Is Your Daughter a Hyper-texter? – SELaplana

Share After reading the title of this post, you might tell me: So what if my daughter is hyper-texter texting hundreds of text messages to someone I don’t know? What’s wrong with texting? image source: If your kid is a hyper-texter, most likely your kid is not a virgin anymore. This is true if … Continue reading “Is Your Daughter a Hyper-texter? – SELaplana”

4 Ways How A Student Make Money Online To Fund His Studies

Author: Fred Gonzales You might be struggling in looking for ways to earn money that should be used to fund your college studies. If you’re eager enough to find job for students, I think, you can get one. And one of these ways is by making money online. I have here 4 ideas or ways … Continue reading “4 Ways How A Student Make Money Online To Fund His Studies”

Examine Your Self – Time To Make Money Online?

Subscriber’s Question: I accidentally visited your site by following links from my Facebook. And yes, you’re my friend in Facebook although I don’t know you. My concern is that I’m currently jobless. After graduation, I got a job in the mall. But recently, my contract ended and I needed to find another job. After reading … Continue reading “Examine Your Self – Time To Make Money Online?”

6 Blogging Books That Might Help You Succeed In Blogging – SELaplana

The Peso – Dollar exchange rate is continuously diving, right? I am not really sure if it’s caused by the weakening of the USD or because our Philippine Peso became stronger. And it really alarms everyone of us, especially those who are earning Dollars. Sassy Lawyer was even asking herself and her readers if it’s … Continue reading “6 Blogging Books That Might Help You Succeed In Blogging – SELaplana”

Will Blogging Really Make You Rich?

When people heard some testimonies of bloggers who became rich by just blogging, they immediately put their own blogs up and started blogging because they want also to become rich like those who told them. But then, after several months, these bloggers are lost on the Blogosphere. If you’ll ask them what the reason is … Continue reading “Will Blogging Really Make You Rich?”

If You Were Me – Korean Movie – English DVD

Commissioned by South Korea’s National Human Rights Commission, If You Were Me is an innovative omnibus film project to promote tolerance and human rights and shed light on the hardships disadvantaged people face in Korea. After the success of the first anthology, a second series, If You Were Me 2, was released this year. Five … Continue reading “If You Were Me – Korean Movie – English DVD”

College Students on Adsense – SELaplana

Share GAdsense of Digital Point Forumst asked the members of the forums who are still in College and the same time working for the Adsense. I am curious to know that how many students here working on adsense and studying too and Does it effect on your studies? A very bright question and If it … Continue reading “College Students on Adsense – SELaplana”

Maximize Your Earning – SELaplana

Can Google AdSense Help My Affiliate Programs? By Bill Jason If you are looking for business opportunities, affiliate programs are all the rage today. Simply typing affiliate programs into any search engine will yield a multitude of results with links to websites offering various affiliate programs, promising anything from instant riches to long time financial … Continue reading “Maximize Your Earning – SELaplana”