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Ampil Pension in Maasin City, A Visitor’s Review

Last November  2011, my family visited Maasin City. And since it was already late night when we arrived there, so we decided to stay in a hotel overnight. We were at the Julies Bakeshop when I noticed the Ampil Pension.

Ampil Pension is actually located in Barangay Abgao along Tomas Oppus Street. In front of it is another hotel, the GV Hotel.

Before entering the Ampil Pension premise, I was thinking first whether to stay in GV Hotel or in Ampil Pension. However, the parking space of the GV Hotel is only the space on its front. So, it is not basically safe for our car compared to the parking lot of the Ampil Pension which is located at the back of its building.

So, our choice is the Ampil Pension.

After parking the car, we went straight to its lobby. There were two men in the area, one is using his laptop, and the other guy is watching tv. No one was there sitting on its front desk. We waited for someone to entertain us, but no one. So, I pressed the bell three times. That was the time when the man watching the tv stood and went to the front desk.

The man, who looks like a janitor gave us the menu card. I don’t know what to call it, but since it is similar to the menu card in the restaurant, so I will just call that as menu.

I ordered one room with twin bed worth P550. Wait, it’s not a food, so I think, it is not right to use the word “order”. But I am idiot, and I don’t know what is the right word to use. However, there was no available room worth P550, we rented a P650 worth of accommodation.

Basically, the room we rented has two beds, an air-conditioning unit, a tv with cable connection, and a wash room. The room is good but it is not as good as the rooms of the hotels we previously visited. For example: I  did not find the foot rag, toilet bowl rim, a mirror in the wash room, and the remote control of the tv. But a P450 room of a lodging house in Baybaby City – Leyte that we previously visited  has these things.

And one more thing, the door has no double lock system. So,  when we went to sleep, I just pushed the other bed into the door.

Here are some photos I took at the room we rented:

This is the door of the wash room. There’s no foot rag on it. So, we just move carefully
to avoid any accident, especially after taking a bath.

As we took a bath, we were looking for ways how we could hang the towel.

No toilet bowl rim.

But I think, it was just right for the price, and you can sleep and rest well in it and you will have nothing to worry about your car because it’s safe in the parking lot.


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  3. Ormoc Hotel

Carmina Villaroel Shoe Business

I accidentally visited Carmina Villaroel’s twitter. From there I learned that she’s doing a shoe business.

You can visit the website I think, it’s the official website of Carmina’s shoes.

As of writing this post, Carmina’s shoes collection are:

  1. Amelie
  2. Antonia
  3. Audrey
  4. Barbara
  5. Beatrice
  6. Bettina
  7. Bianca
  8. Carmen
  9. Catherine
  10. Christine
  11. Daniella
  12. Gabbi
  13. Gianelli
  14. Margaret
  15. Maria
  16. Maura
  17. Nicole
  18. Patricia
  19. Rhea
  20. Sheila
  21. Sofia
  22. Tiffany

These shoes are made of leather and each has its own distinct design. And according to its About Page, these shoes are made by Filipino shoe craftsmen and personally designed by Carmina himself.

I think, Carmina’s business is based online. In How-To-Order page, it says:

Thank you for choosing Muñiz Shoes. We are currently accepting orders through this website. Unfortunately, we cannot process any payments at this time. Customers are contacted within 24 hours when their orders are received.

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In Surigao Gateway Hotel

I feel tired today and I really need a rest. So I don’t have other choice but to check in at the Surigao Gateway Hotel in Surigao City.

My family (my wife, our son and I) were on our way home to Maasin City after taking our short vacation in San Agustin, Surigao del Sur. We left San Agustin this afternoon at 1:30 even if I felt sleepy already. I don’t know what’s the cause of it, but my wife suggested that it might be the stress caused by the activities we did yesterday.

Yesterday morning, I went to Barangay Tagungon, Tagbina, Surigao del sur (about 70 kilometers from San Agustin) along with the two brethren in the church (Iglesia ni Cristo) for a church related job. And soon as I returned in San Agustin, Surigao Del Sur in the afternoon, I again became busy helping my siblings in the preparation for the 74th birthday celebration of my mother which was held in the evening.

I was not in a good condition since this morning, but we really needed to go home because we have a lot of things to settle. Before leaving San Agustin, Surigao del Sur I drank two plastic bottle of Cobra energy drink hoping that I would feel better, considering that Cobra energy drink contains Vitamins B, Taurine and Caffeine. But the two bottles of the said energy drink failed to relieve the stress that I have. So, my wife again suggested that we better stay overnight here in Surigao Gateway Hotel.

