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I attended the so-called Pamamahayag of the Iglesia Ni Cristo here in Cebu. I observed that they are not reading the Bible.

My question is, why do the Iglesia Ni Cristo don’t read the Bible?


I want to make it clear first that I am not authorized to answer questions in behalf of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. My answer to your question is not the official answer of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, but just my own thought. It can’t be used as reference for the INC because it might contain idea that is not in accordance to the INC’s official stand.

Now, you said that you attended an Evangelical Mission which is called in tagalog as “Pamamahayag.” Well, you did the right thing.

FYI, before, the “pamamahayag” was called “Bible Exposition.” And during the said “pamamahayag” most of the people who attended it are visitors who accepted the invitation of the brethren.

And one of your observation is that the Iglesia Ni Cristo is not reading the Bible.

Actually, I just can’t imagine if it is true that you really attended a “pamamahayag” because during the “pamamahayag,” the minister who is teaching the words of God is actually reading the Bible. So, how could you say that the Iglesia Ni Cristo is not reading the Bible just by observing the INC’s “pamamahayag?”

If you really attended a “pamamahayag” of the INC, you would immediately notice that the minister who preached the words of God is using the Question-and-Answer scheme. The minister asked a question, and the answer was read from the Bible word by word.

For example: If the Minister will ask the question: Who is the only true God according to Christ? He will then read the book of John in chapter 17 verses 1 to 3.

So, if your question to me is: Why do the Iglesia Ni Cristo is not reading the Bible? … then I will tell you that your question is wrong. Why wrong? It’s because you are asking my explanation about the thing that the INC is actually NOT doing. I mean, you want me to explain why the INC is not reading the Bible, when in fact, the INC is reading the Bible.

So, I guess, you’re just trying to ask this question because somebody is telling you. But the truth is you haven’t attended any pamamahayag of the INC.

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  • what doe eglesia ni cristo beleive in that the bible word of God dont say

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