Craniopagus Twins – Twins Joined at the Head

I read in the news today about the successful separation of the 11-month old Sudan-born twins joined at the heads in UK.

The twins are Rital and Ritag Gaboura. They were separated in August by the surgeons at the Great Ormond Street Hospital and the operation is quite successful and the two are in good health.

The girls underwent four (4) operations: The first two operations involved separating the brain and its blood supply which took place in May. The third operation involved using tissue expanders to stretch and grow new skin in July. Then finally the separation itself in August 15.

The twins parents are both doctors in Sudan.

 Just a little Trivia

  1. Craniopagus Twins – It is what they call the twins joined at the head.
  2. 2004 – New York’s Montefiore Children’s Hospital separated Filipino twins in four major surgeries.
  3. 2003  Рsurgeons in Dallas successfully separated 2-year-old Egyptian twins joined
  4. 1956 – First successful operations to separate craniopagus twins

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