Philippines Porn Video From Cellphone

Porn Video recorded through cellphones became the favorite of those Pinoy’s who are fun of watching sex videos. When I went to Baclaran near the Baclaran Catholic Church, lot of Muslim vendors were selling DVDs and CDs of porn videos popularly called as Scandals and most of them were recorded by Camera Cellphones. Some of … Continue reading “Philippines Porn Video From Cellphone”

Pinoy Bloggers Updates

Donnalyn Bartolome. Click Here. This is my first attempt of collecting thoughts from the blogs owned by Filipinos. I am still experimenting on this method and I am still in the process of learning how to write article that covers almost anything. It’s like “uncovering the glass frog, ‘E.T.-like’ salamander” which was the result of … Continue reading “Pinoy Bloggers Updates”

Katrina Halili Nude, Bait by Hackers

No doubt, the Katrina Halili Sex Scandal is really popular. It was reported by the TrendMicro that the Katrina Halili scandal material has been used as bait in 2 US government websites in distributing the hackers’ malware. These websites are injected with malicious codes which is masked as link to the Katrina Halili sex videos. … Continue reading “Katrina Halili Nude, Bait by Hackers”

Pinay Video (Vedio)

Introduction The original title of this article is “Pinay Sx Video, An Experiment” as reflected on the URL of this post. I changed it to the above title hoping that ads served by Googel will show up. When I first posted this article, ads related to video and movies were being displayed by Google. But … Continue reading “Pinay Video (Vedio)”