – Bato highway but is more than 130 kilometers when passing through Maasin City.

The doctor who is a specialist in the health of kidney and at the same time the director of the Asian Renal Center in Ormoc City told us that our aunt should undergo a dialysis session twice a week. But since, we don’t have enough money to finance the twice a week dialysis session, we decided to bring our aunt in that center just once a week.

By the way, there are two doctors who are manning the Asian Renal Center in Ormoc City. One is the specialist in Kidney and the other is a general practitioner who supervises the dialysis procedures. There are also nurses and technicians in the center.

And we were spending at least 5,000 pesos in Ormoc City at that time. The expenses include fees for Asia Renal Center services, medicines, food, diesel, and for the driver.

We admire and appreciate the way the personnel and the doctors in Asia Renal Center in Ormoc City treated us. But when we heard that the convent of the Maasin Cathedral of the Roman Catholic Church in Maasin City near the City Hall offers dialysis services to renal patients who are not priests, we immediately transferred our aunt there. We needed to find ways to save money and a dialysis session in a place nearer to our home is less expensive than going to Ormoc City. Maasin City is just 40 kilometers from our home compared to a more than a hundred kilometers when going to Ormoc City.

I don’t know if the dialysis center of the said convent is licensed to offer dialysis procedure to renal patients. What I know is that that center has been established for the priests in the Diocese of Maasin who are suffering renal problems.

Our aunt started to underwent dialysis treatment in the convent on March last year. And just after a year, my aunt died.

Chooks-To-Go on TV Ads

We started to notice an ad introducing the Chooks-to-go after our wedding.

Our wedding was held in the house of worship of the Iglesia Ni Cristo – Hinunangan Locale on June 20, 2008 while the town of Hinunangan, which is located in the Eastern part of island of Leyte, was under a typhoon signal of Typhoon Frank.

And just for a little trivia, the high waves and strong wind brought by Typhoon Frank caused the sinking of the Princess of the Star (if my memory is right).

Soon as my wife saw the ad, she immediately requested me to buy one. I then told my wife that she already tasted the oven-cooked chicken of the Chooks-To-Go before we got married. I reminded her that Chooks-To-Go was the previous Bounty Fresh. And up to now, the brand of the chicken of the Chooks-To-Go is still Bounty Fresh.

At that time, a Chooks-to-go store was already established here in Maasin City near the Maasin City Seaport along Tomas Oppus Street which is now in front of the LBC branch. After several month, another store was opened along the Kangleon Street in Abgao (is it Kangleon street?). Then later, another one was opened in Barangay Asuncion at the corner of the highway and the street going to the Southern Leyte Provincial Capitol.

Its store in Barangay Asuncion is where we buy Chooks. We avoided buying from the stores near the seaport and the one along Kangleon Street after we experienced buying half-cooked Chooks in those stores. We also avoided buying Chooks in its store in Malitbog-Southern Leyte everytime we were there in Malitbog after its store personnel sold me a spoiled Chooks. It happened before the temporary closure of all its stores here in Southern Leyte which started on the Holy week of this year.

Chooks-To-Go in Hinunangan

We really love the Chooks so every time we have problems in preparing food, we just run to its store and buy one.

But, just like what I said above, all its stores here in Southern Leyte underwent temporary closure. The store personnel in Sogod-Southern Leyte told me that there was a nationwide renovation of its stores including its management and personnel.

Now, after its reopening, I bought Chooks here in Hinunangan-Southern Leyte for four times already.

On the first time, I noticed already that the Chooks sold were not properly cut. What I mean is that it was cut into pieces but all the pieces were still connected to each other. On the next time, I told the store personnel to cut the Chooks properly into small pieces but to my dismay, it was cut similar to what she did before.

On the third time, I again told her the same request and told her also that I was dismayed after knowing that she did not listen to what I requested before.

She told me that it was actually the instruction given to them by the management… and that she was just following the instruction.

So, I asked her, if she could cut the Chooks in a way as what I requested. She answered me, yes. So, I was expecting that the Chooks was cut according to my request. However, when we went to eat the Chooks, we again noticed that it was cut the same way it was cut before.

