Sharon Cuneta, No KC Sex Videos

Sharon Cuneta finally talked about the KC Conception sex video. According to her, she was shocked upon learning the gossip but finally laughed about it because it’s not possible for KC to have that. It’s not even true that the Megastar paid 20 million pesos just to stop the spread of the sex videos. She … Continue reading “Sharon Cuneta, No KC Sex Videos”

Ako Tube Pinay Scandal

Few internet users came into this blog after searching for I know why these people are searching for the “Ako Tube”. These people are either perverts or just want to know what’s happening in the world of Pinay Scandal. AkoTube is actually a copy-cut of The website contains hundreds of uploaded video clip … Continue reading “Ako Tube Pinay Scandal”

Criselda Volks Sex Scandal

December 2008 – I don’t know who Criselda Volks is. It is said that Criselda Volks is a sexy artist but I am not pond of watching sexy movies. In the November 2008 version of the SunStar News, it was reported that Criselda Volks admitted that the Sex Vedio leaked to the internet was her … Continue reading “Criselda Volks Sex Scandal”

Psy’s Gangnam Style

The video below was taken during the 2012 iHeart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas where Psy, a South Korean Pop Star, performed the “Gangnam Style” in front of iHeart Radio fans who love to dance with his music. Psy Performing his “Gangnam Style” courtesy by Youtube  The “Gangnam Style” is a K-Pop (rap-dance) music … Continue reading “Psy’s Gangnam Style”

December 2011 Nurse Licensure Examination – Corpuz (Rino) to Deyto (Maria) Result

Roll of Successful Examinees in the NURSE LICENSURE EXAMINATION – All Regions Held on DECEMBER 18 & 19, 2011 Released on FEBRUARY 15, 2012 Page:122 of 457 Seq. No. N a m e 6001 CORPUZ, RINO JOHN DEGUILMO 6002 CORPUZ, SHIELA ANN DEL ROSARIO 6003 CORRAL, HERACLEO BERNARDO MOLLASGO 6004 CORRALES, NIKKO AL CASTILLO 6005 … Continue reading “December 2011 Nurse Licensure Examination – Corpuz (Rino) to Deyto (Maria) Result”


Got here some thoughts to learn about. I guess you’ve heard the word “Jizz” already because a youtube variant website called “You Jizz” is popular among guys. So, what’s Jizz actually mean? Let’s just talk the about the English term “Jizz”. I know Jizz is not just an English word. The Wiktionary defined it as: … Continue reading “YouJizz”

Iglesia Ni Cristo vs Seventh Day Adventist Debate

Blog’s Visitors’ Question: I was searching the internet for the video of the recently held debate of the Iglesia ni Cristo represented by Mr. Jose Ventilacion and the Seventh Day Adventist Church or Sabadista represented by Mr. Thomson when I accidentally visited your website. In a certain page about you, I learned that you are … Continue reading “Iglesia Ni Cristo vs Seventh Day Adventist Debate”

Krista Ranillo – Manny Pacquiao Scandal

Before Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto met in the boxing ring at MGM Arena in Las Vegas, rumor of the private affair of Manny Pacquiao with sexy actress Krista Ranillo has been buzzing already not only in prints, radio and television but also in the internet. Some consider this merely as “intriga” or “tsismis” but … Continue reading “Krista Ranillo – Manny Pacquiao Scandal”