Naruto and Hinata Loveteam

The author of the Naruto Manga is now trying to show how Hinata loves Naruto. Before, Naruto showed nothing to Hinata, but this time, Naruto holds Hinata’s hands tightly. The caption says “I won’t let go of Naruto’s hand.”

Naruto Won’t  Let Go of Hinata’s Hand

The story of the Naruto Manga chapter 615 is not really about war but about love.

We already know that from the start (when Naruto and friends were still in the ninja academy) Hinata admired Naruto so much. It just happened that Naruto admired Sakura and Sakura on the other hand admired Sasuke.

In the Naruto Manga chapter 614, we’ve learned that Neji died as he protected Naruto from the attack of the Juubi. Naruto almost lost his senses with Neji’s death. But it was Hinata (in the chapter 615) who awakened Naruto and made him realized that everyone became comarades because of the bond. Dying for the sake of the comrades is part of the bond. And because of that bond, his life became more than one for everyone who recognized him and stayed with him are ready to shed their lives for him.

And with the inspiration of Hinata, Naruto became more excited in defeating Obito, Madara and the Juubi.


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Kakashi Learned To Protect His Friends

The Naruto Manga chapter 608 is already released online. This chapter revealed that Kakashi learned to protect his friends from Obito.

It can be recalled that when Kakashi and Obito were still teammates, Kakashi was strict on following the village’s policies especially in achieving the team’s goal on a mission. Kakashi considered those shinobis who abandoned their teammates for the sake of the success of their mission as trash, just like what his father who was known as the White Fang did.

Obito rejected Kakashi thought about becoming trash. For Obito, Shinobis who don’t care about their comrades were far way worst than trash.

Obito thought that Kakashi’s stand was the real cause why Rin died. He thought that Kakashi allowed their enemies to kill Rin.

Now, with the Naruto manga chapter 608, Kakashi showed Obito that he learned a lot from him… that … He would protect Naruto.

Who Killed Obito’s Rin? Is It Kakashi?

Prior to the recently released Naruto Manga chapter, 604 “Meet Again,” the death of Rin is not really revealed how it happened. The Kakashi Gaiden chapters of the Naruto Manga story only told the Kakashi woke up with Rin around, and when he asked his Sensei, “The Yellow Flash,” he was told that she was killed. But regarding who killed Rin, that we don’t know.

The released of the 604th chapter of the Naruto Manga has give us hint who killed Rin. And judging the last page of the said chapter, I can say that it was Kakashi himself who killed Rin using his Chidori. Whether it’s just an accident or intentional, we will know that through the next chapter.

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Tobi is Obito – SELaplana

So, those Naruto fans who said that Tobi is Obito because he is an Uchiha, and that he only has a right Sharingan eye, and the name Tobi is somewhat related to the name Obito.

The Naruto Manga 599 revealed the truth about Tobi. This happens when Naruto successfully broke the mask of Tobi. Tobi is Obito, the former teammate of Kakashi, and the one who gave him the left Sharingan eye.

I gues, the next Naruto Manga which is the chapter 600 will tell us how he survived the incident that large rocks crashed his body during the second shinobi world war in the battle of the Kannabi Bridge.

Is Tobi, Kakashi’s Friend, Obito?

We recently found out that the idea that Tobi is Uchiha Madara. But we did not know yet if Tobi is Kakashi’s former teammate Obito who gave him his le


t Sharingan eye.

Through the Naruto Manga chapter 597, it was revealed Kakashi finally realized that the other dimension which the sharingan of Tobi uses is the same dimension he’s kamui technique uses. In fact, when Tobi sent parts of his body to the other dimension, those parts were hit by Kakashi’s kunai and Naruto’s rasengan which Kakashi sent to the other dimension.

Are all sharingan eyes uses only one “other” dimension? No. But two sharingan eye of one person will use one and the same “other” dimension.

In other words, the right sharingan eye of Tobi is owned by the same person who owned the left sharingan eye of Kakashi who is Obito.

