How to Load Smart/TNT Talk20?

Question: How can I load a Smart Buddy or TNT numbers with Talk20?


Talk20 For Smart Buddy users

  1. – Visit the nearest Smart Retailer.
  2. – Buy P30 worth of prepaid credit for your smart buddy number.
  3. – Type “TALK20″ without quotation mark and send to 6630. This is the process in registering your number to the Talk20 product of Smart for the Smart buddy users. You will then receive a confirmation message from the Smart system telling you that you successfully register to the Talk20 product.

Note: The Talk20 is valid for 1 day only. This will give you unlimited calls to 6 numbers either Smart, TN or Red Mobile numbers. You will pay the retailer P20. But you need to be aware that there are Smart retailers who sell Talk20 load for PhP22.00. So better ask first the retailer how much is the Talk20 load.

Talk20 for Talk ‘n Text (TNT) users

  1. – Visit the nearest Smart retailer.
  2. – Buy P20 worth of Talk20 load. (The retailer will simply load your SIM number with preregistered Talk20 load. Talk20 is included in the retailer’s menu under the TNTload menu.)
  3. – You will receive a confirmation from Smart system that you receive the Talk20 prepaid load. You don’t have to register the load by yourself because it is preregistered.

Note:  Talk20 for the Talk’NText user is valid for 1 day only which will give you 3 minutes call to each of the 3 Smart Buddy/TNT numbers. You’ll have to pay the retailer for PhP20.00 but you need to be aware that there are retailers who sell TNT Talk20 for PhP22.00.

Here’s another option on how to get a Talk20 load product:

  1. – Visit a Smart load retailer.
  2. – Buy a worth PhP30.00 prepaid load credit.
  3. – Type “TALK20″ without quotation marks and send to 258.
If you want to enjoy the unlimited calls offers for Talk N Text, register with the T20 promo which is 1 day unlimited calls to Smart and TNT users.

How To Call number for Smart Buddy Talk20?

So you have now the load. Next, you want to call a friend whose number is either in Smart, TNT, or Red Mobile. Here’s how:

  1. Just call *6630 plus the 11 digit number. Ex: *663009181234567.

Note: Just maintain a P1.00 load to be able to use the Talk20 product.

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