How to Reset your Password or to Regain Access to my SSS Account Online?


I am having problem accessing my SSS account through the SSS Online Website. The website said that my password is incorrect or that I am not registered with the Online Inquiry system of SSS.

Please help me get my password. If I need to reset my password, please give me instruction how to do it.



Already Have an SSS Online Account

If you are sure that you already have successfully registered before and that the SSS online system sent you already your password and from that password, you had accessed once already your SSS account through the SSS website, then what you need to do is just asked the website to send you your login information. There’s no need to reset the password, the SSS online system will simply email you your username and password.

Here’s how:

  1. First click this link and you’ll be brought to a webpage of SSS Online website where you can reset your own password. You’ll see the screen as shown by the screenshot below:
  2. You can either enter your username on the USERNAME field or just enter your email address on the EMAIL field. But if you are sure that you know the email you used when you signed up an account from the SSS website, then just use the EMAIL field. Then click on SUBMIT button.
  3. If the username or email address you entered on the blank field is not found in the SSS database, you’ll be told that what you entered is not in the database. Just enter other email address that you think you possible used in signing up your SSS Online account until the website will show message:

    I think, the message is self-explanatory.
  4. So, just visit your email for I am sure SSS has sent you already your loging information as shown by the screenshot below:

Email or Username Not Found

Now, what if all the emails you entered are identified by the SSS Online system as unknown or are not found in the database?

What you need to do to settle your logging problem is by signing up an account from the SSS website. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click here to open the SSS registration page. Provide it with the required information about you and your SSS account. Make sure that the email you entered is the email you that you are currently using or valid and accessible.


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