In a special manga release about Kakashi’s life, we learned that Obito was crushed by a boulder as they rescue Rin from the hands of the enemies. Obito gave Kakashi his left sharingan eye as a gift and told them to leave him behind and pursue their mission which is to destroy the Kannabi Bridge during the ninja world war. After that war, Kakashi found out that on his team wherein he was the leader, he was the only one who survived. Obito and Rin died.

But, was Obito dead?

We don’t know yet if Obito lives as Tobi or Tobi is just another person who got Obito’s eye.

You see, a shinobi who does not belong to the Uchiha clan can also use a sharingan eye. Kakashi is one of them. Another one is Danzo of the root. So, it is also possible that this person is just another shinobi who found Obito, stole Obito’s and eye and use it for him.

However, it is also possible that Tobi is Obito, himself because there was no evidence that Obito really died as he was crushed by the boulders. Who knows if he was saved by someone and then became Tobi.


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Sasuke Revived Orochimaru – SELaplana

The Naruto Manga 593 was released on the net and my thought about Tobi and Orochimaru is wrong. Orochimaru is not Tobi, after all.

The fact is, Orochimaru can be revived by any shinobi who knows how to reverse the suppression of the cursed seal given by Orochimaru to any shinobis. Sasuke himself has this. But the cursed seal that was being used by Sasuke in reviving Orochimaru is the one given to Anko.

How did Sasuke Revived Orochimaru?

Sasuke instructed Juugo to get a flesh from Kabuto. We already know that Kabuto’s body is mixed with Orochimaru’s DNA. Then Juugo pressed the flesh of Kabuto to the curse seal of Anko, thus mixing the DNA of Orochimaru to the curse-seal. Then after that, Sasuke reversed the curse-seal suppression technique. With that  Orochimaru has been successfully revived.

Orochimaru revealed that the curse seals given to different shinobi has Orchimaru’s chakra and consciousness. So, Orochamaru could came out from that curse seal anytime and he can even listen to the surrounding of the bearer of that curse seal.

In the case of the curse seal of Sasuke, I think, it was already gone during the time when Itachi and Sasuke met in a battle. When Sasuke reached the limit of his chakra, he used the chakra of Orochimaru from the curse seal which triggers the appearance of Orochimaru even if he was dead already long before. Itachi, then, killed Orochimaru during that battle.

So, now the question about the identity of Tobi remains. Who really is Tobi?

Is Tobi and Orochimaru One and The Same Person? – SELaplana

We all know that Orochimaru is already dead and it was Uchiha Sasuke who killed him. And we are still wondering who Tobi is and who is the head and leader of the Akatsuki group.

Before, we thought that Tobi is Obito. But with the progress of the Naruto story, we learned that Tobi is Uchiha Madara. However, time came when Kabuto used his Edo Tensei which revealed the truth that Tobi is not Uchiha Madara since the real Uchiha Madara is already dead and is one of those dead shinobi who are revived through such Kabuto’s jutsu.

With the release of the Naruto Manga chapter 592, a thought that Tobi is Orochimaru came into my mind.

When the comrades of Sasuke in his team called hawk, Sasuke was then told that Kabuto’s Edo Tensei with Uchiha Madara still remains even if the whole Edo Tensei jutsu was reversed already. After reading a scroll given by his team, Sasuke then told his team that he will be meeting the one that knows everything. And he said that this man is Orochimaru.

But Orichimaru was already dead and it was Sasuke who killed him, how come that Sasuke thought that Orchimaru is still living.

We don’t know the content of the scroll. Maybe that scroll contains the truth about Orochimaru, that Orochimaru and Tobi is one and the same person.

I think, I read a particular chapter of the Naruto Manga that told us that Orochimaru is the who organized the Akatsuki. I don’t if I am right or maybe I was just imagining something.

And one more thing, this current chapter of the Naruto Manga told us that Naruto provoked Tobi to show his face. So it seems that the writer of the Naruto story is telling us hint that Orochimaru which Sasuke is saying that he want to meet and talk is Tobi in which Naruto provoked for him to show his face to Naruto and friends.

But I am sure that with the release of the chapter 593 of the Naruto Manga, we will be enlightened about where is Orochimaru now.

I Will Love You Forever, Naruto Manga 590

The release of the Naruto Manga chapter 590, “I Love You Forever,” gives us another hint on who Tobi is.