Yesterday, I bought again one. I requested again the same. I again told her all my embarrassment to what she did before. But she argued that she could only do according to the instruction of the management for the presentation purposes.

In a respectful manner, I told her to cut Chooks just as what I always requested. I even explained how… and why I requested that. I also told her that I don’t need the presentation that she’s talking about. I even reminded her that there was nothing wrong about my request, and that I am a customer and I should be given even a little value by giving me a little favor. But still, this store clerk did what she always did to me.

I wonder if my request is wrong. I just want them to cut the Chooks in smaller pieces and each of these pieces should be separated from the others so that we would not need any knives when eating it.

I love the Chooks but I hate what this woman is doing to me. If only there is another Chooks-To-Go store here in Hinunangan other than this existing store along the highway, I will try to buy from there and I might be given value as its patron.

Chooks-To-Go Contact

After eating the Chooks, I went back to the store to get any phone number or email to contact with but found nothing. I checked its plastic bag or wrapper but there was no contact number or email printed on them.

Maybe its management do not need our suggestions… They do not need to know our complaints… They do not need our help in improving their services and products.

Doesn’t the Chooks-To-Go need customers? I wonder if they’re happy to hear people say that they have a good product but have a bad service.

Hope to hear from them. Hope to receive better treatment from them. Just love to eat their Chooks.


And to all of you…. Thank you for reading this blogpost. Thank you also for visiting my Make Money Online blog. Hope to hear from you too.

God bless you all.

Sustines Laplana

Note: This blogpost was written using Microsoft Word 2010 and was published to the SELaplana blog using the same software.

Reproductive Health Care (RH) Bill and Me

Guttmacher Institute Argues

The Inquirer published the argument of the Guttmacher Institute which clearly accused Dr. Raul Nidoy of distorting the evidence to support his personal opinion.

The Guttmacher’s letter tries to correct the misuse of its findings by Dr. Nidoy on his letter to the Inquirer, including his opinion against the artificial contraceptives including and particularly birth control pills.

What he actually does is distort the evidence to support his personal views. …

The Guttmacher pointed out:

  1. They found the abortion rate in the Philippines would be reduced by 83 percent if all women who wanted to avoid pregnancy were able to access modern contraceptive methods and use them correctly and consistently.
  2. They also made clear that the claims that the birth control pill is abortifacient is false and a contradiction to all scientific evidence. Birth control pill does not terminate a pregnancy, but only prevents a pregnancy.
  3. They also claimed that Nidoy misrepresents the findings of the Guttmacher study “Relationships Between Contraception and Abortion: A Review of the Evidence” by failing to mention that the study found that in cases where abortion and contraception rose simultaneously in a given country, it was because fertility desires were falling and contraceptive use was not increasing fast enough to meet the desire for smaller families. The study also found that once fertility rates stabilized, abortion rates fell as contraceptive use continued to increase.
  4. They also accused Nidoy of ignoring the evidences that prove the positive effect of having access to the family planning services.

Dr. Raul Nidoy

Dr. Raul Nidoy actually involves in pro-life movement. He is the Director of Personal Formation of Parents for Education Foundation or PAREF as what has been told in his blogger.com profile page.

Talking about Pro-Life, people involve in this movement believe, if I was not mistaken, that sex should be done according to its main purpose which is for procreation. They are against to the use of artificial contraception or any means of birth control including the calendar because they interfere the natural purpose of sex, therefore, should not be used. And I think, this belief is similar to what the Roman Catholic Church teaching.

In contrary to their belief, some protestant sects and other churches, upheld the teaching of the Bible that sex is the gift of God for married couple (man and wife) not just for the procreation purposes but for the couple’s pleasure as well. They also believe that the Bible doesn’t prohibit the use of contraception considering that natural or artificial contraception is used to avoid conception but not to abort any conception.

