How To Get SSS Employee Static Information?

Subscribers of this blog, “SELaplana“, asked me how to get the SSS employee Static Information. Getting SSS Employee Static Information Here’s how you can get the SSS Employee Static Information: 1) Visit the SSS office The surest and easiest way to acquire copy of the SSS Employee static Information is to visit the nearest SSS … Continue reading “How To Get SSS Employee Static Information?”

SSS New Text-SSS Service – SELaplana

Share It can be a good news to the SSS members who want to inquire the SSS system about their loan eligibility and load balance and also the number of contributions because SSS has launched its new Text-SSS service wherein members can inquire the SSS system by simply texting to the Text-SSS number. To start … Continue reading “SSS New Text-SSS Service – SELaplana”

How Can I Get SSS Static Information in Internet?

Question: How can I get the SSS static information in the internet? Answer: Getting SSS static information is already made available by the SSS through the internet not by their offices. If you’ll ask this at their office, they’ll tell you to get it through the SSS Online Inquiry system. To learn how, please read … Continue reading “How Can I Get SSS Static Information in Internet?”

Philippines SSS (Social Security System) Website Registration

SSS Website Registration FAQs Source: SSS Website Registration FAQS published by SSS (Social Security System) What is the purpose of online registration in the SSS website? The main purpose of online registration is to ensure information security and to prevent identity theft. This is in accordance with Section 24 (c) of the SS Law, which … Continue reading “Philippines SSS (Social Security System) Website Registration”

SSS Philippines Online Inquiry

For the SSS Online Inquiry, just login here. Check also the guide on how to get SSS Employee Static Information. But you should be aware of the problem of the SSS Gov PH Website. Here’s the list of the few comments of the SSS members who want to check for their SSS account: causaren on … Continue reading “SSS Philippines Online Inquiry”

How to Check if my Employer Remit My SSS Contribution?

You have two options to do: Step 1: Visit the SSS (Social Security System – Philippines) office near you and ask the personnel inside the SSS office to check your SSS account. The SSS personnel will tell you if your employer remit your SSS contribution. Step 2: Visit the official website of the SSS Philippines. … Continue reading “How to Check if my Employer Remit My SSS Contribution?”

SSS For Retirement and Other Benefits

I was already member of the Social Security System since 1999 but I failed to pay the monthly dues. My aunt who recently celebrated her 60th birthday anniversary and considered herself a member of the bay area retirement community encouraged me to actively pay my obligation to the Social Security Service to make sure that … Continue reading “SSS For Retirement and Other Benefits” security

I understand that you are trying to open the SSS or Social Security System official website. You can directly visit the site here. If you want to check your contribution and other information through the SSS Online Inquiry System, then go here. Or maybe you want to get a copy of your “Employee Static Information”, … Continue reading “ security”