Nokia is Moving to Asia – SELaplana

Three Nokia Smartphones factories will soon be closed as Nokia’s smartphones assembly will be moved to Asia, particularly in China and South Korea. These factories are located in Finland, Hungary and Mexico. And in relation to the closing of these factories, there are more or less 4,000 workers will loss job.

It has been noted that only the smartphones factories that Nokia plans to move to Asia. It’s planning and designing department will remain in Finland.

Soon, Nokia smartphones will be marked with “Made in China” or “Made in South Korea” marking.

China Made

In the Philippines, once it is noticed that a gadget is made in China, they immediately perceived that the gadget is made up of low quality materials and will be easily broken.

But of course, it is not all time true. I know that most of the products sold in the Philippines that are made in China are cheap and have low quality. But there are also products that we thought are made in US that are expensive and have high quality, but if you’ll examine them, they are actually made in China.

Apple products such as iPod, iPhone, iPad and others are luxurious and of high quality. But they are not made in US as many thought. The Apple company is in the US, but its products are actually made in China.

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