Why Family Matters And how can we make it strong and secure – SELaplana

Share I am trying to write articles that will help you strengthen your own family. However, I have the hard time finishing it. So, instead of sharing you my own article, I rather share you an article written by a Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, Brother┬áRoland A. Aguirre and was published with the Pasugo-God’s … Continue reading “Why Family Matters And how can we make it strong and secure – SELaplana”

On Ted Failon’s Scandal and Coverup

This article is not about Pinay and Pinoy Sex Scandal. It’s not about Technology and Making Money Online. It’s simply my answer to Bendzg’s blogpost, “Ted Failon Scandal and Coverup”. Bendzg is my Kababayan here in Maasin City. I wrote this article not to hurt him but just to share my thoughts on what he … Continue reading “On Ted Failon’s Scandal and Coverup”

Hayden Kho Sued by the NBI

Finally, the NBI filed complaint against Dr. Hayden Kho for the violation of the Republic Act 9262 which known as “Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act”. The complaint is based on the complaint filed by Katrina Halili and by the result of the investigation made by the NBI Anti-Fraud and Computer Fraud Division. So, the … Continue reading “Hayden Kho Sued by the NBI”

Reaction to Mrs Kho’s Message

This evening, the ABS-CBN TV Patrol World interviewed Mrs Kho, the mother of Hayden Kho. The host of the TV Patrol World asked several questions but the mother of Hayden Kho did not answer them directly instead she accused Katrina Halili as the root of the troubles that Hayden Kho is now facing and that … Continue reading “Reaction to Mrs Kho’s Message”

How Do I Choose My Life-Time Partner (Wife) – SELaplana

Share When I was 16-year old, choosing a woman to be my life-time partner or wife based on preferences was not really on my mind. What I was thinking is that, any woman who would love me, whom I loved, and would want to become my wife, can really be my wife. But now, I … Continue reading “How Do I Choose My Life-Time Partner (Wife) – SELaplana”