The Antimonan- Quezon Rubout or Shootout January 2013

Late Sunday, January 6, 2013, Police Superintendent Hansel Marantan led the government security forces, PNP and AFP troopers (24 Police Officers and 25 Army Personnel) in a checkpoint, in a supposed gunfight against the alleged group of criminals. He was hit by 3 bullets in his legs and 1 in his arm, while the 13 alleged criminals were all killed. The fatalities are:

  1. Police Superintendent Alfredo Consemino
  2. Senior Police Officer 1 Gruet Mantuano (Consemino Aide)
  3. Police Officer 1 Jeffrey Valdez (Consemino Aide)
  4. S/Sgt. Armando Lescano (AirForce Intelligence Agent, 554th Air Police Squadron)
  5. 1Lt. Jimbean Justiniani (AirForce Intelligence Agent, 554th Air Police Squadron)
  6. Leonardo Marasigan (Alleged ISAFP Agent)
  7. Maximo Pelayo (Alleged ISAFP Agent)
  8. Tirso Lontoc Jr.  (A relative of Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala and an environmentalist)
  9. Conrado Decillo
  10. Victor Gonzales
  11. Gerry Siman
  12. Paul Quiohilag
  13. Victorino “Vic” Siman (Alleged Gamling Lord, also known as Victorino Atienza)

Few facts have been noted:

  1. The two (black Montero) SUVs have 184 bullet holes.
  2. All the windows of the SUVs were rolled up.
  3. Victorino Siman (one of the fatalities) and Marantan (the leader of the government security force) are former friends.
  4. Gerry Siman, one of the fatalities, filed a “Multiple Murder” case against Hansel Marantan on November 2012 before the Calamba Regional Trial Court for killing 6 men in Calamba City that according to authorities were members of the gun-for-hire syndicate that killed a police officer in Cabuyao.
  5. 13 out of 14 guns recovered from the fatalities are registered and with proper documents which include 11 units of .45-caliber pistol, a baby Armalite and an M-14 US rifle. The unregistered weapon is a 9mm Armscor pistol. The license for .45-caliber pistol of Consemino is already expired on April 14, 2012. The M-14 US Rifle is registered to PNP-Camp Crame.
  6. The government forces were using unmarked vehicles (Toyota Innova and Land Cruiser) in the checkpoint and the sign was placed on the center of the road only when the two vehicles were approaching, and then the military truck was immediate placed on the road to block the passage.
  7. 11 of the fatalities were shot on the  head.

Other Reported Issues:

  1. A sibling (sister) of Marantan is a rival of Victorino Siman in a gambling operation. But Marantan denied the accusation.
  2. The six men killed in Calamba City by the group of Marantan were bet collectors of Victor Siman in his gambling operation, not members of the gun-for-hire syndicate.
  3. Tirso Lontoc who is one of the leaders of the Luntiang Alyansa ng Bundok Banahaw had contacts in the Maoist rebels in Quezon. Vic Siman asked him for help in resolving issues between the rebels and Siman’s gambling operations.
  4. A red suit case containing P30 million from the STL bookie (gambling) operation in Bicol is missing. The presence of this suit is confirmed by Johnny Glorioso, news correspondent of ABS-CBN’s DZMM radio.
  5. Senator Panfilo Lacson revealed that the fatalities are part of the bigger gun-for-hire syndicate backed by politicians.

Police Superintendent Hansel Marantan’s background:

  • A PNPA 1998 graduate
  • In November 7, 2005, Marantan, as Police Senior Inspector, was part of the Highway Patrol Group that killed members of the Valle Verde car theft gang (Anton Cu-Unjieng, Francis Xavier Manzano and Brian Anthony Dulay) in a shootout. The shootout was taken footage by the UNTV news crew showing members of the government security group were shooting people inside a car Nissan Exalta (XDD 828) along Garnet Street in Ortigas Center in Pasig City.
  • In May 2006, Marantan’s group involved in a car-chase from Quezon City to Bulacan and killed the 4 suspected criminals by shooting.
  • In 2009, He was promoted and became Police Superintendent.
  • In December 2009, Marantan was part of the government security forces that killed 19 people in shootout with suspected robbers (members of Waray-waray Robbery Group) in Parañaque. The fatalities include a motirst Alfonso de Vera and his 7 years old daughter.
  • In October 2010, Marantan was part of the 415th Provincial Police Mobile Group that killed 8 suspected members of the Kidnap-for-Ransom group in shootout.

Few of the PNP Officials were relieved from post in connection to the said shootout:

  1. Senior Supt. Valeriano de Leon, as director of the Quezon Provincial Police Office
  2. Supt. Ramon Balauag, as Quezon police intelligence chief
  3. Chief Insp. Grant Ayobo Gollod, as Atimonan police chief
  4. Supt. Hansel Marantan, deputy intelligence chief and concurrent head of the Regional Special Operations Group. He was the leader of the police-military group that killed the 13 alleged criminals and the only wounded on their side.

In another report, DILG Secretary ordered the relief of the following PNP officials in relation to the shooting incident in Batangas when PNP officers served an arrest warrant on Monday afternoon, January 14, 2013 to Fernando “Pandoy” Morales, an alleged former aide of Vic Siman (killed in Antimonan shootout) for illegal possession of firearm:

  1. CALABARZON (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon Region) Police Director James Melad
  2. Batangas Provincial Police Director Supt. Rosauro Acio
  3. Head of the SWAT unit of the Batangas Police Public Safety Company Supt. Raul Tacaca
  4. Chief of the San Juan Municipal Police Station in Batangas Supt. Elpidio Ramirez
  5. Chief Insp. Rodolfo Ama (San Juan Police)

The recent shootout incident in Batangas seemed related to the Antimonan shootout. Speculation said that police wanted to silence Pandoy because of his knowledge about the Antimonan Shootout scandal.

Antimonan Shootout/Rubout Photos:

Photos or pics shown above are collected from different websites.


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