Kanye West Sex Tape Scandal

September 26, 2012

Last week, a sex tape of Kanye West has circulated in the internet. The sex tape is said to be stolen from Kanye West’s computer by unknown hackers. His legal team is already on the hunt of those who possess it, share it and display it.

Kanye West’s partner as shown on the said video is a look-a-like of Kim Kardashian. Aparently, the rapper is currently dating Kim who in 2007 had a lot of sex tape on the wild.

This week, TMZ reported that another long sex tape of Kanye West with that same woman has already gone wild in the internet. It was reported that adult sites is offering it for $1 million.

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Saudi Arabia Closed TV Station due to Sex Scandal – SELaplana

In Saudi Arabia, if you are involved in any sexual immoralities, you are quiet about it avoiding the authorities to learn about it. It just happened that 32-year-old Mazen Abdul Jawad is not one of those who keep quiet of the scandal.

The interview regarding his sexual adventure in the Muslim Kingdom made and aired by the LBC TV has caused the closure of the TV station.

Mr. Mazen Abdul Jawad will face imprisonment while the TV station will remained closed until further notice.

Sharon Cuneta, No KC Sex Videos

Sharon Cuneta finally talked about the KC Conception sex video. According to her, she was shocked upon learning the gossip but finally laughed about it because it’s not possible for KC to have that.

It’s not even true that the Megastar paid 20 million pesos just to stop the spread of the sex videos.

She also admitted that she also experienced the same before. And I think, she’s referring to the news that she and Richard Gomez were caught by the Hayden Cam, I mean hidden cam performing sex in a hotel. And then just to stop the spread of the sex video, Mayor Cuneta spend thousands of money.

Oo nga, di ba? Pati ako noon natsismis na may sex video. Betamax pa nga yung sa akin, e. Sabi ko nga kay KC, masuwerte siya at ang tsismis ng sex video niya, e, nasa DVD na, ako Betamax pa!

Then she laughed.

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Story Behind the Hayden Kho Scandal

I think the reason why the sex videos of Hayden Kho circulated was not really revealed by Hayden Kho to the media because I did not hear anything about it. What was revealed is that Hayden’s friends betrayed him and circulated the sex videos.

I found a story published at asiaone.com. But I don’t know if the story is true.

Hayden’s friends, Erik Chua and Bistek Rosario were allegedly the ones who circulated the HK-KH sex video.

An insider reveals: “Everyone in Hayden’s barkada knew that he was permanently attached to his laptop.

He logs everything in, such as pics, journals etc.

He had a falling out with two of his friends so they conspired against him.

Di nila alam na may videos sa laptop ni Hayden [They didn’t know there were video’s in hayden’s laptop].

All they knew was that for sure, if there is anything to be used against Hayden, nasa laptop niya yon [it must be in his laptop].

So they copied his entire hard drive in secret then they discovered the videos.

They saw peso signs immediately, either by blackmail or selling the master copy for P2 million.”

“The GF of one of Hayden’s friends had a big crush on him. When she and her BF had a fight, she cried on Hayden’s shoulders. They both got drunk and had sex. The girl wanted to continue the fling but Hayden said “No” because her BF is his friend. So nagsumbong siya sa BF that Hayden took advantage of her.”

Hayden is said to have more sex videos with other celebs and models.

With his harem, his steamy video compilation should be called: “Hayden Mo, Hayden Kho, Hayden Nating Lahat.”

Based on this story, Hayden’s problem started when he had sex with his friends girlfriend. And so what happened next are just the result of his friends revenge against him.

But this story seems in conflict with what the camp of Dr. Vicky Belo revealed via the news that she requested Mr. Chua to get Hayden’s laptop and retrieved the sex video (of Dr. Belo and Hayden Kho). Then after that, Mr. Chua returned to Dr. Belo with a gift. The said gift was a DVD that contains the sex videos of Hayden Kho with other women including Katrina Halili and Maricar Reyes.

And with her anger, Dr. Belo destroyed the DVD including the harddrive and threw them. But the questions is, how did Dr. Belo destroyed the harddrive?

Hmmm. There are lots of questions raised in my head. …

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Hayden Kho, Persona Non Grata

Katrina Halili‘s province is Palawan.

So, it’s expected that the Palawan Provincial government would support here in his battle against Dr. Hayden Kho. And part of its support to Katrina Halili, the province declared Hayden Kho as Persona Non Grata or “an unwelcome person”.

