Flesh Asia Daily’s Office Raided by NBI

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) raided the office of the Flesh Asia Daily in Bacoor, Cavite, Friday Afternoon. The people behind the Flash Asia Daily are suspected as the first to upload the sex videos of Dr. Hayden Kho with celebrities like Katrina Halili, Maricar Reyes, Brazilian Model, etc.

Jobert Lazarte, a Flesh Asia Daily staff, denied the allegation that they uploaded the sex videos of Hayden Kho with different women, except the two videos of Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili dancing with “Careless Whisper” song.

When asked about the source of the Hayden Kho videos, the Lazarte said that they receive the copy from someone via email.

The Flesh Asia Daily website according to the NBI had 60,000 hits a day before the controversial videos were uploaded. And when I checked today the stat record of the SiteMeter on the Flash Asia Daily website, the site currently has 241,959 average unique daily visitors and 354,439 pageviews. But according to the NBI, the website’s hits had rise to over a million daily.

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Hayden Kho – Maricar Reyes Scandal Part 3

People think that talks about the Hayden Kho sex scandal has subsided already after Katrina Halili charged Hayden Kho, Dr Vicki Belo, and the three others at the Department of Justice. But the release of another version of the Maricar Reyes – Hayden Kho sex video, I think, people will again talk about it.

The third version of the Maricar Reyes – Hayden Kho sex video showed that the two talked in front of the camera. What I mean is that Maricar Reyes consented on the videotaping of their intimate moments.

Now, more people are searching for this Pinay Scandal materials.

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Story Behind the Hayden Kho Scandal

I think the reason why the sex videos of Hayden Kho circulated was not really revealed by Hayden Kho to the media because I did not hear anything about it. What was revealed is that Hayden’s friends betrayed him and circulated the sex videos.

I found a story published at asiaone.com. But I don’t know if the story is true.

Hayden’s friends, Erik Chua and Bistek Rosario were allegedly the ones who circulated the HK-KH sex video.

An insider reveals: “Everyone in Hayden’s barkada knew that he was permanently attached to his laptop.

He logs everything in, such as pics, journals etc.

He had a falling out with two of his friends so they conspired against him.

Di nila alam na may videos sa laptop ni Hayden [They didn’t know there were video’s in hayden’s laptop].

All they knew was that for sure, if there is anything to be used against Hayden, nasa laptop niya yon [it must be in his laptop].

So they copied his entire hard drive in secret then they discovered the videos.

They saw peso signs immediately, either by blackmail or selling the master copy for P2 million.”

“The GF of one of Hayden’s friends had a big crush on him. When she and her BF had a fight, she cried on Hayden’s shoulders. They both got drunk and had sex. The girl wanted to continue the fling but Hayden said “No” because her BF is his friend. So nagsumbong siya sa BF that Hayden took advantage of her.”

Hayden is said to have more sex videos with other celebs and models.

With his harem, his steamy video compilation should be called: “Hayden Mo, Hayden Kho, Hayden Nating Lahat.”

Based on this story, Hayden’s problem started when he had sex with his friends girlfriend. And so what happened next are just the result of his friends revenge against him.

But this story seems in conflict with what the camp of Dr. Vicky Belo revealed via the news that she requested Mr. Chua to get Hayden’s laptop and retrieved the sex video (of Dr. Belo and Hayden Kho). Then after that, Mr. Chua returned to Dr. Belo with a gift. The said gift was a DVD that contains the sex videos of Hayden Kho with other women including Katrina Halili and Maricar Reyes.

And with her anger, Dr. Belo destroyed the DVD including the harddrive and threw them. But the questions is, how did Dr. Belo destroyed the harddrive?

Hmmm. There are lots of questions raised in my head. …

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Ruffa Mae Quinto – Hayden Kho Video Scandal

Here we are again… looking for the Pinay Scandal material which is  still part of the Hayden Kho Sex Video Scandal.

I received a lot of request telling me to send them the Ruffa Mae Quinto and Hayden Kho sex video which I don’t have.

To let you know, I have lots of articles related to sex scandals but I don’t have scandalous materials here. I don’t even promote them here.

If you found Pinay Scandal articles on this blog, they are not to promote the scandalous materials but to outrank from the SERP those real websites that are selling or making money from these kind of materials.

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Katrina Halili Scandal

Katrina Halili an endorser and actress has been rumored being involved in a sex scandal with Hayden Kho.

Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho are both endorser of Dr Belo‘s beauty products. But Hayden Kho is not just Dr. Belo’s endorser but his bf too.

According to rumors, Dr. Belo broke their relationship just because of this said pinay scandal, “Katrina Halili Scandal“. We’ve heard that Dr. Belo has a digital copy of the sex video of Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili.

Hayden Kho admitted that the sex vedio is true but he denied that the woman was Katrina Halili.

Just recently, Katrina Halili in a TV interview admitted that she was the one in the video with Hayden Kho and that the scandal materials was recorded by Hayden Kho. She also knew that Hayden Kho was recording what they did every time they met but she trusted him that those materials would not be given to others.

I became curious on it so I tried to search the video. What I found is the one uploaded at Youtube. But I found no sexual adventure here. Alleged Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili were just dancing and nothing else had done.


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