Perform Your Job According to the Authority Given to You

One of the things that I learned from the Iglesia Ni Cristo is to perform my own functions according to the authority given to me.

For example, since I am an INC-choir member, so I should do all my duties and responsibilities as an INC-choir member. I am not allowed to perform the duties and responsibilities of a Minister because I am not a Minister.

This is what I actually told my wife when I learned that someone who is not the proper authority to prepare the payroll tried to alter a payroll document.

Here’s a similar scenario to what happened:

There’s a certain group of volunteers who needs to be compensated with honorarium. The agency that has the authority to prepare the payroll, gives the money to the person, along with the authority to distribute the honorarium to each of the volunteers in that certain group. Let us call this person, OFFICER 1.

After distributing the honorarium, two of the volunteers are complaining in front of OFFICER 1, saying that they are underpaid by the agency.

To solve the issue, OFFICER 1 looks at the payroll document and tries to examine who among these volunteers are overpaid so that the overpayment will be deducted to them to compensate those who are underpaid. They call this as the “Sabot-Sabot” system.

From that scenario told above, did OFFICER 1 solve the problem properly?

My answer is NO. What he did is not the proper way of solving such issue, because in the first place, he is not authorized to do that “Sabot-Sabot” system.

The authority given to him by the agency is to distribute the honorarium to the volunteers based on the payroll document given to him along with the money. If the document says that Volunteer 1 should be paid PhP12,000.00, then he should give Volunteer 1 the said amount. He is not allowed to deduct something from that amount, except of course if the document gives a special instruction or note.

What should Officer 1 do to solve the problem?

Just like what I already said, the authority given by the agency to Officer 1 is just to distribute the honorarium to the volunteers. Since two of the volunteers are complaining about underpayment, then let them file a complaint to the proper department so that the agency can compensate them if they really should be compensated.

What if you are the volunteer whose honorarium is deducted, so that the amount deducted from your honorarium will be compensated to the volunteers who are complaining of underpayment?  What should you do?

I will politely explain to Officer 1 that I am entitled to receive the amount stated on the payroll document.

If I will be forced to receive a different amount, for example, PhP8,000.00 instead of PhP12,000.00 as stated on the document, then I will politely ask him to alter the payroll document by placing a strikethrough mark on the PhP12,000.00, and place a note that I received only the PhP8,000.00, and then I will ask him to countersign the alteration.

But Officer 1 should understand that there is a consequence against him with this action. This might led to an internal investigation why he who is just told to distribute the honorarium tried to alter the document prepared by an authorized department and approved by the authorized personnel. And if he will be found accountable, he might be suspended from his job.

Officer 1 should understand that the payroll is signed an approved by the highest authority of the agency. Who is he, and what is his authority that he is thinking of altering the payroll? Is he the highest authority of the agency?


I am thankful that someone (let’s call him Officer 2), who knows better about it, intervened and corrected the Officer 1. Officer 1 should thank and consider Officer 2 his angel or savior, because if Officer 2 didn’t come, I think, something worst will happen to Officer 1.

Officer 1 should consider this experience a lesson to be learned.

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