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I was recently studying how webmasters SEO’ed (optimized for the search engines) their p*** websites. I was wondering what have they done to make those websites top the search engines results in searches of the terms like “pinay scandal“, “pinay sex scandal“, “pinay celebrity scandal” and other related searches.

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By simply observing them, I found out that those popular websites are using these taglines:

  • Pinay Scandal the most complete collection of Scandals on the Net.
  • From Pinay Celebrity Scandals, Motel Scandals, to Places Scandals we have it
  • The complete collection of pinay scandal.
  • This site contains video clips of pinay scandals
  • USC Scandal 2 – UST Scandal – UST Scandal 2 – Xavier Univ Scandal – Zamboanga Scandal.
  • XEO Sites – Naughty Pinay Celebs – Pinay Pronstars …;
  • SPC Scandal Tags: pinay : scandal Channels: Asian Added: 5 months ago by fish_82;
  • If you are looking for pinay scandal related blogs or website, I think, I can help you. *wink* ;) .

To let you know, searches on the terms I already mentioned have better trend. Just look at the graph generated by Google Trends of searches using the term “Pinay Scandal.”

Pinay Scandal Trend

The graph tells us that the traffic actually started only on the midst of the year, 2005. And then the volume of the searches continuously increases.

In other words, pinay scandal is really popular not only here in the Philippines but also in the other parts of the world.

So, there’s no wonder that there are lots of webmasters who are trying to make money online using the photos and videos of Pinay or Filipina or Philippine women whether by just displaying n****y or doing something with their partners.

The Pinay Scandal Search Engine Optimization Campaign

With the tremendous increase of internet users who are looking for these kind of materials, bloggers who are trying to get traffic for their blog saw the opportunity by simply talking about it at their own blogs.

Yes! By simply talking about it without promoting it to their blog’s current visitors, they can already get additional visitors for their blog as long as they successfully snatch the top positions in the Google SERP or of the other search engines.

So, on the year 2007, Brother Marghil Macuha started the Pinay Scandal Search Engine Optimization Campaign. The rule are these:

  1. A blogger will create or write an article or blogpost that talks about pinay scandal. It’s up for the blogger to be creative on how to talk about it without promoting them. They can talk about the traffic, the negative effects to the internet users, how popular are the term, and the things to do to counter the search engine optimization of the real scandal websites and snatching the top positions in the SERP when searching for pinay scandal or any other related search-terms.
  2. Then the participating blogger should establish links to the originator of the campaign which is Brother Macuha. And the participant has the option to link also to other participants that are already been approved by Brother Macuha and are listed on his own pinay scandal blogpost.

But what is the purpose of this pinay scandal SEO campaign?

Creating a blogpost or writing article about pinay scandal is actually the very first thing that a participating blogger should do, because he couldn’t market a non existing product. And the article about it is considered the product.

And then, interlinking all the blogposts or articles published by participating bloggers is one of the ways of marketing. It’s not just part of the SEO or Search Engine Optimization but it is also part of advertising.

If you don’t have idea on what Search Engine Optimization is, please read my articles:

  1. What is SEO?
  2. The Off-site SEO
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You can also find my articles about Search Engine Optimization by following the links below:

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But you might ask me: How can interlinking the blogposts or articles be part of the advertising?

Okay. With this kind of linking scheme, for sure, one of the participating blogposts will top the search engine result whether by Google, Yahoo/Bing or other major search engines.

Since the volume of the daily searches of the term pinay scandal and other related terms is huge, we can say then that those webpages or blogposts that successfully listed on the top position in the search engine results would get huge traffic also. This is true because normally those listed on the top are those who are most likely visited by the users of the search engines.

So, if those participating blogpost successfully got huge volume of traffic, those visitors will actually read the article and will probably click the links listed with it. So the result is, the blogpost that is listed on the top of the SERP became the landing page of those users using the search engines. And then the traffic will be redirected to the other participating blogposts when those visitors clicked on the links listed within that blogpost that became the landing page.

Now, after reading the above thoughts and you became interested of the pinay scandal but don’t understand what is this, then go on reading.

Making Money Online with Pinay Scandal

There are many ways of making money online with the pinay scandal. However, I couldn’t teach how to do this in the way p**n webmasters are making money.

When we declare an SEO war against the p**n websites, it is likely that we are also against to the way they are making money online with the materials related to what we are talking now.

However, by participating the search engine optimization campaign that Brother Macuha started as we talked about above, you are already making money online with it.


Remember what I am always telling you in my articles related to search engine optimization that “traffic is money.” Now, since participating this kind of campaign will let you enjoy the traffic redirected by other participating blogposts. It is likely that you are given the opportunity to make money online from it.

