Glee Singer’s, Charice Pempengco, Father Stabbed to Death

The father of international singer sensation and singer of the popular show “Glee” was stabbed to death by an assailant, Sunday evening. According to the report, the suspect, Angel Capili approached Ricky Ricahuerta Pempengco while the latter bought a cigarette in a store and then the suspect stabbed to death Pempengco using an ice pick.

It was noted that before the incident, Mr. Pempengco pushed the suspect. This incident was reported by Capili to the barangay. However, Capili is known to their village as “Siga” so that even if he already reported what Pempengco did to him, he still planned to kill Pempengco.

Wang-wang Mentality, Not Just in Philippines

It’s P-Noy who first used the term “Wang-wang Mentality”. It’s not about those people who have name “Wang” or “Wangwang”. It’s about the illegal means that Filipino did for their own advantage like stealing government money, bribing personnel in an office just to get a fast service or anything that he can get from that office that should be given to others, and other ways of corruption and abuse.

The “wang-wang” term is actually derived from the sound of the siren attached to a car like those on the police cars, ambulances and fire trucks. But the term is often used by Filipinos, especially the children, to call the siren.

On P-Noy’s speech (I forgot if it’s his first State of Nation Address – SONA, or it’s his speech during his oath taking), P-Noy mentioned “Wang-wang” referring to the siren used by those abusive people mostly politicians to clear the road (just like what would happened if a police car or ambulance passed a road) that they are passing so that they would reach their destination without delay.

In the US – The US government is currently prosecuting their personnel involved in activities that we currently call here in the Philippines as “wang-wang” scheme.

Here’s the report from AP:

Most crimes uncovered by U.S. investigators in the two war zones include bribery, kickbacks and theft, inspired in part by the deep and pervasive cultures of corruption indigenous to the countries themselves.

Among some of the cases listed in the reports were those of:

Gunnery Sgt. Eric Hamilton, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy in what prosecutors say was a scheme to help Iraqi contractors steal 70 generators that were meant to supply electricity for fellow Marines. He sent some of their payments home in a footlocker and had other money wired, the report said.

Several U.S. government employees, who received kickbacks for steering contracts to local conspirators and providing inside information to people competing for contracts. A former army sergeant, who was not identified, is charged with pocketing more than $12,000 in cash that a contractor never picked up after the money was allegedly stolen by another army sergeant and mailed to California inside a stuffed animal.

Jordanian national and U.S. embassy employee Osama Esam Saleem Ayesh, who was convicted in April for stealing nearly $240,000 intended to cover shipping and customs charges the State Department incurs when it moves household goods of its employees. The money wound up in Ayesh’s bank in Jordan.

The crimes committed as mentioned on the report are actually happening here in the Philippines. Even if P-Noy’s government is doing something against these activities, but they are still rampant.

Last September, a friend went to the LTO Maasin City to renew the registration of the car that his family bought from a car dealer selling “chop-chop cars”. But the LTO denied his application to renew the registration, telling me that the car was previously registered to a flagged LTO office in Cebu and the LTO Main office released a memorandum against the cars registered to those flagged LTO offices.

So, he went to the car dealer and told them his problem which the car dealer said is not really a problem. They then offered their services to renew the registration. Then after a month, the car’s registration has been successfully renewed.

What does it mean? It clearly means that bribery is still happening in some LTO offices.

The term “chop-chop cars” refers to the cars that are brought into the country dismantled and through illegal smuggling. And then they were assembled again and being sold by car dealers.


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Who Hired the Attackers of the PALEA Strikers?

On Saturday goons came into the camps of the PALEA members currently on strike to sent them out of the camp. During the trouble, one bystander died and eight PALEA members were injured.

Now, the question is: Who hired the goons? According to the PALEA members, the PAL management hired them. And their claim is backed by the confession of one of the goons whom the PALEA members have cornered and brought to the authorities. On the other hand, the PAL management said in a statement that they did not hired those goons and they would  never resort to any extra-legal ways to get rid of the striking workers.

Which camp tell the truth? Well… We couldn’t tell about it because both camp can hire goons to do just what the goons did. The PALEA members can do it to show as if the PAL Management hired those goons to let the out of the strike.

Participated the Tree Planting Activity at Cagbulo

Just arrived home from Barangay Cagbulo, Abuyog, Leyte. My family and I, participated the tree planting activities at the hills of the said barangay.

With a short chat with the DENR personnel, I learned that the tree planting is actually a government program as ordered by the President Benigno Aquino III. There were various tree planting activities held already here in our region and they were participated by different groups (non-government organizations), students and other agencies. The participants of today’s tree planting in that particular location are the members of our church, the Iglesia Ni Cristo, particularly the members in the Leyte East District.

There were 5,000 naga tree seedlings that should be planted. However, the expected participants’ number is only 500. So the DENR personnel told us to plant at least 10 seedlings each of the participants.

I enjoyed the activity although it was really tiring considering that I was not used to climbing mountain.

In Agusan del Norte, another tree planting activity was participated by our church on that same day.

Here’s the report of the Inquirer.

Armed with shovels, bolos and other farming tools, the participants walked the more than 10 hectares of mountainous land within Mount Mayapay and planted narra, mahogany, African tulip, mangium and fruit trees that were provided by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR-Caraga Region 13).

Mount Mayapay, which faces Butuan City, is one of the most impressive monuments in stone that nature has carved in the entire Caraga region.

