Little Bride (Sweet 18) – Korean TV Series – English DVD

Little Bride Love is born in the most unlikely ways…

Heartthrob Lee Dong Gun (Lovers in Paris) and rising star Han Ji Hye star in the popular KBS drama Sweet 18, a.k.a Little Bride. Lighthearted and touching, Sweet 18 presents an engaging tale of cross-generation romance and arranged marriage. The sweet pairing and humorous storyline is sure to delight audiences.

The pampered and reckless Yoon Jung Sook (Han Ji Hye) comes from a respectable family that lost its fortunes due to her father’s negligence. The energetic 18-year-old lives life as she sees fit, but everything changes abruptly when one of her usual disco adventures results in her arrest by prosecutor Kwon Hyuk Jun (Lee Dong Gun). Little does she knew, Hyuk Jun is actually her soon-to-be husband! Hyuk Jun’s and Jung Sook’s elders arranged their marriage a long time ago, and they have little choice but to comply. Still a high school student, Hyuk Jun must adjust to life with a husband ten years her senior. Brought together by circumstances beyond their control, the newlywed couple seem to come from two different worlds. Amidst the constant comedic bickering and misunderstandings, they slowly overcome their differences and a seed of love begins to grow…

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If You Were Me 3 – Korean Movie – English Sub DVD – SELaplana

You were meCommissioned by South Korea’s National Human Rights Commission, If You Were Me is an innovative omnibus film project to promote tolerance and human rights and shed light on the hardships disadvantaged people face in Korea. The first and second anthologies in the series, released in 2003 and 2005, invited directors like Park Kwang Su, Park Chan Wook, and Jang Jin to helm short films, and this third installment continues the If You Were Me tradition. Directors Jeong Yun Cheol (Marathon), Kim Hyeon Pil (Wonderful Day), Lee Mi Yeon (L’Abri), Noh Dong Seok (Boys of Tomorrow), Hong Gi Seon (The Road Taken), and Kim Gok and Kim Sun (Capitalist Manifesto: Working Men of All Countries) participated in If You Were Me 3, creating shorts on human rights issues of their choosing, ranging from labor conditions to gay rights to discrimination.

Jeong Yun Cheol’s “Muhammad, The Hermit King” follows a former Thai diving champion now working illegally at a dangerous chemical factory in Korea. Kim Hyeon Pil’s “The Girl Bitten By Mosquito” revolves around an orphan teenage girl struggling to pay the bills and support the household. Noh Dong Seok’s “A Tough Life” addresses racial prejudice with the story of a young Korean man who brings home a girlfriend of African descent. Lee Mi Yeon’s “GaP” humorously pokes fun at unequal labor roles between men and women in marriages. Hong Gi Seon’s “An Ephemeral Life” chronicles the frustrated struggle of a contract worker to get time off to see his hospitalized mother. Kim Gok and Kim Sun’s “Bomb! Bomb! Bomb!” reflects on the blooming friendship between two teens, one of whom is constantly harassed and ostracized for being gay.

  • Release Date: August 21, 2007 – US$20.99 Buy at YesAsia

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Bunt – Korean Movie – English Sub DVD – SELaplana

BuntSometimes it takes a humble Bunt to win the game. Esteemed actor Jung Jin Young, perhaps best known for his role as the king in King and The Clown, explores the difficulties of parenthood in Park Kyu Tae’s gentle 2007 debut film. Like Marathon and Herb, Bunt offers a mixture of harried hardships and childish innocence in portraying a father’s experience raising a mentally challenged son. Park Kyu Tae previously wrote the hit comedy Hi, Dharma, and his new film carries that same touch of unassuming humor and comedic details, balancing the story’s grave reality with a light-hearted tone. It is easy to root for this well-meaning film and its underdog protagonist.

With an IQ of only 60, 11-year-old Dong Gu (Choi Woo Hyuk) is often teased in school, but he’s as happy as a clam as long as he gets to pour water from his favorite big kettle during lunch. Dong Gu’s teachers want to transfer him to a special institute, and his father (Jung Jin Young) just wants him to live as normal a life as possible. In order to stay in school, bumbling Dong Gu joins the baseball team which is in need of members. He is initially of little use for the team until they discover his ability to bunt.

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Lover’s Concerto – Korean Movie – English Sub DVD – SELaplana

Lover’s ConcertoDirected by Lee Han, Lover’s Concerto was Cha Tae Hyun’s first film after the blockbuster success of My Sassy Girl. Released in 2002, this quiet and moving drama sees Cha in a confused romantic triangle with Son Ye Jin (The Classic) and the late Lee Eun Joo (Bungee Jumping of Their Own).