From the previous chapters, we learned that Tobi is the leader of the Akatsuki. But this truth made us wonder who the real leader of the Akatsuki after learning that Pain served as the organization’s leader. But through the following chapters, it was revealed that Tobi is the one who inspired, encouraged or ordered Pain to organize the Akatsuki.

Then we also learned that Tobi has a sharingan eye on the right. At that time, it was not yet clear whether Tobi is one of the Uchihas or just another shinobi of other clan like Kakashi who planted an Uchiha eye into his eye-socket.

There was also a time that Tobi introduced himself as Uchiha Madara, right? If not, the shinobi world believed that he is Madara. It was just made clear that He was not Madara when Tobi showed up to Naruto and Bee while the real Madara who had been revived by the Edo Tensei of Kabuto faced the 5 Kages.

With the Naruto manga chapter 590, Sasuke found out through Itachi’s memory that Tobi was part of the Uchiha Clan who has grudge against the Clan and Konoha Village.

Itachi who was then part of the Root headed by Danzou accepted the mission to annihilate the Uchiha Clan in order to save the Konoha Village asked the assistance of Tobi in taking the lives of the Uchihas except Sasuke, the younger brother of Itachi.

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Izanami is a kinjutsu which can be used exclusively by a sharingan eye user. It is native to the Uchiha shinobis.

This kinjutsu is first introduced in the Naruto Manga 585 (If I was not wrong) by Uchiha Itachi. He used it in controlling Kabuto for the purpose of ending the Edo Tensei. It is explained by Uchiha Itachi to his younger brother Uchiha Sasuke through the Naruto Manga chapter 587.

The Edo Tensei, on the other hand, is the jutsu used by Kabuto in reviving dead shinobis and controlling them in his advantage, in which Uchiha Itachi is one of those who was revived.

The Izanami technique is mainly used by the Uchihas in punishing Izanagi users who end up fighting against each other.

If the Izanagi, another Uchiha eye technique, can change a destiny of the opponent of the user, the Izanami will set a destiny of the user.

The Izanami Principle

Izanami works using the senses of the user himself and those of his opponents.

In the instant that you decide to start the technique, the user memorised an act or event, then replicate that act or event and memorise them too.

Then take a proceeding act and memorise it. Then do the replication again and memorise them.

Take an act that followed the second act and memorise it. Then do the replication and memorise them again.

Connect these acts from the first act down to the proceeding acts and then to the replicated first act.

In doing so, the process flows in a loop.

However, the use of Izanami has a disadvantage. It will end up to a loss of the eyesight of the sharingan eye used in activating this technique.

How Izanami works?

In the case of the Uchiha brothers versus Kabuto, Uchiha Itachi used the Izanami against Kabuto wherein Kabuto was caught in a loop of events.

In the minds of Kabuto, he sees himself fighting the Uchiha siblings in a three acts connected to the each other in a loop. The events are: (1) Kabuto stab Uchiha Itachi; (2) Itachi avoided the attack and (3) hit the horn in the right temple of Kabuto by the sword. These three events are connected in a loop.

How to Escape from Izanami?

Just like what Itachi said, the Izanami Uchiha eye technique’s main purpose is to stop the fighting of two Izanagi users.

So, in order to escape from Izanami, the victim should decide to change himself so that he would not end up in the situation where and when he was caught with the Izanami technique. So, in Kabuto’s situation, Kabuto can escape from Izanami if he will accept his destiny.

Muki Tensei – SELaplana

Muki Tensei is hermit technique of Kabuto used against the Uchiha brothers, Itachi and Sasuke. It was first revealed by the Naruto Manga chapter 582. The Naruto Manga chapter 582 is released online on the 15th week of 2012.

The Muki Tensei’s Features

Based on the description revealed by Kabuto regarding the Muke Tensei snake hermit technique, it is done by giving to the non-living things and fully controlling them.

In the Naruto Manga chapter 582, Kabuto used the technique in attacking Itachi. He gave life to the stalactites then he controlled them so that they would attack Itachi.

Since Itachi guarded Sasuke using his Susanoo, he became slower in dodging from the Stalactites, so he was hit.