… Aside from line agencies of the government and non-government organizations, the tree-planting activity Saturday was fully participated by the members of Iglesia Ni Cristo and lawmakers led by Butuan City Rep. Jose S. Aquino II.

PNP, NBI Hunt the Ligots

Based on the BI (Bureau of Immigration) database, former military comptroller Jacinto C Ligot and his wife Erlinda Ligot are still in the Philippines. While the PNP (Philippine National Police) has already formed tracker teams that will pursue the Ligots, the Department of Justice has ordered the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) to hunt them too.

The couple are charged of the tax evasion cases.

I don’t know if the Ligot couple can still escape the pursuing authorities. If that happens then I think, there is something wrong with the intelligence of these PNP and the NBI.

Iglesia Ni Cristo To Plant Trees in Abuyog – Leyte Mountain

Tomorrow, October 29, my family along with brethren in the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) will plant trees in a mountain of Abuyog-Leyte. The area is near the Silago (Southern Leyte) – Abuyog (Leyte) highway. Participants of this particular activity are members of the church in the Iglesia Ni Cristo’s district of Leyte East, and it is part of the Iglesia Ni Cristo’s tree planting activities held in various places in the Philippines.

Just recently, the PIA reported the tree planting activities participated by the Iglesia Ni Cristo and in coordination with the local government of Bayog. It was held at Sitio Quibranza, Barangay Kahayagan of the town of Bayog. According to the report there were approximately 2,000 members of the church from the 62 local congregations in 26 municipalities of the province including some municipalities from Zamboanga Sibugay. There were 3,000 rubber seedlings that were planted during the activity in a six hectare portion of Bayog EcoPark.

Southern Leyte is now opened for Business Competition

Southern Leyte is currently blessed with newly opened branches of popular stores from Cebu such as the Metro Hi-Per in Maasin City which is a branch of Gaisano Metro, Gaisano Capital Sogod in the town of Sogod which is a Gaisano Capital store, and the Prince Maasin in Maasin City which is owned by Prince Warehouse.

The coming of these stores here in Southern Leyte proves that the province’s local economy is currently on its incline. Besides, it also means that the province is now out of the hands of those people who monopolized the province and is already opened for business competition.

Previously, I noticed that this province was monopolized by the politicians controlling the province or its municipalities. I even heard of accounts from those businessmen who tried to open a business in a particular town of the province but then their applications for the business permit were denied just because their businesses were in direct competition with the companies of the family members of the politicians controlling that town.

Last April 2011, I also learned that some owners of the old stores in Maasin City talked the officials of the city and aired their complaints against the opening of the Prince Maasin and the Metro Hiper. They said that these stores (Gaisano’s and Prince’s) are threats to their businesses. For them, the coming of these kind of establishments might led to the closure of their businesses because the buyers will not flock to their stores anymore instead they will be going to that newly opened big stores.

A city’s SP member, however, argued that the coming of these stores in the city promotes competition. And business competition is a great advantage to the consumers. However, the competition does not mean that it would kill the locals’ businesses. But it is true that the local businessmen’s income might be affected especially if they will not compete with the new comers in terms of prices and comfortability.

In other words, local businessmen need to upgrade their stores to make them comfortable for the buyers and then they should lower the goods’ prices to compete with the new and big stores.

Besides, they have nothing to worry about because the establishing of these branches of popular stores in Cebu will drive more people to the city. So everyone in the city will benefit the advantages and the positive effects of the establishment of these kinds of stores.

$100,000 Bounty for Donaire’s Head

We all witness how boring the is the bout of Nonito Donaire Jr against Omar Narvaez. It’s like the fight of Manny Pacquiao against Clottey.

But it is good to know that Bob Arum of Top Rank Promotion is making ways to avoid such game again. He will be offering $100,000 bounty to the head of Nonito Donaire. The money is just like a motivator for the opponent to fight back well against Donaire. But it is not yet clear whether it will be given to their opponent the same way Freddie Roach give to the sparring partners of Manny Pacquiao.

Freddie Roach always has $1,000 in his pocket and he readily give it to Pacquiao sparring partner once they knock down Pacquiao.

Facebook To Build Data Center in Sweden

Facebook revealed through its director of site operations, Tom Furlong, revealed that it is building a datacenter in Lulea, Sweden which is considered as part of the edge of the Arctic circle. The expansion to Europe is one of the ways so that users in Europe will experience better when using Facebook. It was noted that more of the users are coming from Europe.

But it was chosen to build the data center in Lulea, Sweden because of its temperature there which will be helpful to cool down the facilities. Besides, the datacenter can easily access the renewal energy source in the area which is the hydro-electric power which is needed to power the 120 MW energy needed by the 28,000 square meter server building and  its facilities. The building is said to be completed by 2014.

The project based on the Lulea officials estimates, the project costs $760 Million.

Ex-Military Comptroller and Wife, To Be Arrested

The ex-military comptroller, Jacinto C. Ligot, and his wife, Erlinda Y. Ligot will be arrested as ordered by the Court of Tax Appeals. This is in relation to the tax evasion case filed against them by the Bureau of Internal Revenue at the court’s second division. According to the resolution promulgated on September but just released this Friday, the court find probable cause against the couple for violating the Article 255 of the National Internal Revenue Code (NIRC) as they failed to tax return in 2001, and also for violating Article 254 of the NIRC  in attempting to evade payment of tax from 2002 to 2004.