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Do you know the mission and vision of DepEd? Please send me a copy. I really need them. I visited the official website of DepEd but I experienced an error when opening the Mission and Vision page which says: 500 – Internal server error. There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed. Thanks


I have here the copy of the mission and vision of the Department of Education of the Philippines (DepEd). But I will still verify it if the text is the same as the official one. I will update this page once I will get an official copy of the Mission and Vision of the DepEd.

DepEd Vision

We are people’s organization committed to a culture of excellence in public service. Believing that the most important resource of our country is its people, we make the task of educating the Filipino child, our singular mission.

We assist the Filipino child to discover his/her full potential in a child-centered and value-driven teaching-learning environment and thereby, enable him/her to create his/her own destiny inglobal community.

We prepare him/her to become a responsible citizen and an enlightenedleader who loves his/her country and is proud to be a Filipino.

We provide a school system…

  • Where teachers and principals achieve the desired learning outcome not only because they are empowered, competent, and accountable, but because they care;
  • Where administrator exercise visionary leadership responsive to emerging learning needs of the nation, ensure adequate resources, promote appropriate technology, create and sustain aconducive climate to enhance learning;
  • and, Where the family, the community and other institutions, actively support our efforts.

We affirm the right of every Filipino child especially the less advantaged to benefit from such a system.

This is our vision. With God’s help, we dedicate all our talents and energies to its realization.

The DepEd Mission

To provide quality basic education that is equitably accessible to all and lay the foundation for life-long learning and service for the common good.

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