July 2011 Nurse Licensure Examination Results, Released

There are 37,513 out of 78,135 Nurses who took the Nurse Licensure Examination given by the PRC has passed the examination according to the PRC exam result released this August 2011. And there are 6 results withheld pending withheld pending final determination of their liabilities under the rules and regulations governing licensure examination.

To view the result, visit the Nurse Licensure Examination Result page.

Nora Aunor Return to Showbiz with TV5 Miniseries

The new TV5 introduced few new things in the Philippine national tv like the search for talented pinoy, and the primetime game show with Willie Revillame. And now, with the return of Nora Aunor the lone Superstar of the Philippines, TV5 will again introduce tv miniseries which will feature stories that will end nor in months nor in years but in just a month. The start of the miniseries will be this September as the “The Sisters” ends.

She signed the exclusive contract with the TV5 along with the TV5 officials and other personality: TV5 President/CEO Atty. Ray C. Espinosa, TV5 Executive Vice President and COO Roberto V. Barreiro and German Moreno who acts as Ms Aunor’s talent manager.

The title of this mini-series, I don’t know if it is just the first miniseries or the title of the other series too, is “Sa Ngalan ng Ina”. The casts of the miniseies include her ex-husband Christopher de Leon, Bembol Roco, Rosanna Roces, Eugene Domingo, Nadine Samonte, Alwyn Uytingco, Edgar Allan Guzman, Eula Caballero, and  Boyet andGuy son — Ian de Leon.

The story is said to be a political drama that shows the power of an ordinary mother in leading a town… the entire province, not just a hacienda. She being the wife of a politician acted by Bebol Roco inherited the position and won during the election. However, she found it hard. She wanted to clean up the government system in the province, but she couldn’t do it because her family would be affected. However, she should do the cleaning up and should sacrifice things.

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Life Being an Unemployed Blogger

First Year of being an Unemployed Blogger

I started blogging and making money from it in 2004. But blogging at that time was just my sideline because I still have a job and then in early 2005, I started managing my own internet café.

When I lost my little café business in Quezon City on January 2006, I immediately went home here in MalitbogSouthern Leyte and made blogging my main source of income.

At first, my aunts and my sister were worried about me. They thought that I was just staying there for nothing. What they knew is that I don’t have a business and I don’t have a job but everyday, I went to Maasin City which is 40 kilometers away from our home and stayed there for few hours before I went home again. They thought that I was just spending my money for nothing. They did not know that I was there in Maasin City to blog and earn money from the blogs.

I tried to convince them by telling them that I might have no job or business but my blogs were making money for me. I also explained to them what blog is and how it earns money. But my explanation seems not clear to them. They’re still wondering whether I was telling them the truth or not. They’re still telling me to apply for a job at our local electric cooperative.

Why were you told to apply at an electric cooperative? And for what job?

Okay. I know you’ll wonder why I was told to apply for a job in an electric cooperative.

I am actually a BS Electrical Engineering graduate from the Leyte Institute of Technology in Tacloban City which is now known as Eastern Visayas State University. But, I don’t have the license (PRC License) to practice the profession. However, I have a TESDA certificate as a Third Class Electrician.

I also have experiences in building and industrial wiring. In fact, I was the one who installed the electrical wiring of our house in Surigao del Sur.

With these, my aunts and my sister thought that I would be hired by our local electric cooperative if I would apply for any position that I might be qualified of.

But what happened?

I hate jobs like that. I don’t want to have a boss. I just want to become my own boss. So, looking for a job is not my first priority.

I continued blogging. I wrote the articles at home, and then published them to my blogs when I would be there in Maasin City. I only rented computer from the internet café in Maasin City, and used their internet connection in managing my blogs.

When I receive my first checks from Adsense and other companies, I immediately showed them to my aunts and sister hoping that they would believe me that I don’t need a job anymore because I have my own sources of income.

By the way, those checks were actually not my first checks. I referred them as my first checks because they were the first checks that were sent to me in my Malitbog – Southern Leyte address. Before, those checks were delivered to my Quezon City address.