I Support the RH Bill

Everybody knows that I am member of the Iglesia ni Cristo. The church has already released its official stand and support to the RH Bill. But before this, I was already expressing my support to the said bill here on this Make Money Online blog.

Well, at least I am now sure that my stand regarding the use of safe contraceptives is in accordance to the teachings of the church (INC). And it also clearly means that my spirit is still one with the spirit of the INC administration, not like what happened to a Jesuit priest in De La Salle.

A certain Fr. Bernas openly expressed his positive thoughts about the RH Bill. I don’t know if he really supported the RH Bill. But his thought about the RH Bill is in contrast to the official stand of the church he was affiliated with which is the Roman Catholic Church. The Catholic Church until now teaches its members that the use of artificial contraception is prohibited. I was even confused to its belief that any means of artificial contraception including the use of condom are abortifacient.

I don’t know if my understanding about abortifacient is correct. For me the term abortifacient refers to something or some ways that will result to abortion. And based on what I learned from science as thought to us since elementary, life begins when the egg cell of woman has been fertilized by the sperm cell of man. So, I think, condom should not be considered abortifacient considering that condom is used to avoid the fertilization of the egg cell by the sperm cell.

But why I am supporting the RH Bill?

I know that the RH Bill still needs to be refined. However, I believe that our country needs a law on reproductive health not just for the benefit of women and children but for the whole Filipino families as well.

What about the pills and injectibles? They are abortifacient! And the RH Bill promotes these abortifacient devices!

I know that there are pills and injectibles that are abortifacient or are used for abortion. But not all pills and injectibles used for contraception are abortifacient.

Actually, my wife uses injectable contraceptive. But its use is mainly to avoid ovulation. And when there’s no ovulation, then there will be no egg cell that will be fertilized by the sperm cell. And since there is no fertilization happened, then there is no conception. Therefore, there will be no abortion.

Besides, it is clearly stated in the RH Bill that abortion is still unlawful. In other words, those abortifacient medicine and devices will not be included on the artificial contraception that will be promoted by the government to its citizens.

But isn’t it true that God told men to go to the world and multiply and fill the earth? Controlling the population growth is clearly against God’s teaching!

I don’t think that God told men “to go the world and multiply and then fill the earth” ONLY. I am reading the Bible too. And what I found here is that God told men to:

  1. Be fruitful
  2. Multiply
  3. Fill the Earth
  4. Subdue it

So, controlling or subduing the multiplication is also a commandment of God. But we should take note that what has been written in the Bible is just “Subdue It” not “Stop It.” In other words, we are told to control the multiplication but not to stop the multiplication.

But what should we use to control the multiplication? Of course, we should use the methods and devices that do not violate other laws and teachings of God.

For example: God told us not to kill man. So, we should not kill anyone including the fetus inside the mother’s womb. Aborting the pregnancy is an act of killing, and therefore a violation of God’s commandment.


I still have lots of things to say. And I think, I will just update this post later. I know some of the things I said here might touch your pride. I understand that everyone of us has our own opinion regarding the RH Bill and or the artificial contraceptives. And what I said here are my opinion too.

Thank you so much for reading this.

Sustines Laplana

Google Plus, GoDaddy and Blogging

Vacation is Over

I have just returned home from my more than a week vacation in Oteiza with my family.

My stay in Oteiza was just short but it’s worth a year already. It was actually my first time travelling from Leyte to Mindanao through the Suzuki Carry. At first, I felt nervous when I was on my way to the Ferry boat considering that we’re experiencing heavy waves brought by the typhoon Falcon at that time and I was afraid that I might make mistakes in going inside the ro-ro vessel. I just felt better when I was successful in properly parking the van inside the vessel.

But when the ro-ro vessel started to cross the Surigao Straight, I was in trouble again when my wife and our son, CJ, felt dizzy. I prayed hard at that time asking God that I might be saved from dizziness. I should stay firm because they were already weak after vomiting for several times.

I was thankful that we’re aboard the Super Shuttle Ferry which is the fastest ro-ro vessel in Liloan-Lipata terminal. We arrived in Lipata (Surigao City) in three hours. If it happens that we’re aboard the Maharlika vessels, I don’t know what will happen to us because these vessels are too slow.

