Honesty is the Best Policy

Every time I visit my wife in the school where she teaches, I am always struck by the signage posted which reads:  “Honesty is the Best Policy.”. I was struck by this, not in the sense that I am not honest (although there were times that I was not), but in the extent of practicing such value by professionals manning the public school.

About the Signage that reads: “Honesty is the Best Policy”

You can find such kind of signage in every school, or perhaps in every classroom and office of a public school, because the House of Congress of the Republic of the Philippines, through its Resolution 292 which was adopted by the House of Congress on September 5, 2012, urged the Department of Education to post it in classrooms and offices of the department.

The said resolution was disseminated by the DepEd through its Memorandum number 180, series of 2012, and is implemented throughout the country by the schools’ management.

The Purpose of the Signage that reads: “Honesty is the Best Policy”

The very purpose of the signage is to promote values development. The signage inculcates the minds of the youth for them to become conscientious and upright citizen, practicing such values through their adult life.

In other words, the Philippine government wants its citizens to become honest in every way. But learning to become honest should start (actually at home) at school.

Model of the Honesty

While the students should be taught to be honest, letting them practice honesty is tough especially if they see their teachers practicing dishonesty.

Teaching by example is always the best way of helping the students gain such positive values. And teachers are the one who will show the students, how to do the things that they should learn. If we want the students to learn to be honest, then teachers should show them how. Teachers should strive to avoid showing the students of their dishonesties.

There are many ways teachers could show dishonesty to their pupils or students. Few of them are done through:

(1) Telling Lies or Defamation

There are people who are fond of telling false stories about the lives of other people. This kind of lie is always the content of the gossips they’re talking about.

The thing is, I saw teachers grouped themselves in a corner while their students were playing inside their classrooms, and they’re talking about the lives of their co-teachers.

(2) Deception

There are teachers who try to teach their pupils the opposite of what they are doing.

For example:

When a student shouted cursing words at the teacher, the teacher scolded the student telling them not to say any bad words. However, this teacher has been using cursed words as if they are just normal words.

Isn’t it a deception? It is!

You see, the teachers are perceived by the young pupils as perfect, and the right ones. Young pupils tend to tell their parents that the teachers are the correct ones over them.

So, if a teacher who is fond of saying cursed words tells his pupil not to say any of these words, then he is likely just deceiving his pupil.

And how about the deception made by few teachers during the NEAT or NSAT? They tried to replace the slow learners with the bright ones from other, to make sure that no one from those who would take the examination would get a rating below the passing grade.

During our time, teachers tried to leak questionnaires for the NCEE and then during the exam, they distributed leaked answers to the students who were taking the exam. They did this to help their students not just to pass the exam but also to get higher rating for the sake of the school’s reputation.

So, cheating was done to deceive the people and the government.

Anyway, NEAT and NSAT, even the NCEE were already abolished by the government in 2001 and 1994, respectively.

(3) Cheating

There was a time when I noticed that my wife was trying to change the entries on her DTR (Daily Time Record) with the time that was different to what was recorded on the Log Book. When I asked her why she’s doing that, she told me that someone from the district management told her (actually all the volunteers) to do that.

I wonder if those in the management, who instructed their teachers to fabricate the entries on their DTRs, are aware that such act is a way of cheating the government. And telling your subordinates to do such act is like urging them to cheat. And we all know that cheating is a kind of dishonesty.

But that’s not just the case I knew of the cheating happened at school. I also noticed that there are teachers who always arrived late at school, yet in the log book, they arrived on time or before the flag ceremony.

There are also few teachers who were absent in the class due to some personal reasons without filing a Leave of Absence (or without using a credit in service), yet on his DTR, the entries are perfect.

This teacher might reason out by saying: “Okay, it’s true that I am absent a day or two, but the entries on my DTR are perfect. However, I gave that supposed salary, paid to me by the government for those days that I was absent, to the district management for the district’s fund.

Well, my reply to that is this: “It might be true that you gave the supposed salary, paid by the government to you for those days that you were absent, to the district management. However, you need to understand too, that what you did is a cheat. You are cheating the Republic of the Philippines who paid you for your salary by asking the payment for the days that you are not actually working.”

But I returned the money to the government by giving it to the district management,” you would argue.

