Pinay Scandal – Pinay Sex Scandal – Pinay Celebrity Scandal

Introduction I was recently studying how webmasters SEO’ed (optimized for the search engines) their p*** websites. I was wondering what have they done to make those websites top the search engines results in searches of the terms like “pinay scandal“, “pinay sex scandal“, “pinay celebrity scandal” and other related searches. Looking for Angel Locsin’s Camel … Continue reading “Pinay Scandal – Pinay Sex Scandal – Pinay Celebrity Scandal”

Pinay Video (Vedio)

Introduction The original title of this article is “Pinay Sx Video, An Experiment” as reflected on the URL of this post. I changed it to the above title hoping that ads served by Googel will show up. When I first posted this article, ads related to video and movies were being displayed by Google. But … Continue reading “Pinay Video (Vedio)”

John Lloyd – Ruffa Gutierrez Scandal

Ruffa Gutierrez and John Lloyd Cruz were in the US with their own different purposes. Ruffa celebrated her birthday in the US while John Lloyd went there for the Star Magic World Tour. However, they’re both seen checking in a hotel in Beverly Hills, as shown on the photo posted at Pinoy Parazzi: This afternoon … Continue reading “John Lloyd – Ruffa Gutierrez Scandal”