Twenty-year-old student Ji Hwan (Cha Tae Hyun) treasures nothing more than his camera and taking pictures. One day Su In (Son Ye Jin) and Kyung Hee (Lee Eun Joo) appear in front of his camera lens. Even though their characters are totally different, they understand how to complement each other. Ji Hwan falls for Su In at first sight, but meets her kind rejection. Yet, it doesn’t affect their relationship at all because they are both still young. As the years go by, the threesome establish a close and sincere relationship, which is suddenly heading for a few minor changes…

  • Release Date: August 21, 2007 – US$19.99 Buy at YesAsia

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Cheaters – Korean Movie – English Sub DVD – SELaplana

CheaterA recent survey asked college students in Seoul what they thought about one night stands, and surprisingly 45.5% answered they had no problems with sex on the first meeting. In keeping with times, chaste melodramas are also making way for more sexually liberated takes on modern relationships, what with recent films like Sex is Zero, Wet Dreams, Hot For Teacher, and now Cheaters.

Seok Ho (Choi Won Young, Sex is Zero) has played the role of Casanova for longer than he can remember, but once he meets Chae Young, his techniques don’t seem to work anymore, smitten by her innocent charms. But it turns out Chae Young is not exactly like he pictured, as she’s also seeing Seon Su, who himself lives up to his name (meaning player in Korean) by having a one night stand with sexy Ji Yeon (Go Da Mi, Romance Hunter). Seems like that survey wasn’t too off the mark.

Debut director Park Sung Beom previously worked as assistant director for The Happy Funeral Director and I Wish I had a Wife, but his biggest mark was undoubtedly in the advertisement industry. His short films created a new genre, the advertisement movie, which now influences many CF directors. Now Park debuts with his first feature, Cheaters, one of the most creative new films of 2007.

  • Released Date:� July 27, 2007 – US$18.99 Buy at YesAsia

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The Coast Guard – Korean Movie – English Sub DVD – SELaplana

Coast GuardMaverick director Kim Ki Duk and top star Jang Dong Gun teamed up in 2002 for the thriller The Coast Guard. As can be expected from Kim, the film is a brilliant, if harrowing ride, tracing the psychological derailing of a soldier played by Jang. Amidst the dark themes and unsettling violence, The Coast Guard offers a brutal vision and compelling message about the nature of conscription and military training in South Korea.

Army officer Kang (Jang Dong Gun) is stationed in Korea’s eastern water regions. All seems to be quiet and peaceful here, but a notice warns that whoever comes to this place after seven o’clock at night will be regarded as a spy and executed on the spot. One night, Kang opens fire on a suspected spy, who turns out to be a local who sneaked in with his girlfriend. As the army believes that Kang’s shooting of the man is in accordance with the rules, they allow him special leave to revitalize his spirits. However, Kang can’t get over the terrible incident. After his leave period is over, he returns to his post, but is still unable to shake off his past experiences. His mental shape gets worse and worse and in the end he gets dismissed from duty and is sent back to Seoul. Yet Kang still believes that he is a member of the coast guard and heads out to visit his old post one more time.

  • Release date: August 21, 2007 DTS Version – US$19.99 Buy at YesAsia
  • Release date: August 21, 2007 – US$19.99 Buy at YesAsia

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A Perfect Day To Fool Around – Korean Movie – English Sub DVD – SELaplana

Perfect Day To Fool AroundWhen the protagonist of Han Hyung Mo’s 1956 masterpiece Madame Freedom opened herself to Western culture and started dating another man, it was enough to shock the country. Half a century has passed, and adultery has become a common enough occurrence to serve as the center of A Perfect Day to Fool Around. The film focuses not on the act itself but why the women choose to cheat. Through chatting, Dew (Kim Hye Su, War of Flowers) and Little Bird (Yoon Jin Suh, Oldboy) try to find the answer to their needs: something a little more exciting than their everyday life. To pay back her cheating husband, Dew initiates relations with a young college student (Lee Min Ki, Spring of Dalja), while Little Bird finds company with a slightly older and very charming man. A young mother who married too young, she can’t help wondering how life would be if things had worked out differently.

The second feature film from director Jang Moon Il, A Perfect Day to Fool Around is not a sex comedy like Sex is Zero, instead focusing on atmosphere and irreverent dialogue with a more feminine and creative touch. It’s no surprise that Jang’s career has been marked by unconventional genre films and arthouse classics. Jang actually started as an art critic, and then moved to filmmaking as assistant director for two of the best films of the 90s, To the Starry Island and Jang Sun Woo’s masterpiece A Petal. His first film The Happy Funeral Director was a glorious little comedy centered around creative characters and situations, just like A Perfect Day to Fool Around.

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The Old Garden – Korean Movie – English Sub DVD

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Undoubtedly one of the most interesting filmmakers working in Korea today, Lim Sang Soo has never shirked from pushing buttons and challenging conventions. His previous film, the controversial The President’s Last Bang about the 1979 assassination of Park Chung Hee, experienced brushes with the censors, whereas his third film, A Good Lawyer’s Wife, provided a devastatingly honest look at modern marriage. Based on Hwang Suk Yeong’s bestselling novel, Lim’s latest film The Old Garden, set in the politically turbulent 1980s and a comparatively mundane present, completes his portrait of changes in Korean society over the last 30 years.