“Haven’t you remembered that you are not following the policies imposed by the government regarding the issue?  You haven’t actually returned the money to the Republic of the Philippines that paid you such salary. What you did is gave the money to someone or somewhere and it would be spent in some ways that couldn’t be known by the Republic of the Philippines. And so, it’s still cheating or perhaps, a corruption.

(4) Corruption

Corruption of public funds doesn’t only happen at the Local Government Unit (LGU), Congress, Senate and other agencies of the government, but it also happens at school.

In the Senate and the Congress, billions of Pesos from the Pork Barrel have been being exploited with. But at school, there is only small amount of fund from MOOE and GPTA being exploited by dirty hands. But whether the amount is just a single Peso or billions of Peso, as long as it is spent in other ways not acceptable based on the policies imposed by the government, then it’s corruption.

What about those officials from the district, division or from the hierarchy in the DepEd who asked for Lechon, gifts, and cash from the newly hired and promoted teachers? Worst are those (DepEd) officials who received gifts or cash from teacher applicants for the favor of hiring them.  Is it not a way of involving with the graft and corrupt practices? I think, it’s still corruption based on the Republic Act 6713 otherwise known as the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, and/or the Presidential Decree # 46.


Therefore, in order for the signage: “Honesty is the best policy,” become effective on its purpose, the teachers, staffs, and management of every public school should be honest at all times and in any ways. They are the model being look up by the pupils and the students. And they are the ones being followed by younger ones.

May 2013 Midterm Election Result

If the result of SWS survey done on May 2 and May 3 will be the same result on the Election Day on May 13, the candidates listed below will be the winners.

  1. Loren Legarda – NPC/Team PNoy
  2. Alan Peter Cayetano – NP
  3. Maria Lourdes Binay – UNA / Francis Joseph Escudero – Team PNoy
  4. Maria Lourdes Binay – UNA / Francis Joseph Escudero – Team PNoy
  5. Grace Poe-Llamanzares – Team PNoy
  6. Joseph Victor Ejercito – UNA / Cynthia Villar – Team PNoy
  7. Joseph Victor Ejercito – UNA / Cynthia Villar – Team PNoy
  8. Aquilino Martin Pimentel III – Team PNoy
  9. Paolo Benigno Aquino IV – Team PNoy
  10. Sonny Angara – Team PNoy
  11. Antonio Trillanes – Team PNoy
  12. Gregorio Honasan – UNA

If the INC will vote the same people listed above, then I think the result will not change.

Based on the official May 2013 election result, winners are:

  1. Poe-Llamanzares with 20,337,327 votes;
  2. Legarda with 18,661,196 votes;
  3. Cayetano, 17,580,813 votes;
  4. Escudero, 17,502,358;
  5. Binay, 16,812,148;
  6. Angara, 16,005,564 ,
  7. Aquino, 15,534,465;
  8. Pimentel, 14,725,114;
  9. Trillanes, 14,127,722;
  10. Villar, 13,822,854;
  11. Ejercito, 13,684,736; and
  12. Honasan with 13,211,424 votes.


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Philippines Will Assist US in a War Against North Korea

Malacañang offers Philippine bases to the US in case a war between the US and the North Korea happens. A Philippine official said that it was based on the mutual defense treaty or 1951 between the two nations.

In other words, the US can stock its nuclear weaponry here in the Philippines which will later be used against the North Korea or against China, in case China will help the North in the war.

If the US forces is already here in the Philippines, then it will become a new target of the North.

Spies from China

Are the fishermen on board the vessel run aground in Tubbataha reef spies send by the Chinese government to the Philippines? The Philippine government spokesman said that authorities are still investigating whether those men are real fishermen or fake fishermen send by the Chinese government to be spies who will send back information about the US and Philippine forces exercises held here in the Philippines.

It is said that it’s hard to accuse these Chinese men of spying, but there is a possibility that the speculation is true, considering that the Philippine forces are preparing for against the China’s invasion in the islands and islets in the West Philippine Sea.

The held men told the investigating authorities that they wandered into the Philippine territory, an argument that cannot be easily believed because their vessels is a fishing vessel type which is equipped with essential fishing and navigation instruments that would tell them their position or location. Besides, authorities observed these intruders like military men based on their postures.

Currently, the men were charged with illegal pouching and bribery.

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Who Killed Ernest Lucas Jr?

