Handling Newly Hatched Budgerigar or Budgie Parakeet

Only this morning, two Budgie Parakeet eggs out of 6 hatched. The hatching made me surprised because today was the fourth day of incubating the eggs. So, I immediately thought that the budgie chicks might be premature.

But, what is Budgerigar or Budgie Parakeet?

Budgerigar or Budgie parakeet is a kind of small parrot. It is a native parrot of Australia and is imported to other countries such as America and Philippines as pet.

Here in Leyte, budgies are mistakenly called as lovebirds because they showed treats like of those of the African Lovebirds.

Many people here already have these birds as pet. And some other breed them and place for sale at PhP300.00 per pair.

Why is it called Budgerigar Parakeet?

Correct me if I am wrong…. small parrots are called parakeets, right? So, there are many parakeets out there. These includes the Colasisi (Kulasisi, or Kusi, Cusi) of the Philippines. Colasisi is also called in English hanging parrot.

Budgie is just the short name for Budgerigar. And Budgerigar is the name given by the native of Australia to this kind of bird. We should also take note that Budgerigar parakeets are native in Australia, so it just normal to use the name given by the natives to that bird.

How did I incubate the parakeet’s eggs?

I actually placed the 6 budgerigar eggs in an artificial incubator that I made just for them.

It was December 16 when the parakeet couple abandoned their eggs after I transferred them from a larger old cage to a better smaller new cage. I guess, it’s the characteristics of the parakeet to abandon their eggs when someone or something disturb them nesting.

After a day, I realized that there’s a need for me to incubate them, hoping that in 14 days or more, I would have parakeet chicks to care with.

So, firstly, I created a 7 in by 8 in by 7 in incubator using the materials such as:  2 pcs 7 in by 7 in 1/2 plywood, 2 pcs 8 in by 8 in 1/2 plywood, 2 pcs 8 in by 10 in 1/2 plywood, a handful of 2 in wood nails, 2 pcs tumbler switch, 2 pcs receptacles, 2 pcs 10 watts incandescent bulbs, no. 16 wire cord and male plug.

I assembled the materials and the result is this:

The outside of the incubator

It shows the inside of the incubator

The incandescent bulbs are used to heat up the inside of the box up to the needed level of temperature. That’s the reason why I used only 10 watt of incandescent bulb because through it, the temperature of the box reaches to 37 degree Celsius which is enough to incubate the egg. I think, the increase of temperature to more than the normal body temperature will result to premature chicks or worst, the embryo will die.

There are two bulbs in it because incandescent bulbs today can’t endure a 24 hour use. So, I switched from one bulb to the other in every 6 hours.

Budgie Parakeet Newly Hatched Chicks

4-hour old Budgie Babies

These two budgie babies shown by the photo are the first to be hatched early today. But tonight at 8PM, another budgie baby came out from its shell.

So far, the three budgies looks healthy.

Why Premature Parakeet babies?

I am actually suspecting that the newly hatched parakeet babies are premature because they came out from their shell just in four incubating days. Eggs of budgies usually are incubated by their mothers from 14 days to 16 days.

Parakeet chicks (or any other chicks) became premature when the eggs are incubated in temperature higher to normal incubating temperature. In such a case, the egg’s embryo tend to develop fast so that in less than the normal number of incubating days the egg will hatch. However, chicks are often premature or there are other organs of it that have not yet fully developed.

Are their parents not looking for them?

Based on my observation, the Budgie Parents are actually not aware that their eggs hatched already and that they already have babies. I tried to place the babies inside their cage but they’re just looking at it. They did not bother going near the babies.

So, I guess, they thought that they don’t have babies, in the sense that what they knew is that they already abandoned their eggs.

They are the budgie parents. The yellow one is budgielow who is the mother.
And the blue one is budgieblue, the father.

So, since these babies are not recognized by the biological parents, so I will act as their parent. As long as they live, I will be their mother budgie.

How do you feed them?

I really don’t have idea on feeding them since it’s my first time to take care of bird babies like this. It was my wife who suggested that I should feed them the way we feed our son when he was still an infant… feeding them by a liquid food first.

But I don’t have idea on what to feed them… a liquid food except for water. But water, especially mineral waters don’t have essential nutrients. So, I mixed a sugar solution. I think, sugar solution (mixture of water and sugar) can be a good source of energy for them. The only thing is that sugar solution don’t have other essential nutrients except the sugar or carbohydrates.

I went to a store of animal feeds here in my place and asked if they have a formula for hand feed bird babies, but they don’t have. So, I don’t have other option but to feed them by a formula that I made.

Will they survive and live longer?

That…. I can’t answer. I am not that expert in handling them, so I am expecting a less survival for them. But if they will survive, then that will be good.

Now, I am still studying how to take care of them.

I will let you know their progress…

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6 thoughts on “Handling Newly Hatched Budgerigar or Budgie Parakeet”

  1. Actually, there are still alive after 24 hours. I am feeding them with a sugar solution (a glass of water plus 2 tablespoon of sugar) every two hours. There are now three since another egg hatched last night.

    I just don’t know if they will survive with my care because it’s my first time to hand feed bird babies.

    I thought at first, taking care of bird babies is just similar to taking care of chicken chicks. But it’s not. Budgie babies seems still embryos.

  2. Buhay pa ba ang mga budgies na ito? Kawawa naman sila. But I think, they will not survive kasi I also believe na they are premature.

  3. hello, good am nag bibinta po ba kau ng budgies? nag hahanap kasi ako ng seller dito sa leyte.
    sure buyer po ako.
    pede ba kitang maging friend nag hahanap kasi ako ng mapagtatanungan tungkol sa budgies 1st timer lang kasi ako, my first two birds died already, parang kulang pa ako sa kaalaman.
    tagasan po ba kau sa leyte.
    paki reply nalang po sa facebook at email ko
    fb: andy capp
    mail: [email protected]

    Thank You.

    1. Marami bro ang may budgies. In Maasin City alone, ang dami ng mga hobbiest na nag-aalaga ng budgies. Magtatanong tanong ka lang. Meron dn petshoppe sa Maasin City near sa pier, or sa Tacloban near Rovic building

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