Last week, we’re here too in a standard accommodation worth PhP 1,450 (with free breakfast for two). Now, we took the De Luxe accommodation since no standard accommodation available.

I paid PhP1,550 for the De Luxe accommodation here in Surigao Gateway Hotel and it still has the free breakfast for two for tomorrow. The only difference of this to the standard one is the bathtub.

Surigao Gateway Hotel has pool, conference room, restaurant and better parking area compared to other hotels here in Surigao City that I visited already. Besides, it is located at junction of the highway going to the downtown of Surigao City, Lipata Ferry Terminal and to Butuan City.

The hotel is a Wi-Fi zone. It has seven available wireless networks but all these networks are not secured. However, I haven’t found any problem with an unsecured wireless connection as long as my laptop is secured with a security software and other security measures.

I actually wrote this post at the lobby of the Hotel. The guard who was standing at the door was staring or watching me. I don’t know what he’s thinking about me and he had no idea that I talked about him her.

Overall, the Surigao Gateway Hotel was good and I was contented on the accommodations and the services they have.

By the way, it’s not a sponsored post. I might be making money online by blogging, but no one paid me to write this post.

Ako Mismo! – SELaplana

If you’re watching TV, I’m sure you’d encounter the Ako Mismo! commercial wherein selected celebrities or individuals promised to do a particular task for the good of the community, or country.

The Ako Mismo slogan tells us: “Ano ang gagawin mo para sa kinabukasan ng bayang ito? Ako Mismo ang kikilos para sa bayan ko

Just like what other bloggers thought about the Ako Mismo, I think it’s a campaign that urges every Filipino to do by themselves the things that will help raise our nation again. The Ako Mismo has this message: “Simulan mo ang pagkilos sa muling pagbangon ng Pilipinas. Maliit man o malaki, ikaw mismo ang magsasabi kung ano ang gagawin mo.

This afternoon, I registered at the Ako Mismo website. They collected my personal information including my cellphone number which at first made me confused whether I would continue the registration or not. I was wondering why should they need to collect personal information including my phone number, and how secure is their site?

After that, I checked the Wall of Commitments (click here) where you will find the commitments made by those who registered with the Ako Mismo. As of writing this post, there are 186,193 commitments posted already. Most of the commitments posted are serious ones like:

  • Ako mismo tutulong paghubog sa sa mga darating na henerasyon
  • Ako mismo tutulongan ang bayan
  • Ako mimso magmahal sa kapatid nating muslim

But I wonder how sincere are the members of the Ako Mismo campaigns. I even noticed a funny commitment that says: “Ako Mismo Hindi ikaw ok!

I hope that the Ako Mismo campaign will stand in a way we look at it now.

AyosDito Ph

Everytime I visit a website that displays Google Adsense, I see the “AyosDito.PH” ad. Often times if a site displays an Adsense text- unit and an Adsense image-unit, “AyosDito.PH” ad occupies the Adsense image-unit and the highest spot in the Adsense text-unit.

But I think, it only happens if the internet user is coming from the Philippines. They call it geo-targeted ads.

But what made you write this post? Are you paid to review the AyosDito.PH?

No! This is not a paid post. I was just irritated by the ads. And besides, I want to see if a review post on AyosDito.PH will bring traffic to this blog… even just few traffic.

I googled the internet and found out that there are bloggers who already reviewed the site. But I know most of them are paid to write those positive reviews about the site.

Now, take a look at the screenshot from the Google Trends for the term “AyosDito.PH” below:


There’s a rise of Google searches in the midst of 2009 and it reaches already the 150 point.

But of course, the search volume for the “AyosDito.PH” is nothing compared to the search volume for the “Pinay Scandal“. But I believe that as the popularity of the AyosDito.PH continues to grow, the search volume for its domain will also grow just like what happened to the search volume for the domain “”.

But what is “AyosDito.Ph”?

“AyosDito.Ph” is a free online classified website. It’s similar to eBay, Craiglist, and Sulit Philippines. The ad can be your products or properties you sell, available jobs, business establishments, or services you’re offering.

For those who don’t know what “Ayos Dito” means, “Ayos Dito” is a Filipino statement for “It’s fine here“. It seems that the site is telling online sellers and buyers that in the”AyosDito.PH” everything is fine, safe and secured. There’s no scammers, and no spammers.

It’s like they’re saying that they are better compared to the and other online classified websites where scammers and spammers are making huge money.

