Jovit Baldivino – Faithfully – Pilipinas Got Talent – Youtube Video

I admit that I haven’t heard the song of Journey, “Faithfully”, until I watched Jovit Baldivino sang it at the Pilipinas Got Talent audition. I love the song. I love it not just because of the lyrics and tune but also because Jovit sang it beautifully and heartily. Here’s the youtube video of Jovit while … Continue reading “Jovit Baldivino – Faithfully – Pilipinas Got Talent – Youtube Video”

Carrie by Jovit Baldivino – Youtube Video of Pilipinas Got Talent

I was touched by the “Faithfully” of Jovit Baldivino during the Pilipinas Got Talent audition. Now, I was more touched by the Semi-final song of Jovit which is the “Carrie”. Jovit by the way got 80% of the total votes and received the standing ovation from the 3 judges and audience. Here’s the youtube video … Continue reading “Carrie by Jovit Baldivino – Youtube Video of Pilipinas Got Talent”

Important Suggestions That You Can Use to Download Videos From YouTube – SELaplana

Share Author: Amanda K Eaddy One of the most popular video websites that is operating on the internet these days is YouTube. This website was launched in 2005, and it has gained immensity to date. People use this website to upload, download and share videos. It contains videos of cartoons, songs, movies, trailers, sport clips … Continue reading “Important Suggestions That You Can Use to Download Videos From YouTube – SELaplana”

How To Download Pinoy Movies at Youtube?

I just wonder if there are Pinoy Movies or Filipino Movies uploaded in Youtube. But just in case there are Pinoy Movies in Youtube, then I guess, you can download them into your computer. But how? Of course, first you need to find the page in youtube where you can play the Pinoy movie you … Continue reading “How To Download Pinoy Movies at Youtube?”

Youtube Funny Video: Funny Manny Pacquiao Interviewed

Laughter is the best medicine, right? And so, I want to share you a Youtube Funny Video that will not only make you smile but will really make you laugh out loud. This Youtube Funny Video is actually an interview with Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao by Matt Iseman for a TV show (I think) before Manny’s … Continue reading “Youtube Funny Video: Funny Manny Pacquiao Interviewed”

Manny Wants To Fight Floyd Mayweather Jr – Youtube Video – SELaplana

Share After Manny Pacquiao won the boxing fight against Miguel Cotto and rewriting the history of boxing, challenged Pacquiao to fight against him by saying: Tell Manny Pacquiao to be his own man and stop letting everyone including his loud-mouthed trainer, talk for him. If Manny Pacquiao wants to fight me, all he has to … Continue reading “Manny Wants To Fight Floyd Mayweather Jr – Youtube Video – SELaplana”

How To Download Videos From Youtube?

Downloading videos from Youtube is actually against Youtube’s terms and condition and Youtube doesn’t allow its users to do it. If you want to share videos to your friends, Youtube only gives you the URL or you can embed the video into your blog, email or website. But I understand that you really want to … Continue reading “How To Download Videos From Youtube?”

Youtube’s Enhancement Experienced

If you haven’t visited yet the Youtube, maybe it’s now time to revisit Youtube again to see and experience some enhancement made to the site and its video player. Alex Chitu, Beet.TV, Kristin Nicole, and Jackson West talk about it. Well, actually I was checking the Youtube today but then I found no changes at … Continue reading “Youtube’s Enhancement Experienced”

Google’s Competitors Alliance Against Youtube

Since the acquisition of the Youtube by Google, lot of problems sprouted against Youtube. Some companies ordered Youtube to take down video uploaded by users (This order actually affected our online viewing of Naruto Shippuuden anime). Some of them sue Google for hosting copyrighted videos at Youtube illegally. Then after these problems, came next is … Continue reading “Google’s Competitors Alliance Against Youtube”

Youtube, Unbanned in Turkey – SELaplana

Share It might be late to comment about the recent news about Youtube in Turkey’s cyberworld, but it’s better late than never comment about it. According to the ABC News, the ban on Youtube in Turkey has been lifted by the local court after they confirmed that the insulting videos (insulted Ataturk, Turkey’s founder) uploaded … Continue reading “Youtube, Unbanned in Turkey – SELaplana”