Visited Enchanted River in Hinatuan

Along with my brother and sister and her husband, we went to Hinatuan – Surigao Sur to attend the wedding of our neighbour. But we just directly proceeded to the reception because we’re late. By the afternoon in our way back home, we visited first the Hinatuan’s Enchanted River.

The Hinatuan’s Enchanted River is one of the tourist destinations in Surigao del Sur, along with the Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig, Britania Islets in San Agustin (Oteiza), and Lanuza’s Surfing. It is located in Barangay Talisay, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. It’s at least 12 kilometers from the National Highway. And with the Suzuki Carry which is obviously a smaller car, we travelled through the unlevelled, uncemented or not asphalted road for almost an hour in going to the Enchanted Hinatuan River location and almost 30 minutes in going back to the National Highway.

This tourist spot features a wonderful river where water flows from the underground river. I don’t know yet how deep the featured part of the river is or the part near the cave’s small opening. The guy that I talked with told me that there were divers who tried to measure the depth of the river but they failed to rich the floor. The water looks blue which certainly main that it is really deep. There are times, however, that it is very clear of which you can almost see the bottom of it and the fishes in it.

What really makes this river wonderful is the presence of the small and big fishes. At 12 noon to 1:00PM visitors are not allowed to swim in the river for it is fish feeding time. But you’ll enjoy watching the fishes jumping from the river to catch the food that the handler throws into them.

San Agustin’s Great Britain

On the next day, we visited our town’s tourist spot, the Britania Islets. Actually, we did not hop from islet to the other. We just toured the shore of the Barangay Britania (San Agustin) especially the facilities of the La Entrada Resort, including the low-cost hotel accommodation, cottages, the restaurant, the islands’ view deck and their boat that will carry tourists during their island hopping activities.

The La Entrada Resort is owned by our former Mayor, now Vice Governor Manuel Alameda. We’re thankful to our neighbour Exomar Quevedo who served as our tour guide.

By the way, there are 7 islets that you can hop with, if I was not mistaken. Among these islets are the Hiyud-hiyuran island, naked island and Boslon island. When Ms Quevedo told us the names of these islets, I just couldn’t control myself from laughing. These names seem “bastos” to me.

Google Plus

By the way, I just learned today that Google has launched its new social networking site that will compete with Facebook. Google called it, Google Plus or Google+.

I tried checking it immediately but Google Plus is available only to those who received special invites and those who are not invited to try the new product will received this message:

Nasa limitadong Pagsubok sa Field ang Google+1.

Sa ngayon, sumusubok kami kasama ang maliit na bilang ng mga tao, ngunit hindi magtatagal bago maging handa para sa lahat ang proyektong Google+1. Iwanan sa amin ang iyong email address at titiyakin namin na una kang makakaalam kapag handa na kaming mag-imbita ng higit pang tao.

Palagi Akong Balitaan

Naimbita na? Pansamantala kaming lumagpas sa aming kapasidad. Pakisubukang muli sa lalong madaling panahon.

I wonder if people will spend their time creating new accounts and connecting with friends at the Google Plus just like what they did from Friendster to Facebook.


Another thing that got my attention is the news about the selling of the GoDaddy.com.

According to the reports, GoDaddy or the company who owned the Godaddy.com was bought by a group of private investment firms for 2.25 Billion Dollars. These firms are KKR, Silver Lake and Technology Crossover Ventures. The sale was announced by GoDaddy on Friday.

Actually, I was a member of the GoDaddy for several years already. I managed to register and maintain several domains with them. But the number of domains that I owned is just nothing compared to the total number of domains that Go Daddy has registered. According to some sources, Go Daddy is currently managing more or less 48 Million domain names already.

I am currently wondering if it is still safe to stay with GoDaddy or I should start looking for another domain registrar.


Before, ending this post, thank so much for reading this journal. I don’t know when could I write again articles about blogging and making money online.


Sustines Laplana