But is it really safe to transact with the advertisers of the “AyosDito.PH”?

For now, we can’t tell yet. But I know that if there are people who are careless and easily be scammed, then there are scammers out there too.

Scammers are just waiting for the right time to attack.

Blogposts by other bloggers:

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Southern Leyte Times Newspaper, Unreliable

Southern Leyte Times Paper Review

Learning that your province has its own weekly newspaper is something that I am proud of. To let you know, our province has its own “Southern Leyte Times” which features news report and updates on what’s happening in Southern Leyte and the neighboring provinces.

The weekly paper has 8 pages. The first page is of course the front page. The second page features the Crime Watch of Mr. Anthony Kings. The next page contains the letters to the Editor. The fourth page is the commentary page which features commentary of Antonio Mendoza Reyes, Atty. Romeo R. Geniston and the Zoomlens. The other remaining pages contain news from other parts of the Philippines, Entertainment stories and games, and ads.

Unreliable News Paper

Actually, not all news reports included on this newspaper (Southern Leyte Times) are unreliable. But what made me consider this newspaper unreliable are those news reports that are defective, especially those written for the Crime Watch column.

Let’s examine the articles contained on this column (Southern Leyte Times, Volume 6, Number 478, page 2):

(1) Hunt for ex-convict launched


Sogod – A 42 year old man was stabbed at the corner of Osmena and Zamora Street her last weekend by an ex-convict for no apparent reason. Police identified the victim as Ronie Segales a resident of barangay Consolacion and his attacker as Melchor Bitor a resident of Barangay Zone II. Segales who was stabbed three times, was rushed to the Sogod District Hospital.

His assailant who fled after the incident is now being pursued by a police team who have orders to shoot to kill since the suspect is believed to be armed and dangerous.

My Reaction:

Let’s just forget the grammatical construction of the sentences. The real problem that I found from that article is the use of the term “weekend” in answering the question, “When did the crime happen? For me “this weekend” is not an accurate answer to the question WHEN because “this weekend” is forever.

(2) Another Fatal Motorcycle Accident


Barangay Ibarra, Maasin – A motorcycle accident has claimed the life of yet another Southern Leyteno. According to a police report the latest victim was SPO1 Jesus Jayvee Tan a member of the Southern Leyte Provincial Office and a resident of Barangay Ibarra. Tan was reportedly on a drug surveillance mission and was driving home when a dog suddenly crossed the road. The policeman suffered multiple head injuries and died before reaching the Provincial Hospital.

My Reaction:

Just like the first article, this article did not answer the question, “When did the incident happen”. And what about the rumors that this police officer was drunk when the accident happened? If it is true or not true that this police officer was drunk during the accident then why is it not clarified on that news?

(3) American Citizen Robbed


Benit, Malitbog – The house of a 66 year old American citizen residing here was burglarized by robbers who took off with P63,000 worth of jewelry and cash.

Rufina Laplapan Selko said the robbers had poisoned her dogs and entered through her slidding foor. Police have taken samples of the fingerprints they found there and will see if these match those of the household staff or their neighbors.

My Reaction:

This news report is actually talking about the incident that I talked already on my article, “‘Akyat-Bahay’ Theives in Southern Leyte”. I knew a lot of information on this incident because I am one of the victims of these thieves and I am one of the residents of that house.

Actually, that article is the main reason why I described the Southern Leyte Times as unreliable newspaper. To let you know the information contained on that news article, “American Citizen Robbed” is not accurate. Just for example:

1. The owner of the house is Rufina Laplana Selko not Rufina Laplapan Selko.
2. Rufina Laplana Selko is not actually residing in that place. She’s in USA.
3. Rufina Laplana Selko did not talk any of the news reporters. So how come that the writer of this news report got the information from Rufina Laplana Selko?
4. Lastly, the housebreakers or thieves or robbers entered the house through the sliding door not through the slidding foor.
5. The news report couldn’t answer the question, “When did the incident happen”.


Currently, the price of a copy of the Southern Leyte Times is PhP8.50 but you can buy it in stores for PhP10.00. And paying PhP10.00 for a newspaper that reports inaccurate news stories is just a waste of money.

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Pickaweb for Your UK Based Websites (Advertisement)

Pickaweb is an internet service provider offering registration of domain names, webhosting, Email hosting, Reseller hosting, and website designing. The company is based in UK which is equipt with live support through phone or online chatting.

