Metro Manila (Philippines) Flood August 2012 Photos


Can you please send us photos of the flooded area in Metro Manila and nearby towns. Thanks.


I have here few collections of the photos taken from areas in Metro Manila and other surrounding areas affected by the August 2012 flood (Streets, Underpass, River, NLEX, SLEX, and others).

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Rylands Hall – SELaplana

Rylands Hall is now owned by the Iglesia Ni Cristo. The hall will be returned to its original use as a church (worship building) after it was being converted into a multi-office building.

The INC paid the Leck Group of £750,000 for the property.


John Rylands, a textile magnate, sponsored the building of this hall for the Union Church for Congregationalists in 1867. It is first called as Union Baptist Chapel.

In 1980s, it was converted into Rylands Hall and was used by St Vincent’s Housing Association as its office.

Now an INC Property

According to a Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, the Rylands Hall will be used as the place of worship for the members of the INC’s local congregation of Manchester, District of Northern Europe, past of it  as residential accommodation, and ancillary offices.

About the Rylands Hall

The Rylands Hall is located in Edge Lane, Stretford. It is a 7,378 sq. ft. building.

Rylands Hall Photo

Photo credit: