How to check my SSS contributions?

Question: How to check my SSS Contribution? Answer: There are two ways you can do to check for your SSS contribution, whether you missed to pay contribution for months or your employer did not remit your SSS contribution. At the SSS Office Visit the nearest SSS branch and ask them an update of your SSS … Continue reading “How to check my SSS contributions?”

Philippines SSS (Social Security System) Website Registration

SSS Website Registration FAQs Source: SSS Website Registration FAQS published by SSS (Social Security System) What is the purpose of online registration in the SSS website? The main purpose of online registration is to ensure information security and to prevent identity theft. This is in accordance with Section 24 (c) of the SS Law, which … Continue reading “Philippines SSS (Social Security System) Website Registration”

Alexa Ranking, Drops?

I received hundreds of emails everyday. Most of the senders asked me to send them scandalous materials. They thought that I have those materials just because I posted a Pinay Scandal post. There are others who asked me some help regarding their SSS and GSIS accounts. And of course there are lots of emails sent … Continue reading “Alexa Ranking, Drops?”