Japanese Resto Bought the World’s Most Expensive Tuna – SELaplana

The owner of the Sushi Zanmai restaurant chain, Kyushi Kimura who is the president of the Kiyomura Co., paid¬†56.49 million yen ($736,000, ¬£472,125) for the 269 kg bluefin Tuna at Tsukiji fish market’s first auction of the year.

The company assured the public that they will not increase the price when it will be served to their customers. It was estimated that the 269 kg bluefin tuna will give them more or less 10,000 slices at the price ranging from 135 Yen to 418 Yen.

In my calculation, the 10,000 slices of tuna at the price of 418 Yen each will just result to 4,180,000 Yen or 4.18 million which is more than 50 million Yen short.

A Kiyomura spokesman, however, explained that what they did is not for the money but for the Japanese spirit, considering that Japan eat more fish compared to other developed countries. Besides, there is a positive effect in buying such good tuna, and they want to provide the locals good tuna, especially that they lost such kind of tuna to foreigners who outbid them several times before.