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Pinoy Scandal Tube

PinoyScandalTube is a combination of three terms Pinoy, Scandal, and Tube. Tube is a conduit. But in internet, tube refers to a website that hosts videos and music. Scandal is a disgraceful materials about personal lives,. Pinoy is simply the name used to call Filipino or citizens of the Philippines. Incoming Visitors pinoy tube scandals […]

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February 2013 Marine Engineer Officer Licensure Examination Result

Contents: Introduction Top Passers 2nd Marine Top Passers Officer-in-Charge List of Passers Chief Marine Engineer Chief Marine Engineer – Practical Free 2nd Marine Engineer 2nd Marine Engineer – Practical Free Officer-in-charge Officer-in-charge – Practical Free Upgrading Approved The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announces that 26 out of 43 passed the CHIEF MARINE ENGINEER OFFICERS LICENSURE EXAMINATION, […]

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