Then another province, the province of Bohol, passed a resolution declaring Hayden Kho a Persona Non Grata.

And I’m currently waiting for the next provinces to declare Hayden Kho an unacceptable person to their territory.

Pinay Scandal

Hayden Kho’s Sorry, Not Sincere

I watched Hayden Kho when he spoke in front of the camera talking about his sex videos that leaked to the internet.

Hayden Kho asked for the apology, “I sincerely apologize for the harm it has done to other parties.” But he added, “I must emphasize that there was no malice on my part, or intention to hurt anyone with these recordings.” Is that the sincere way of asking apology?

He said sorry but then he’s rejecting the responsibility on the leaked sex video.

If he is really sincere in asking for the apology then he should be sorry for recording all his sexcapades… he should be sorry for the leak of the sex videos… he should be sorry for all these troubles. And he shouldn’t blame anyone because the very root of this trouble is the sex video that he recorded.

Reaction to Mrs Kho’s Message

This evening, the ABS-CBN TV Patrol World interviewed Mrs Kho, the mother of Hayden Kho. The host of the TV Patrol World asked several questions but the mother of Hayden Kho did not answer them directly instead she accused Katrina Halili as the root of the troubles that Hayden Kho is now facing and that Katrina Halili is the one who taught Hayden to take illegal drugs.

She also mentioned Senator Bong Revilla and accused Lolit Solis as the orchestrator of all of this trouble.

But wait!

I don’t care whether it’s true or not that Katrina Halili taught Hayden Kho to use illegal drugs. But I don’t think that Katrina Halili is the root of this troubles.

If we say root, what we’re referring into is the point where this trouble start. But the very reason this trouble emerges is the sex videos that Hayden Kho collected in which according to the report there are more or less 40 sex videos recorded by him.

Now, if Katrina Halili is really the root of this trouble, then why is it that there’s a sex video of Hayden Kho and Maricar Reyes which is recorded when the two were still studying in the a medical school. I think, Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho meet through the clinic of Dr. Vicky Belo.

If I was Mrs Kho, I rather keep quiet and never share any comment to the press. What she said durin the interview was just adding more troubles of their family.

Who Really Released the Hayden Kho Sex Videos? – SELaplana

This question, “Who Really Released the Hayden Kho Sex Videos?” is actually the one that the authorities, especially the NBI, want to answer through their investigation.

Hayden Kho and Dr. Vicky Belo accused certain Chua as someone who is responsible in uploading the sex videos into the internet. But according to Chua during the exclusive interview by the ABS-CBN, he’s not the one who did it but one of the three in love triangle.

Chua did not really mention a name but if the suspect is one of the three in love triangle, I guess, he’s referring the camp of Dr. Vicky Belo. As what I understand, the three persons who are in love triangle are Hayden Kho, Katrina Halili and Dr. Vicky Belo.

In a recent interview by the ABS-CBN with the beauty doctor, Dr. Belo said something about what Katrina Halili did. I couldn’t quote in words for words of what Dr. Belo said but the gist is, “women should learn not to go to the apartment of someone who is in relationship or has a girlfriend already then have sex with him because at the end you’ll be in trouble.

Well, for now we couldn’t really tell who is the culprit of circulating the sex videos of Hayden Kho.

Angela Tiongson Six Scandal

It was on the year 2007 when the name Angela Tiongson became popular in the internet because of the six scandal involving her and her boyfriend.

I really don’t know how the people got the alleged six video of Angela Tiongson. What I’m sure is that the six vedio was taken using a camera phone.

I checked the Pinoy forums and I found out that forumers were sharing the video using the free sharing website. This scandal was called by them the Angela Tiongson Six Scandal.

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Cagayan De Oro Scandal

The well known Cagayan De Oro Sex Scandal is also called Xavier Scandal since the actors in that scandal video students of the Xavier University in Cagayan de oro city.

The Sun-Star Cagayan De Oro reported about an old Cagayan de Oro Scandal:

THE two persons involved in the now infamous “Xavier Sex Scandal” video confronted each other in front of the mayor’s office Tuesday for probably the first time since news of the video broke out.

According to reports, the two engaged in a heated argument with the woman accusing her former lover of having allegedly released their private sex video.

Mayor Vicente Emano said the man denied having released the video and added that he is willing to cooperate with any investigation on the incident in order to ferret out the persons responsible for the spread of the video.  (more)

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