Disgraced by Sex Scandal, Ted Haggard Start New Church – SELaplana

Ted Haggard was known as the founder of the New Life Church. The New Life church started as a small church and Ted Haggard was its Pastor (1985). But time came and the little church became the megachurch and then Pastor Ted Haggard became the President of the National Association of Evangelicals. But in 2006, … Continue reading “Disgraced by Sex Scandal, Ted Haggard Start New Church – SELaplana”

Saudi Arabia Closed TV Station due to Sex Scandal – SELaplana

Share In Saudi Arabia, if you are involved in any sexual immoralities, you are quiet about it avoiding the authorities to learn about it. It just happened that 32-year-old Mazen Abdul Jawad is not one of those who keep quiet of the scandal. The interview regarding his sexual adventure in the Muslim Kingdom made and … Continue reading “Saudi Arabia Closed TV Station due to Sex Scandal – SELaplana”

Sex Scandal at Oprah’s School

April 1, 2009 – Got this news earlier about the sex scandal in Oprah Winfrey’s School, “Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls”, in South Africa. It was reported that 7 of the pupils are now facing suspension for sexually harassing other girls in the school. Obviously, all these pupils are girls. And it was even … Continue reading “Sex Scandal at Oprah’s School”

Criselda Volks Sex Scandal

December 2008 – I don’t know who Criselda Volks is. It is said that Criselda Volks is a sexy artist but I am not pond of watching sexy movies. In the November 2008 version of the SunStar News, it was reported that Criselda Volks admitted that the Sex Vedio leaked to the internet was her … Continue reading “Criselda Volks Sex Scandal”

Pinay Scandal – Pinay Sex Scandal – Pinay Celebrity Scandal

Introduction I was recently studying how webmasters SEO’ed (optimized for the search engines) their p*** websites. I was wondering what have they done to make those websites top the search engines results in searches of the terms like “pinay scandal“, “pinay sex scandal“, “pinay celebrity scandal” and other related searches. Looking for Angel Locsin’s Camel … Continue reading “Pinay Scandal – Pinay Sex Scandal – Pinay Celebrity Scandal”

Kanye West Sex Tape Scandal

September 26, 2012 Last week, a sex tape of Kanye West has circulated in the internet. The sex tape is said to be stolen from Kanye West’s computer by unknown hackers. His legal team is already on the hunt of those who possess it, share it and display it. Kanye West’s partner as shown on … Continue reading “Kanye West Sex Tape Scandal”

Oprah Winfrey’s School for Girls Scandal

The latest scandal that rocked the school was when authorities discovered a dead newborn baby in a bag brought by a 17-year old girl, a student of Oprah Winfrey’s school, on Wednesday into the hospital where she was treated for excessive bleeding. Authorities believed that the girl delivered the baby inside the school. The girl … Continue reading “Oprah Winfrey’s School for Girls Scandal”

US Airport’s Naked Scanner Scandal – SELaplana

Share There’s actually no scandal here. But got here questions: Are you travelling in and out of the US? If yes, how often? So, I’m sure that you went through this “Naked Scanner” installed at 65 airports in the US. If you haven’t experienced passing through a naked scanner, then probably this Christmas season, if … Continue reading “US Airport’s Naked Scanner Scandal – SELaplana”

HP’s CEO, Mark Hurd, Scandal

Mark Hurd 53, the chief executive officer of the Hewlett-Packard Co. since 2005, has stepped down after an investigation over the sexual harassment accusation against him. A woman who was involved in the marketing activities of HP since late 2007 to the fall of 2009 accused Mr. Mark Hurd of sexual harassment. This accusation has … Continue reading “HP’s CEO, Mark Hurd, Scandal”