SSS New Text-SSS Service – SELaplana

Share It can be a good news to the SSS members who want to inquire the SSS system about their loan eligibility and load balance and also the number of contributions because SSS has launched its new Text-SSS service wherein members can inquire the SSS system by simply texting to the Text-SSS number. To start … Continue reading “SSS New Text-SSS Service – SELaplana”

Philippines SSS (Social Security System) Website Registration

SSS Website Registration FAQs Source: SSS Website Registration FAQS published by SSS (Social Security System) What is the purpose of online registration in the SSS website? The main purpose of online registration is to ensure information security and to prevent identity theft. This is in accordance with Section 24 (c) of the SS Law, which … Continue reading “Philippines SSS (Social Security System) Website Registration”

SSS Sickness Benefits

This information is directly copied from the SSS. What is the sickness benefit? The sickness benefit is a daily cash allowance paid for the number of days a member is unable to work due to sickness or injury. How does an SSS member qualify for the sickness benefit? A member is qualified to avail of … Continue reading “SSS Sickness Benefits”

How to Avail SSS Maternity Benefits?

Table of Content What are the qualifications for entitlement to the maternity benefit? Is the voluntary or self-employed member also entitled to the maternity benefit? How much is the maternity benefit? How is the maternity benefit computed? How many deliveries are covered under existing laws? Can a member apply for sickness benefit if she has … Continue reading “How to Avail SSS Maternity Benefits?”

The Blog Bank, Make Money by Blogging

What is Blog Bank? Blog Bank is a network of Filipino bloggers who make money through their blogs by contributing the number of impressions of certain ads. The BlogBank is a cooperative effort to provide simple, cost–effective internet advertising through the most influential aspect of the web: the blogs! (source) To understand how it works, … Continue reading “The Blog Bank, Make Money by Blogging”