The wikileaks recently published a supposed classified communication by the then US Ambassador to the Philippines William H. Sullivan about the killing of the son of a navy captain, Ernest Lucas Jr, during the time of the then Secretary of Defense of the Marcos Era, Juan Ponce Enrile.

The suspects of such crime were Juan Ponce “Jack” Enrile Jr and his body guard, a certain Sergeant Danilo Cruz, the crimed happened on the night of September 25, 1975.

Wait, Danny Sullivan, editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land blog, is not involved in this story.

According to the leaked communication, the chief prosecutor Nocor determined that Jack Enrile would not be charged of homicide over the death of Lucas, but only his body guard, Sgt. Cruz. But it was noted that the recommendation of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) was that a case should be filed against Enrile too, who was 19-year-old at that time.

Sullivan said:

“… strength of rumors may be related to fact that we have received fairly firm indications that Enrile’s son may be charged. NBI sources have completed their investigation and have indicated to us that both the enrile boy and his bodyguard are liable to prosecution.” (source)

Sullivan added that “NBI sources have told us unequivocally, and contrary to secretary Enrile’s assurances to Ambassador (Reftel), that Enrile’s son did the shooting.” (ibid.)

Jack Enrile, who is currently running for Senator this May Midterm Election, denied that he was involved in the killing. He admitted that the killing was accidental when his bodyguard shoot Lucas during a party.

So, who really killed Ernest Lucas Jr?

In a report, certain Fr. Robert Reyes, an uncle of the victim revealed that witnesses told him that it was Jack himself who did the killing which was the result of arguments after Jack found out that Ernest attended an exclusive party for Ateneans. Jack allegedly got the pistol of his bodyguard and shoot Ernest in between his eyes.

Jack Enrile’s version revealed that he was just trying to calm down Ernest who was drunk at that time. When Ernest tried to attack Jack, a gun was fired. At first he thought that he was the one who was hit by the shooting, but he realized that it was Ernest and the one who shoot him was his bodyguard.

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April 2013 Argentina Flash Flood and Around the World

Heavy rains brought by the storm that hit Argentina raised the water level in streets of La Plata and Buenos Aires submerging cars and sending people onto the roofs of their houses, Tuesday night April 2, 2013.

People stayed on the roof getting wet while waiting for the rescue or for the water to subside.

The rising of the water was so sudden that people inside their cars were drowned and some of those walking in the streets. According to some witnesses, the water was coming out of the drains and canals.

Dead bodies began to appear when the water subsided.

According authorities, at least 54 people were killed by the flash flood. At least 44 fatalities were from La Plata.

The government has declared three days of national mourning starting Wednesday.

On the other part of the world, 11 people were killed when flash flood hit Mauritius after experiencing heavy rains on Saturday, March 30, 2013 based on the report of the L’Express de Maurice. The national day of mourning was declared by the government on Monday, April 1, 2013.

Good Friday Landslide in Tibet China

In the Philippines, Catholics believe that on Good Friday, God is dead and people should be careful and should avoid working on things that oftentimes lead to accident like driving car, carpentry jobs, sea swimming or beach party, and other activities utilizing sharpen utensils, devices and equipment.  Once an accident happened to you during that day, people would immediately tell you that it happened because the devil made it to happen because Good Friday is the day of evil while God is still dead.

Is the landslide that buried 83 miners in Tibet a work of evil during Good Friday?

It was reported that on Friday, March 29, 2013, a portion of the mountain in Tibet, particularly Gyama village in Maizhokunggar county collapsed with mud, rocks and debris swept through a mine buried the 83 miners on their camp, while 1 miner escaped the tragedy as he was away from the camp to buy tents. ABC News reported that about 4 square kilometers of area was covered by the landslide.

Rescuers found already 17 bodies. At first rescuers use their bare hands in digging debris while heavy equipments are still transported to the site which is 4,600 meters above sea level.

The miners are working for Huatailong Mining Development which is part of the China National Gold Group Corporation.

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State of War Declaration by the North Korea against the South

On Friday, North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un ordered to aim their ballistic missiles to their targets in the US and its bases in the Pacific including South Korea, and set them on standby but ready to launch mode. It’s like telling the US that even if the North K is not as powerful as the US, but it is not coward guy as the West thought, and it’s ready to face the nuclear giant.

The US replied North Korea by sending two of its stealth nuclear bomber to fly low and dropped a dummy bomb to the South Korean bombing range, as if saying: “He North K, I am capable of flying low while carrying my nuke but your radars even how advance are them couldn’t detect me, and see… I drop my dummy bomb and you haven’t noticed me. You’re trying to compare yourself to David who faced Goliath bravely, yet you are not as strong and wise as David.

Felt insult with what the US did, the North declared a state of war against the South and any provocation will result to a nuclear retaliation.

As of writing this journal, I have not heard yet the response of the South and its major ally, the US. But Russia warned any of the country to avoid further steps that would provoke the North to avoid the nuclear war.

If ever a nuclear war would happen, would it become the third world war? But I am sure that that would become the first nuclear war. Considering the use of nuclear bombs, we will be expecting that the South and North Korea would later be looked like hell.

Good Friday Ritual in Butuan City Disrupted

The observance of Good Friday by the Catholics is not as peaceful as everyone expected.


Of the Philippine population of more than 90 million, 80 percent of it are members of the Roman Catholic Church while the remaining part of the population are Muslims, and members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, Protestant and Evangelical Churches, Church of Christ in Latter Days Saints, and other minority Christian Churches. In other words, eighty percent of the population are expected part of the observance of the Holy Week by the Roman Catholic Church.

Reported Attack in Butuan City

It was reported that while Catholics participated in a Good Friday ritual (station of the cross) in the mountainous area of Sitio Iyao, in Barangay Anticala, Butuan City, alleged communist armed forces fired at the government forces killing at least 2 CAFGU members.

Devotees suffered bruises and scratches as they run for their safety during the gun fires. They were immediately secured by the military forces and were brought home by the local government through its dump trucks.

The two fatalities are identified as:

  1. Ariel Andohoyan
  2. Ernie Darafil

The NPA (communist rebel forces), however, said that the Friday’s incident is not part of their operation. On Friday, they are celebrating their 44th founding anniversary.

It was perceived that NPA or the members of the communist party of the Philippines do not believe in God and in Religion.

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Warren Rodwell

Warren Rodwell is an Australian former soldier who lived in the Philippines, particularly in Ipil town in Zamboanga, with his Filipina wife, Miraflor Gutang. He was kidnapped by the Abu Sayyaf militants from his home in Ipil and brought him Basilan, in militants’ hideouts in jungle of Southern part of Mindanao while negotiating for his release in exchange of ransom.

The kidnappers initially asked US$2 million from Rodwell’s family as ransom or else he would be killed and beheaded, just as what they did to other victims.

When the Vice Governor of Basilan, Al Rashid Sakalahul, set in as negotiator, the militant group lowered their demand to US$400,000.

The Australian government refused to pay the ransom to save its citizens from the same fate of Rodwell because lawless people might think that Australia is ready to pay for the ransom of any of its citizens. However, the family of Rodwell raised money by themselves which was used for the ransom.

During the final negotiation through the help of Al Rashid Sakalahul, the kidnappers accepted less than US$100,000 (in Philippine currency) for his release.

On Saturday morning, March 23, 2013, the kidnappers released Rodwell in Pagadian City fisheries building and called the negotiator immediately about it, which in turn called the military and police. He was first noticed by a civilian named, Nathaniel Tampos, walking in the seaport area. He was then brought to a nearby police station. Later he was brought to Pagadian City police station. Then he was transported to Zamboanga City, at a military hospital for check-up and treatment.

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Roman Catholic Cardinal in Scotland, Admits Guilty of Sexual Misconduct

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the head of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland since 1985, admitted Sunday March 3, 2013 that he committed sexual misconduct and assures the public that he will not be attending the Conclave to elect the new Pope.

In a statement, he said, “I wish to take this opportunity to admit that there have been times that my sexual conduct has fallen below the standards expected of me as a priest, archbishop and cardinal.”

His acknowledgment of being guilty of the sexual misconduct follows the sexual accusation made by three priests and a former priest from diocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh, where the he is the Archbishop, against him. The complaints are already submitted to the office of Nuncio Antonio Mennini, the Vatican’s ambassador to Britain, and are already forwarded to the Vatican before the Pope resigned.

The complaining priests revealed in their complaints that the Cardinal had sexual contact with them in different occasions.