MS Thompson Majesty Cruise Ship Safety Drill Accident February 2013

Five (5) members of the crew of Thompson Majesty Cruise Ship were confirmed dead and three (3) others were injured, when the ship’s lifeboat with occupants fell from the ship to the sea up-side-down during the safety drill, a morning on February 10, 2013. The ship was still tied up at the port of Santa Cruz (La Palma) in the Canary Islands (Spain) during the accident.

The victims, according to authorities, were participants of an emergency training drill of the ship when the accident happened. Fatalities include:

  1. 3 Indonesians
  2. 1 Filipino
  3. 1 Ghanaian.

Two (2) Greek crew members were badly hurt and another 1 Filipino crew member was slightly injured.

There were 1,498 passengers and 594 crew members aboard the ship. It has been noted that no passengers were involved in the accident.

The MS Thompson Majesty is owned by Louis Cruises and is operated by Thompson Cruises. It docked at the port of Santa Cruz after arriving from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria early morning. It was scheduled to depart by 3:00PM of the same day to Funchal.

At around 10PM, the crew members participated an emergency drill, particularly lowering lifeboats with occupants in it. The lowering part of the drill was successful, but when they were trying to pull back the lifeboat up, the cable holding it snapped causing it to plunge into the sea.

MS Thompson Majesty Cruise Ship Safety Drill Accident Photos

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