So, soon as they realized that I was really earning income monthly, they started to become proud of me. When someone would ask them what was my work, they immediately answered them that I was working in the internet.

And those who heard them say that immediately thought that I have my own internet café in Maasin City. Few of them even asked me where was my internet café in Maasin City and that if I am willing to let them use one of my computer for free.

I had to explain to them that I don’t have internet café and that I was just using the computers of the internet café to do my blogging works.

That’s when they started to wonder what really my real work was. There was a time that a friend asked me if I engaged with illegal job like selling drugs. They just couldn’t figure out how I earned money.

Anyway, time came that they started to understand the nature of my livelihood. That was after they visited this Make Money Online blog.

So, How’s your life?

So far, my life is becoming better every year even if I am just a bystander.

In my first year of blogging at full time (2006), blogging bought me a Honda XRM 110 motorcycle. It also bought us (my wife and me) the wedding ring which we later used on our wedding on June 20, 2008.

On the next year (2007), blogging bought me a laptop computer and paid my bills on my apartment which includes the apartment monthly rental, internet subscription, power and water bills. It also financed my daily needs.

On my third year of blogging full time (2008), it financed my wedding which was held in the Hinunangan locale- Leyte East of the Iglesia ni Cristo and the reception was held in the conference room of the Sts. Peter and Paul Multipurpose Cooperative Lodging House in Hinunangan – Southern Leyte. It also bought me and my loveones cellphones and its prepaid load credits, home appliances like the televisions, refrigerator, washing machine, stove and others.

My family actually bought a lot of things using the money that blogging brought us. We got a Kawasaki Barako Tricycle in August 2009, ASUS Eeee PC in 2008 and LG KM-555 cellphones for both of us and a Suzuki Carry (Van) in 2010. Early month of this year, blogging financed the building of our house.

God’s Blessings and God’s Will

I am pretty sure that we have different religion. Most of you are Catholics or members of the Roman Catholic Church and there are others who are Protestants and Born Again Christians. Maybe some of you are Muslims, while the others are members of other Christian groups and sects. And you already know that I am an Iglesia Ni Cristo member.

We might have different belief but I know that you will agree with me that all these things that I got through my blogging income are simply gifts from God to me. God entrusted me this blessings not just for my own personal use but also for my family’s service to God.

Blogging is actually the answer of God to my prayers. When I was still in Manila, I experienced being fired by my employer. But I understand why they did that to me. I made mistakes and I agreed that keeping me with the job will just ruin their business. That was the time when I started praying to God to help me find a job or a living that would not hinder me to do the things that I want to do. I just hate having someone supervising me. I just don’t want someone controlling me and my time. I just want to have a full control of my time so that when I need to attend any activities of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, I can attend freely without thinking anything behind me.

Now, all that I asked from God came true… I became an unemployed blogger.


Just like the previous post, this blogpost was written through the MS Word 2010 Starter Edition and was published to this blog, Make Money Online Blogging, using the same software.

Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope you learn something from it. If you have something to say about it or have a message for me, kindly send it through our contact form or simply post your message at our comment section.

Thank you.

Sustines Laplana

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Google’s Self-Driven Car First Accident

I learned from the Jalopnik that the self-driving car of Google hit a prius near the Google’s headquarters in Mountain View – California. It’s the first reported accident of these cars. However, Google’s official statement claimed that the robot should not be blamed from this accident because the car was on a manual mode.

So, the question of the Jalopnik on who should be apprehended on this accident has been answered already. It should be the driver of the car.

But what if the car while on auto-driving will be involve in similar accident, whose name should the police be written down on the ticket? Well, obviously, it’s Google’s. I don’t know if there’s a law requiring a human to be in the car while the car (robot-driven or not) is running on the road. But I am sure that the owner of the car is responsible for the mess it has caused.

Jalopnik’s thought about self-driving cars might be in negative but I think, self-driving cars can be good to everyone especially if its system will be made perfect.

I was actually imagining the car featured in movies where the user would just tell the car the destination and the car would just drive the passenger into the destination being told.

You can read the Jalopnik’s report here.