The Iglesia Ni Cristo and the Valentine’s Day [Video]

If you have friends or loveones who are members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ), you might have noticed that they never answer or greet you back with a Valentine’s Day greetings. If you are working as teacher in a particular high school, you will also noticed that INC members do not participate in the JS (Junior-Senior Prom) which oftentimes celebrated on the night of the Valentine’s Day.

And with these observations, you might ask: Why do Iglesia Ni Cristo members not participate a Valentine’s Day celebration?

To answer that question, here’s an Iglesia Ni Cristo official answer. Watch this video.

The Iglesia Ni Cristo and the Valentine’s Day

The video actually answers the following questions:
1. How come that Church of Christ members do not celebrate Valentine’s Day? Isn’t it just a special day in where you show your love for someone?
2. What is the historical background of Valentine’s Day?

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