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Senator Vicente Sotto III is currently under fire by critics after delivering his two speeches on Wednesday, August 15, before the Senate opposing the RH Bill. Critics accused him of lying and lying-thief.

Why? Why are they accusing our good senator of lying and stealing?

Son’s Death Caused by Contraceptive Pill

First, Senator Tito Sotto said in his speech that his wife, Helen Gamboa got pregnant in 1974 despite the use of a particular contraceptive (pill). And few days after, his son died in 1975, and according to his doctor (the Senator said), the death was caused by the contraceptive pill taken by his wife.

This supposed truth that the Senator told the other Senators and Filipinos watching the session through TV is, according to his critics and supporters of the RH Bill, a BIG Lie. It should be noted that that particular contraceptive pill, according to them, became available only four (4) years after his wife got pregnant. So, if this is the case, how come that the Senator’s wife was taking that particular contraceptive when in fact it was not yet available?

Plagiarized a Blogpost of a US Blogger

Second, Pro-RH Bill accused the Senator of plagiarizing (stealing) a blogpost written by a US blogger, Sarah Pope. The texts from a blogpost was taken and used by the Senator in his speech words by words.

Senator Sotto, however, argued that he did not plagiarize a blogger. He was merely quoting the work of Dr. Natasha McBride, an author, the same way Sarah Pope quoted that said author.

Let’s us compare the Good Senator’s speech and that of Sarah’s post:

Senator Sotto said: “According, to Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, the use of the pill also causes severe gut dysbiosis. What is worse, drug induced gut imbalance is especially intractable and resistant to treatment either with probiotics or diet change.

From Sarah’s post: “According, to Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, use of other drugs such as the Pill also cause severe gut dybiosis. What’s worse, drug induced gut imbalance is especially intractable and resistant to treatment either with probiotics or diet change.

If you’ll examine them, the speech of the Senator is the same (word by word) with what Sarah wrote in her article. And we should take note that Sarah Pope is not properly given credit.

The one I showed above is not only the part of Sarah Pope’s article which was copied verbatim by the Senator. Read the blogposts of the Freethinkers.

And what is the thought of Sarah Pope about it?

Sarah said, “Nice touch Senator.  You almost had me convinced you were a nice guy with the tears and all.  Many of your citizenry have emailed me assuring me that was a put on, and I’m starting to think they are right.

Actually, she’s not talking about the plagiarizing issue when she said that. She’s talking about when the Senator was in tears while delivering his speech.

This is what actually Sarah said about the issue: “My blog was quoted, not Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. I put her work in my own words and you copied my words.” And since the Senator is lying while stealing her work, she said, “A thief is a thief, Mr. Senator.  Denying it doesn’t get you off the hook; it just makes you a lying thief.

Sarah’s Blogpost, Used Against Education and Women’s Right

Now we are aware that the good Senator, Tito Sotto, used Sarah’s words in delivering his anti-RH Bill speech. Does it mean that Sarah Pope is really against the RH Bill particularly in educating Filipino about their reproductive health and their right to use the contraceptive pills?

I am not sure about it, but Sarah Pope has this message, “Women of the Philippines: I am terribly sorry my blog was used and twisted against you. You deserve the choice to use The Pill if you want or need to based on your particular circumstances. While I want you to know that this choice has health consequences as does the decision to use any pharmaceutical drug, I in no way would ever condone taking this choice away from you!  Mabuhay!


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