But of course, you need to make your blog more appealing to the visitors. But not in the sense that you are making the p*rny materials available to them or promoting these to them. But you need to enhance the look of our blog and most epecially the content of it.

So, if you blogging about “Food” for example, just make sure that the content of your blog are relevant to your blog’s topic, so that those internet users who came from the search of pinay scandal and are interested in food will stay in your blog longer by reading your blog’s content.

For thoughts about it, please read the articles published on this blog:

  1. How to market your blog?
  2. How much important is the content of the website?

Exchange Linking Problem

Just like what I told you in my article, “Making Your Exchange Linking Campaign in Natural Profile,” exchange linking is one of the SEO techniques that Google hates so much. And this kind of SEO writing campaign can be considered a link exchange scheme in the sense that every participating blogposts establish links to the other participating blogs.

So, if Google detects and noticed that this blogposts participated a linking scheme, Google might impose a penalty or if not Google will just give no PR value of the links coming from the participating blogposts.

I couldn’t say that the Pinay Scandal SEO writing program or SEO campaign is the main reason why the visible PR value or the toolbar PR value of this blog has been reduced to zero because only few of the participating blogs got the PR of zero.

Besides with that, I also noticed that there are participating blogs that are not existing anymore. And there are SEO gurus who said that linking to the non-existing websites or blogs can cause side effect. I don’t know if it’s true but it is better to check for the dead links to avoid any negative effects.

What is Pinay Scandal?

Actually, this terms refer to the photos, videos or any stories that reveal shameful, sxeperience, and secrets of some individuals or celebrities. This includes photos or videos taken at any places by secret cameras of two individual performing siix or any scandalous acts, and other similar videos or photos that expose someone’s secrets.

Some of these kind of materials maybe are:

  • The video recorded by the couple themselves who performed the sxeual act for their own personal purpose without the intention of releasing the video to the public or to the internet.
  • The video recorded by someone of the sxeual adventures made by the couple without their knowledge.

And few of the examples of these are:

  1. 1st Anniversary Scandal
  2. AB Dog Style Scandal
  3. Adamson University Scandal
  4. After Shower Scandal
  5. Alleged ABS-GMA Producer Scandal
  6. Amanda Page Scandal
  7. Annabelle Rama Scandal
  8. Angela Tiongson Scandal
  9. Angel Locsin Scandals
  10. Angela Strip Scandal
  11. Angelica Panganiban Scandal
  12. Angelica Panganiban’s Nude Australian Picutre
  13. Ang Nipples Scandal
  14. Anna Jamp Scandal
  15. Ann Blow Job Scandal
  16. Another Motel Scandal
  17. Antipolo Scandal
  18. Antonella Barba – American Idol Scandal
  19. Aquinas University Scandal
  20. Ateneo Zamboanga Scandal
  21. Awake or not I’m gonna fuck you Scandal
  22. Bacolod Scandal
  23. Baguio Scandal
  24. Baliuag University Scandal
  25. Bea of Ateneo Scandal
  26. Beyonce Flashes Boobs Scandal
  27. Binibining San Jose Calumpit Scandal
  28. Blue Escort Girl Scandal
  29. Boarding House Scandal
  30. Bong Revilla – Asunta De Rossi Scandal
  31. Boobita Scandal
  32. Boracay Scandal
  33. Boys Night Out Scandal
  34. Boys Night Out Scandal 2
  35. Britney Spears K – Fed Tape Scandal
  36. Britney Spears Pussy Peek
  37. Bukid Scandal
  38. Bulacan State Univsersity Scandal (BSU Scandal)
  39. Busy Girl Scandal
  40. Butuan City Scandal
  41. Butuan City Urios Scandal
  42. Cabuyao Scandal (aka Teacher – Student Scandal)
  43. Cabuyao Scandal 2
  44. Cagayan Bulua Scandal
  45. Car Fuck Scandal
  46. Car Fuck Scandal II
  47. Carmina Villaroel Scandal (Alleged)
  48. Carmen Electra Scandal
  49. CDR King Scandal
  50. Cebu Boarding House Scandal
  51. Cebu Scandal
  52. CEU Scandal
  53. Cheska of Arena Scandal
  54. Che Che Scandal
  55. Chinita Scandal
  56. Chyx Alcala Scandal (Big Brother Housemate)
  57. Cindy Kurleto Nip Slip Scandal
  58. Cityland – Janice Scandal
  59. Claudine Barretto Scandal
  60. Closet Scandal
  61. Commonwealth Avenue Scandal
  62. Convergys Scandal
  63. Criselda Volks Scandal
  64. Cristine Reyes Photo Scandal
  65. Cubao Scandal
  66. Davao Central HS Scandal
  67. Days Hotel Scandal
  68. Dela Salle University Scandal
  69. Diana Escort Girl Scandal
  70. Diane of Tuguegarao (City) Scandal
  71. Dingdong – Antonette Scandal
  72. Divine World University Scandal
  73. Divisoria Mall Scandal
  74. Dolor Hotel Scandal
  75. Don Bosco Scandal
  76. Dr. Vicky Belo – Hayden Kho Sex Scandal
  77. Dressing Room Scandal
  78. Driver-Maid Scandal
  79. Dumaguete Scandal 2
  80. Eda Nolan Scandal
  81. Eda Nolan Scandal Pictures
  82. Ely and Olan 2 Scandal
  83. English Teacher Scandal
  84. Ex-Gf Scandal
  85. Famous Newscaster Scandal
  86. Fatima School Scandal
  87. FEU Scandal
  88. Fil-Am Scandal
  89. Filipina Fitness First Scandal
  90. Filipina Texting Scandal
  91. Fingering Scandal
  92. Flores De Mayo Scandal
  93. For my OFW Husband Scandal
  94. Francine Prieto Photo Shoot
  95. Ganda ng Puke mo Scandal
  96. Gapan Scandal
  97. Gastambide Scandal
  98. General’s Daughter Scandal
  99. GF is Drunk Scandal
  100. GF Seduction Scandal
  101. Girl Named Ruth Scandal
  102. GirlFriend Teasing Scandal
  103. Girl with Braces Scandal
  104. Girls Showing Their Hooties Scandal
  105. Gretchen Barretto – John Estrada Scandal
  106. Hayden Kho Scandal
  107. Hidden Cam in Motel Scandal
  108. High School Scandal
  109. Holy Angel University Scandal
  110. Holy Cross of Davao College Scandal
  111. Holy Spirit Scandal
  112. Honda Cars Alabang Scandal
  113. Househelper Scandal
  114. Iligan Scandal
  115. Iloilo Scandal 2
  116. Indian Posing Nude Scandal
  117. Iriga Scandal
  118. Jacquie Estevez Scandal
  119. Janina San Miguel Scandal
  120. Japayuki Scandal
  121. Jeepney Scandal
  122. Jennylyn Mercado Scandal
  123. Jollibee Scandal
  124. JRU Scandal
  125. Julie Scandal
  126. Karel Maquez Scandal Video
  127. Katrina Halili Scandal
  128. Keanna Reaves BJ Scandal
  129. Keys Me Scandal
  130. Kim Kardashian (tape) Scandal
  131. Kim Kardashian Scandal Full Clip
  132. Kristine Hermosa Upskirt Peek
  133. La Consolacion College Scandal
  134. La Salle Canlubang Scandal
  135. Lei Ochoa Scandal
  136. Lenny Scandal
  137. Love Seat Scandal
  138. Lucena Scandal
  139. Madonna Blow Job Scandal
  140. Makapal Buhok Scandal
  141. Manado Scandal
  142. Manny Pacquiao Scandal Pictures
  143. Mapua Scandal
  144. Maria Scandal
  145. Maricris De Guz Scandal
  146. Mariel Rodriguez Photo Scandal
  147. Marikina Scandal
  148. Marsman Scandal
  149. Maui Taylor Camel Toe Scandal
  150. Maui Taylor Radio Scandal
  151. Maureen Larazabal Scandal
  152. Medical Secretary Scandal
  153. Memory of January 3 2005 Scandal
  154. Metrobank Scandal
  155. Michelle Estevez Scandal
  156. Miss ko na baby ko Scandal
  157. MMS Scandal
  158. Monoblock Chair Scandal
  159. Montojo Scandal
  160. Motel Room No. 1 Scandal
  161. My phone Video Shoot Scandal
  162. Mutya ng Balanga Scandal
  163. Nice Thrust Scandal
  164. New Era College Scandal
  165. New Video Shoot Scandal
  166. Nursing Scandal
  167. Nursing Student Scandal
  168. NYP Students Caught In the Act Scandal
  169. Oblation Run Scandal (University of the Philippines)
  170. OFW Scandal
  171. OFW Scandal II
  172. OFW Scandal III
  173. OFW in Saudi Scandal
  174. Ooohhhh My Scandal
  175. Pansol Quickie Scandal
  176. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) Scandal
  177. Papa Willy Scandal
  178. Paris Hilton Picture Scandal
  179. Pasay Lodge Scandal
  180. Pasay Rotonda Scandal
  181. Pau Scandal
  182. Perpetualhelp Scandal
  183. Pink Towel Scandal
  184. Pissing Scandal
  185. Playing with Self Scandal
  186. Playing with Self Scandal II
  187. Pose for Me Scandal
  188. Prom Night Scandal
  189. Public Stairs Scandal
  190. Public Stairs Scandal 2
  191. Pussycat Dolls live in Manila
  192. Mutya ng Balanga Scandal
  193. Rave Fuck-Party Scandal
  194. Restroom/CR Fuck Scandal
  195. Riding Scandal
  196. Richard Guiterrez – Anne Curtis Smooching
  197. Rosanna Roces Body Shot
  198. Rosanna Roces Webcam Show
  199. Ruffa and Jessica Scandal
  200. Ruffa Guiterrez Alleged Scandal Video
  201. Ruffa Mae Quinto Nipple Slip
  202. Raffa Mae Quinto – Hayden Kho Video Scandal
  203. San Agustin Scandal
  204. San Beda Alabang Scandal
  205. San Beda Go Scandal
  206. San Pedro College Scandal
  207. San Sebastian Scandal
  208. Sarah UE Dance Troop Scandal
  209. Trip – Eye Ball Scandal
  210. Six with a Pinay Scandal
  211. Shaina Magdayao Scandal
  212. SM Crew Blow Job Scandal
  213. Stag Party Scandal
  214. Sta Mesa Scandal
  215. St. Agustine Academy Scandal
  216. Started at Sitting Position Scandal
  217. STI MIsamis Scandal
  218. Sunshine Cruz’s softcore flick
  219. Super Ferry 15 Scandal
  220. Tang Ina DSL Yan ( TIDY Scandal)
  221. Teresa Scandal
  222. This is my Dream Scandal
  223. Tina Espano Scandal
  224. Tisay si Tinay Scandal
  225. Tit Shot Scandal
  226. Tracy Torres Scandal
  227. Tramo Scandal
  228. Two in One Scandal
  229. Union Bank Elevator Scandal
  230. University of Batangas Scandal
  231. University of Luzon Scandal
  232. University of Pangasinan Scandal
  233. University of San Carlos Scandal
  234. University of Zamboanga Commerce Student Scandal
  235. UP Scandal
  236. Usant – Iriga Scandal
  237. UST Scandal
  238. Vanessa Hudgens Scandal
  239. Via Escort Girl Scandal
  240. Victoria London Nip Slips Photos Scandal
  241. Vivan Velez Scandal
  242. Velez  Scandal
  243. Woman in School Uniform Scandal
  244. Woman on Top Scandal
  245. Yan ang Suso Scandal (Translate to “Boobs Scandal”)
  246. Yeah Yeah Scandal
  247. Ynez Webcam Scandal
  248. Zza Zza Pussy Peek