The Old Garden revolves around an activist played by popular actor Ji Jin Hee (Perhaps Love), backdropped by the Kwangju Uprising of 1980, a large-scale democracy protest that was brutally suppressed by the Chun Doo Hwan military regime. Despite the sensitive set-up, the political tones underlie rather than drive the story, as the film very much focuses on the human aspects in its portrayal of two young people who are brought together and torn apart by the times. Placing equal emphasis on the female character, a schoolteacher played by Yeum Jung Ah (A Tale of Two Sisters), Lim also gives voice to the thoughts and experiences of the modern woman.

After 17 years of imprisonment, democracy activist Hyun Woo (Ji Jin Hee) is released from prison, but what awaits him is an unfamiliar world. He feels lost and displaced in a Korea that has gone through a myriad of changes in the last two decades. His former comrades are now salarymen, and all he went through in the past seems to be for nought. Learning that his love Yoon Hee (Yeon Jung Ah) has passed away, Hyun Woo returns to the countryside where they met, and revisits the past through her diaries and letters. During the tumultuous 80s, the young Hyun Woo found romance and refuge with Yoon Hee, and 17 years later, the memory of her love again provides a guiding light.

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200 Pounds Beauty – Korean Movie – English Sub DVD – SELaplana

200 Pounds BeautyLighthearted, witty, and bitingly funny, surprise box office hit 200 Pounds Beauty has become one of the top ten grossing films of all time and the highest grossing romantic comedy ever. Based on a Japanese comic by Suzuki Yumiko, the film revolves on a topic all too familiar in Korea: plastic surgery. Kim Ki Duk previously covered plastic surgery in Time, but director Kim Yong Hwa takes a decidedly different spin with the scalpel in the crowd-pleasing 200 Pounds Beauty. Poking fun at society’s obsession with appearances and, ironically, disdain for plastic beauty, the film made an overnight star out of lead Kim Ah Jung (When Romance Meets Destiny), whose sassy, yet vulnerable performance opposite Ju Jin Mo (Musa) endeared her to both male and female moviegoers alike. Even the film’s soundtrack has become a big hit, particularly Kim Ah Jung’s rendition of Maria. Is beauty more than skin deep? Find out in Korea’s newest comedy sensation 200 Pounds Beauty!

As the ghost singer for pop idol Ami and a popular phone sex partner, the bright and lovable Hannah Kang (Kim Ah Jung) attracts everyone with her beautiful voice. But in real life, she is overlooked and made fun of because of her obesity. She secretly likes manager Sang Jun (Ju Jin Mo), but does not have the courage to tell him. When a malicious joke leaves her humiliated and heartbroken, Hannah makes a drastic decision: full-body plastic surgery. Months later, a slim and drop-dead gorgeous Hannah saunters into auditions, and easily wins over Sang Jun with her beautiful looks and voice. With her newfound beauty, Hannah gets everything she’s ever wanted, including fame and love. But what will everyone think when they discover her true identity, and the secret behind her transformation?

Director Kim Yong Hwa has a keen sense for bringing comedy out of a seemingly tragic premise, and delivering it all with resounding commercial appeal. His previous comedy Oh! Brothers was about the bonding between two estranged brothers, one of whom has a rare physical disability. This time Kim addresses a different kind of physical imperfection. In portraying a society in which looks determine status, but plastic surgery invites criticism, Kim twists a painful reality into a comical situation, letting the social commentary underlie, but never overtake the film. 200 Pounds Beauty is first and foremost a comedy, but one with a deceptively intelligent core.

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Love – Korean Movie – English Sub DVD – SELaplana

LoveOne of the most influential names in television, Lee Jang Soo has produced and directed many popular dramas, including Stairway to Heaven, Love Story in Harvard, Beautiful Days, and Shoot for the Stars. In 1999, he directed his first and only feature film, Love. An uncommon romance set in South Korea and the U.S, Love reunites the winning combination of Jung Woo Sung and Ko So Young, who had previously collaborated in Beat and The Fox with Nine Tails.

One of South Korea’s most promising marathon runners, Myung Soo (Jung Woo Sung) suddenly gives up during a particularly trying race. Suffering from a self-esteem crisis, he nonetheless travels to Los Angeles to compete in an international marathon. Once he arrives in the States, however, Myung Soo does not participate in any practices or preparatory activities. Instead he visits his distant relative Brad (Park Chul) and meets Brad’s adopted sister Jenny (Ko So Young), who is searching for her birth parents. Both lonely and emotionally distant people, Jenny and Myung Soo share a connection, inspiring each other to overcome their fears.

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