38 People Killed During the Russian Mental Hospital Fire April 2013

A fire that hit the psychiatric hospital number 14 in Russia claimed 38 lives out of 41 patients and staffs reportedly inside the one-storey building hospital in the Ramenskoye settlement before the fire.

The fire broke out at about 3:00 AM local time, April 27, 2013. Fire fighters from a 30-mile away station arrived 1 hour after the alarm sounded. It was extinguished but nothing was left but charred beds and other metal building parts. The cause of the fire as initially rolled out was an electrical short circuit.

Most of those killed are still on their beds and believed killed by the poisonous fumes they inhaled. Some bodies are found on the exits but failed to escape the fire considering that all windows and doors have steel bars reinforcement.

Only three people survived the incident when a nurse led out two of the patients. People speculated that, patients who were mentally ill, alcoholics and a drug addict, were tied into their beds and were unconscious which resulted to their failure to escape the fire.

An authority, however, revealed that half of the patients were given sedatives at night but they were not unconscious and not tied into their beds.

It was also revealed that the 73-year old hospital is one of the hospitals declared unfit by the government due to its dilapidated building. Besides, the hospital is made mainly by woods.

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