June – July 2012 NLE – Nurses Edusma to Garcia

Table of Contents June – July 2012 Nurse Licensure Examination Result Page Announcement: Oathtaking, Registration Top Passers Nurses Nurses – Ababa to Aragon Nurses – Aragon to Bergonia Nurses – Bergonio to Cardinal Nurses – Cardines to Darcera Nurses – Darcio to Edurese Nurses – Edusma to Garcia Nurses – Garcia to Joaquin Nurses Garcia … Continue reading “June – July 2012 NLE – Nurses Edusma to Garcia”

Karen Tracy Vitug – SELaplana

Share Karen Tracy Vitug became popular after the video of the Cebu Pacific’s dancing Flight Attendants was uploaded to the popular video sharing website, Youtube. The video was taken by a passenger during their safety demonstration to the passengers of a certain flight of the Cebu Pacific. Watch the video below: She was  the first … Continue reading “Karen Tracy Vitug – SELaplana”

How To Download Pinoy Movies at Youtube?

I just wonder if there are Pinoy Movies or Filipino Movies uploaded in Youtube. But just in case there are Pinoy Movies in Youtube, then I guess, you can download them into your computer. But how? Of course, first you need to find the page in youtube where you can play the Pinoy movie you … Continue reading “How To Download Pinoy Movies at Youtube?”

Sharon Cuneta, No KC Sex Videos

Sharon Cuneta finally talked about the KC Conception sex video. According to her, she was shocked upon learning the gossip but finally laughed about it because it’s not possible for KC to have that. It’s not even true that the Megastar paid 20 million pesos just to stop the spread of the sex videos. She … Continue reading “Sharon Cuneta, No KC Sex Videos”

Pinoy Bloggers Updates

Donnalyn Bartolome. Click Here. This is my first attempt of collecting thoughts from the blogs owned by Filipinos. I am still experimenting on this method and I am still in the process of learning how to write article that covers almost anything. It’s like “uncovering the glass frog, ‘E.T.-like’ salamander” which was the result of … Continue reading “Pinoy Bloggers Updates”

Ako Tube Pinay Scandal

Few internet users came into this blog after searching for akotube.com. I know why these people are searching for the “Ako Tube”. These people are either perverts or just want to know what’s happening in the world of Pinay Scandal. AkoTube is actually a copy-cut of Youtube.com. The website contains hundreds of uploaded video clip … Continue reading “Ako Tube Pinay Scandal”

Pinoy Scandal Tube

PinoyScandalTube is a combination of three terms Pinoy, Scandal, and Tube. Tube is a conduit. But in internet, tube refers to a website that hosts videos and music. Scandal is a disgraceful materials about personal lives,. Pinoy is simply the name used to call Filipino or citizens of the Philippines. Incoming Visitors pinoy tube scandals … Continue reading “Pinoy Scandal Tube”

Pinay Scandal, Where in the SERP?

I always check the rank of my Pinay Scandal post in Google search result pages when searching for “P!nay Scandal”. I started checking the first page of the SERPages to the 10th page but it’s not included on the list of the pages related to “P!nay Scandal”. What’s wrong with it? Is it penalized by … Continue reading “Pinay Scandal, Where in the SERP?”