Actually, there are lots of materials that are being monetized by webmasters. The most recent ones are the Hayden “Cam” Kho Videos.

Playing the Pinay Scandal Trend

How to play the trend?

Actually, I already talked about it above. But if ever you are interested to participate the SEO campaign of Brother Macuha regarding this topic, just go on reading.

Okay. It’s just simple. The process is similar to what we did on our experiment on Pinay Sex and the Filipina Writing project. What you need to do is to write a blogpost about Pinay Scandal and then inform Macuha about it. Read this post for more details.

Will it really work?

Well, this thing really works. I am already successful on this at my Pinay Six Experiments: Looking for Free Pinay Sex, Pinay Sex Video, An Experiment, How Important Are The Visits Made by Pron-Loving Guys To This Blog?, Pinay Teen Sex Experiment On First Stage of Success.

And to let you know, tons of email-feed subscribers are coming from these pages too.

However, just make sure that you are not promoting these materials or else the purpose of initiating this campaign will be ruined.

Remember that we need to snatch the top positions in the search engine results from the real p*rn websites that are monetizing or selling these kind of materials. I called it in my other posts as our way of fighting against p*orn*graphy.

To let you know, writing articles about it without promoting p*rny materials is really hard to do. That’s what I experienced when writing this post. There are times that I am tempted to monetize the articles I wrote by promoting dating websites and related products.

That’s why we need to be careful in writing this. And if ever you realized that it seems I am promoting p*rny things here, please let me know so that I can edit this post to clean it.

To let you know, I already edited it for several times already.

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But these are not the only blogposts created by participating bloggers. The complete list is at Brother Macuha’s blog.

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