Is Your Daughter a Hyper-texter? – SELaplana

Share After reading the title of this post, you might tell me: So what if my daughter is hyper-texter texting hundreds of text messages to someone I don’t know? What’s wrong with texting? image source: If your kid is a hyper-texter, most likely your kid is not a virgin anymore. This is true if … Continue reading “Is Your Daughter a Hyper-texter? – SELaplana”

How Do I Choose My Life-Time Partner (Wife) – SELaplana

Share When I was 16-year old, choosing a woman to be my life-time partner or wife based on preferences was not really on my mind. What I was thinking is that, any woman who would love me, whom I loved, and would want to become my wife, can really be my wife. But now, I … Continue reading “How Do I Choose My Life-Time Partner (Wife) – SELaplana”