Domain Names Registration

Domain names is actually free for every web hosting account that you opened. However, you can register domain names even if you will not open an account. Just pay the corresponding prices per year:

  • = £4.99
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Once you buy domain names with Pickaweb, you’ll be given full control of your registered domain names in changing DNS and contact details. You can even use the Pickaweb WhoIs Domain Search in searching for the info of particular domains. And of course, you can renew your own registered domain names through the Pickaweb feature in renewing domain names.

Webhosting Services

Just like what I said earlier, domain names is free if you’ll open a web hosting account with the Pickaweb. You can choose from the web hosting packages they offered by considering your website needs. You can start from the Start Plan for only £2.98/year where you can use up to 10GB bandwidth. The next higher plans are Webmaster Plan for only £5.42/year with 20GB bandwidth, and Business Plan for £8.67/year with 30GB bandwidth.

Other Internet Services

Email hosting, website builder and design are actually part of the webhosting plans that Pickaweb offers. There are some features of it are free as long as you have a webhosting account, but there are others that you need to pay a little amount.

Reseller webhost

Now, if you want to start your own webhosting business, you can start by selling webhosting services using your own company but the services will be hosted by the Pickaweb.


If you have one of the major credit cards, then you can use it in paying for the services you signed-up with the Pickaweb. You can even use your paypal account for you convenient in using your credit card.

For more info about the Pickaweb Internet Services, please visit their website here.

MySpace Valentine

February 14 is the actual date of the Valentine’s Day. However, you can make your MySpace profile celebrate the Valentine in one month round by changing your MySpace profile’s layout, displaying Valentine’s day related graphics and sending MySpace Valentine comments.

Valentine Joys.Com

The Valentine Joys.Com is a website that offers stuffs for your MySpace so that it will look like you are already celebrating Valentine’s day.  It has lots of MySpace Valentine images for background. You can also get MySpace Valentine banners, MySpace Valentine Clipart, MySpace Valentine Coloring, MySpace Valentine Contact Tables, MySpace Valentine Countdown, Valentine Crafts, Valentine Computer Cursor, Lovely MySpace Valentine Divider, Valentine’s Day eCard,  Valentine Fonts, Valentine’s Day Funny Pictures, Valentines Games, Valentines’ Day Gift Ideas, Valentine Graphics, Valentine History, Valentine humor, Valentine icons, Valentine Poems and Quotes, Valentine Screensaver and Wallpaper.

Click here to visit the site.

Friendster Layouts, Layouts for Friendster, Premade Friendster Layouts

Feel free to use the Friendster Layout Editor and share your Layouts with … Here at, we have the best Friendster Layouts for you to use for your friendster profile.

This slogan is used by the webpage of the for the friendster layouts. And as of writing this review, the friendster layouts of the is on the top 4 of Google SERP when searching for friendster layouts.

The free friendster layouts available at this site are categorized into: Alcohol, Animals, Animated Backgrounds, Anime, Birthday, Butterflies, Cars/Vehicles, Cartoons, Causes/Awareness, Celebrities, Cinco De Mayo, Colorful, Dark, Default, Disney, Double Background, Easter, Emo, Fall, Fantasy, Fashion, Flashing, Flowers, Food/Candy, Games, General/Other, Girls Only, Guys Only, Halloween, Hearts, Icons, Love,  Mothers Day, Movies/TV, Music/Musicians, Nationalities, New Years, Patriotic, Pink, Playboy Bunny, Polka Dots, Quotes, Religious, Retro, Saint Patrick’s Day, Scenic, Sexy Girls, Sexy Guys, Solid Colors, Splatter,  Sports, Spring, Squares, Stars, Striped, Summer, Swirls, Table Background, Thanksgiving, Tiny, Valentines Day, Vintage, Western.

Almost all friendster layouts added on the archive of the site are contribution of the friendster users who are members of this site. There are also other friendster layouts added that are designed by those webmasters who want to gain backlinks from friendster profiles to their websites. And I guess, there thousands of friendster layouts published on this website.

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Friendster Layouts Org

Friendster Layouts. The best collection of friendster layouts around. Over 1000 layouts.” This is the slogan of the Friendster Layouts Org. Just like the Friendster Layouts Com that we reviewed previously, Friendster Layouts Org is another website that offers thousands of style, layouts, graphics or design for the friendster (freindster) profiles.

Friendster Layouts Org has these categories. The name of the category simply describes all the friendster layouts that fall under the particular category. For example, if you are looking for friendster layouts that are customized with graphics of cars, then just browse the “Car Layouts” category.

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