Anne Curtis’ Nip-Slip Scandal Now with Malware

There’s no question that the Nip-Slip photo of Anne Curtis is already popular. In just a week, bloggers who hijacked “Anne Curtis Nip-Slip” and related keywords experienced the tremendous increase of traffic of their blogs. Besides, it was the talks by many folks in different venue, especially in social networking websites.

And not only that, Cyber-criminals ride on to the popularity of Anne Curtis’ nip-slip by doing what the keyword hijacker bloggers did but then the page they created for the “Anne Curtis’ Nip-Slip” contains malicious codes. Once a user visited the malicious page, a malicious file will be automatically downloaded. This file will issue fake alerts, telling the user that the computer is infected by viruses or trojans or what so ever. Then the users will be told to buy the fake anti-virus.

The Anne Curtis Nip-Slip scandal was actually taken during the performance of Anne Curtis during the ASAP 2010 in Boracay. While dancing, her right breast slipped which was caused by the malfunction of her wardrobe.

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