How Do I Choose My Life-Time Partner (Wife) – SELaplana

When I was 16-year old, choosing a woman to be my life-time partner or wife based on preferences was not really on my mind. What I was thinking is that, any woman who would love me, whom I loved, and would want to become my wife, can really be my wife.

But now, I am a little bit strict in choosing a woman. This is because I want to build a family that can be considered as the role-model in the place where we’ll settle. And before wooing a woman, I first ask my self questions like:

Is she a member of the Church of Christ?

Yes, I am looking for a wife only inside the Church of Christ. There are a lot of beautiful ladies out there, but I never consider them as candidates to be my wife.

Now, why I am doing this? Well, it’s because religion can be the cause of the couple’s conflict with their relationship. Just imagine a couple of different religions go on their own and separate ways to attend religious activities. The wife attends Catholic Mass while the husband attends another congregation’s worship service. Now, what if they already have children; I’m sure children will be confused where to go with. Will they go with their father or with their mother?

Besides, it’s one of the teachings of the Holy Bible that the believers should not marry with non-believers.

Is she an active member of the Church of Christ?

Her membership to the Church of Christ is really important to me. However, it doesn’t mean that when a woman is already a member of the Church of Christ then she’s already qualified. I am actually considering her activeness with the Church of Christ.

You know, I consider those inactive as fake members of the Church of Christ. Because for me, the true members of the Church of Christ are those who follow the teachings taught to them even if no one is watching them.

Am I her first boyfriend?

Whether I am the 20th boyfriend that she has, it doesn’t actually matter as long as during the time that we engaged in a relationship I am alone in her life. But I will be glad and be proud of if I am her first boyfriend. However, it’s really hard to find a woman who doesn’t have boyfriend before my entrance to her life because I observed that even those who are still in the elementary grade have boyfriends already.

Is she a virgin?

Marrying a virgin is really what I dream of. How nice and wonderful thinking that your wife experience her first sexual intercourse with me. I’m sure her minds and heart while playing sex are focused on me. She can’t think of other guys while I am on top of her. She’ll never even compare me and how I play sex with her to the other guys.

But on these days that we tend to adopt the western culture, I don’t how many of the women I saw are still virgin.

Who are her friends?

There is a saying that says: “Birds of the same feather flock together.” And the other saying says: “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.”

I think, from the two sayings above, the reason why I am considering their friends in choosing a woman is already clear. Remember that you can’t immediately notice who really she is by just looking at her. You need to know her friends and barkadas too to finally tell who she is.


I consider a lot of things, and I will tell you more on my next post about it.