Smart Ka-partner (Retailer) Convention in Tacloban City

The manager of Prime Ace Marketing called me up this morning telling me that Sir Remuz and Sir Roy (both officials of Smart Philippines in Region 8) invited me to attend the Retailer’s Convention to be held this Friday, January 11, 2013 in Tacloban City Convention Center.

My guess is that this convention is not just an ordinary convention but part of it is the awarding of the winners of the Smart Kapartner Rewards Last Quarter Draw wherein there would be:

  • 1 winner for P150,000
  • 2 winners for Laptop
  • 5 winners of P10,000
  • 20 winners of Netphone
  • 40 winners of Sodexho Gift Certificate worth P1,000

Ms. Melanie Balogo of Hindang who won PhP10,000 last October 2012 draw, told my wife in a text message that Smart personnel called her up last December 2012 and asked her personal information similar to what had been asked when she won a prize in October 2012 draw. And I guess, she’s again a winner of the latest draw. I just don’t know if she’s the fourth quarter draw winner or the grand prize winner, considering that winners of the grand prizes would be drawn on the same day the winners of the fourth quarter draw prizes were drawn.

For the grand prizes, one Smart Retailer will win for the 1 million Peso cash, and 2 Smart Retailers, who will receive a Hyundai car. And I know, Smart has drawn the winners of these prizes already.

So, the winners, congratulations!

Awarding of Grand Prize Winner

The Friday’s Smart Ka-Partner event held in Tacloban City Convention Center is actually a kind of celebration of the region 8 retailers because the winner of the P1 Million is a retailer of Region 8 under the provincial distribution of Bun Kang Marketing, the provincial distributor assigned in Northern Leyte with its base in Tacloban City. (This report is not yet verified. I was only told by the retailers that I talked during the event. I wanted to talk any of the officials of the Smart but they’re busy, and I know, I will not be entertained because I am just a retailer and a blogger.)

The program started at 2:00 PM and I guess the awarding will be held at the end of the program. Unfortunately, I haven’t witnessed the awarding because at 3:30 PM, I left the venue to get the bus’ last trip for St. Bernard.

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