Naruto and Hinata Loveteam

The author of the Naruto Manga is now trying to show how Hinata loves Naruto. Before, Naruto showed nothing to Hinata, but this time, Naruto holds Hinata’s hands tightly. The caption says “I won’t let go of Naruto’s hand.”

Naruto Won’t  Let Go of Hinata’s Hand

The story of the Naruto Manga chapter 615 is not really about war but about love.

We already know that from the start (when Naruto and friends were still in the ninja academy) Hinata admired Naruto so much. It just happened that Naruto admired Sakura and Sakura on the other hand admired Sasuke.

In the Naruto Manga chapter 614, we’ve learned that Neji died as he protected Naruto from the attack of the Juubi. Naruto almost lost his senses with Neji’s death. But it was Hinata (in the chapter 615) who awakened Naruto and made him realized that everyone became comarades because of the bond. Dying for the sake of the comrades is part of the bond. And because of that bond, his life became more than one for everyone who recognized him and stayed with him are ready to shed their lives for him.

And with the inspiration of Hinata, Naruto became more excited in defeating Obito, Madara and the Juubi.


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