My SmartBro Plug-it Device was Stolen – SELaplana

I just hate thieves. And while I hate them, I always became their victim.

Last night, my SmartBro Plug-it device was stolen by someone. I am sure of that because the said device was set permanently in my office.

The only problem is that my office is open. It has roof, table, chair and other things but it has no wall.

My wife is right when she told me that I was the one giving the thieves a chance for them to take my SmartBro Plug-it device. It was all my fault.

But, should I blame myself for doing that? It just happened that I trusted the people around me. And I never thought that one of them would betray me by stealing my valued things.

Got a SmartBro 999 Post Paid Plan Again

By the way, I just arrived from Tacloban City. I applied at the Smart Wireless Center for the permanent disconnection of my previous SmartBro Canopy 999 plan and then applied a new account for the SmartBro Plug-it 999 Plan.

The Canopy device of my previous account couldn’t be used here in my current location because Smart has no canopy connection available here. They only offer the plug-it connection.

What I really applied for was the SmartBro Plug-it Post Paid but the sales clerk that I talked at the Smart Wireless Center told me that it would be better for me to apply for the SmartBro Plug-it SIM only because the contract is good for 6 months only compared the Plug-it Post Paid plan’s contract is up to 24 months. She explained that after 6 months, I could apply for the permanent disconnection of the service without paying the pre-termination charge as stated in the contract.

In just few hours, I immediately got the SIM card. But, I still need to buy the plug-it device since mine was already stolen by someone good in our neighborhood.

Smart Bro Told Me To Pay My Outstanding Balance

I received a call today from a representative of Smart Communication Philippines. I thought I will be asked anything about my application for a new smart bro connection here in my new location. However, this woman, after introducing herself as a representative of Smart Communication, immediately asked me when should I settle my outstanding balance on my previous Smart Bro connection.

Actually, my Smart Bro Canopy Internet connection is not yet terminated even if I am not using it anymore. I couldn’t use it here in my new location since there is no canopy internet connection here. Smart Bro‘s internet connection here is dependent on HSDPA and EDGE technology. And I am currently using the Prepaid Smart Bro Plug-it and enjoying the unlimited surfing for 50 Pesos a day.

Now, last September, I called the customer support for the Smart Bro asking them to terminate my account and I will just pay the outstanding balance through ATM machine. But I was told that terminating an account could not be done via phone communication, rather I should visit the Smart Wireless Center and file the application for account termination there.

My problem is, I am more than a hundred kilometers away from the Smart Wireless Center and I am currently don’t have the budget to be spent for the travel. So, I decided not to pay my dues until my account will be terminated by the system automatically.

As of now, I have not paid the SMART for two months already. I am also receiving text message from their system that my account will be terminated if I will not pay my dues.

Anyway, my contract with the Smart Bro has expired already.

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How to Request Pasaload in Smart?


For example I already have no prepaid load credit in my Smart SIM and there’s no available loader or prepaid load retailer in my area and I really need the load to text my loveones. Is it possible to ask load from them through Smart Pasaload? How can I request a Pasaload from them?


For the sake of those who don’t know what Pasaload is.. Pasaload is another service of Smart wherein one Smart user can send a load to the other Smart user and the load that is sent is deducted from the sender’s current prepaid load credit.

Pasaload is actually derived from the words “Pasa” which is the Filipino term for “Pass”. So Pasaload literally means “pass the load”.

How to send the Pasaload?

Sending Pasaload can be done by typing the “recipient number”, “space”, “amount” and send to 808. For example, I want to send P2 to 09191234567, what I will do is type 0191234567 2 and then send it to 808. You will then receive a confirmation message from Smart telling you that you have sent P2 of your credit load to the specified celfone number.

Here’s the schedule of the Pasaload:

And not only that, you can even send the ALL TEXT promo to the recipient. What you need to so is type the “recipient number”, “space”, AT<amount>  and send it to 808.

For more example:

  • type 09181234567 AT10 and send to 808 – for Alltext 10
  • type 09181234567 AT20 and send to 808  – for Alltext 20
  • type 09181234567 AT40 and send to 808  – for Alltext 40
  • type 09181234567 AT50 and send to 808 – for Alltext 50
  • type 09181234567 AT25 and send to 808 – for Alltext Upsize P20

How to request for a Pasaload?

So for the answer of your question, here’s how you can request a Pasaload?

Dial *808 plus 11-digit cell number of your friend then press call.

For example, you want to request a Pasaload to 09191234567. Just dial *80809191234567 and then press call. Your request will automatically be sent.

Note, you can actually request Pasaload 3 times. And each request, you’ll receive a P5 Pasaload credit. And sending the request is free of charge.

But what about if you are the one being request to send the Pasaload?

If that’s the case, you’ll receive a message from Smart saying: Smart Advisory: 09191234567 is requesting for you to pass P5. Just reply this message with Yes or No and Smart will act depending on your reply. If you of course replied yes then Smart will deduct P5 from your credit load balance and send to the requester’s number and another P1 as charge.

Hope this answer helps.

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Hinunangan, Blessed with High Speed Internet

I learned from the step daughter of my brother-in-law that Smart Bro’s High-speed Packet Access (HSDP) is already available in Hinunangan, Southern Leyte. And the good thing is that even in Barangay Calag-itan which is 6 kilometers away from the town proper, HSDP is still available and that according to her, she’s enjoying the full-bar signal of Smart Bro’s HSDP internet connection.

I don’t know what makes Hinunangan special to Smart Broadband and they made the Smart Bro (in HSDP) available in that place.

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Smart Bro SurfTV

Those who couldn’t afford to buy desktop computers or even cheap notebook computers can now surt the internet using their own television with the help of the newest product of the Smart Broadband (Smart Philippines) which is called, Smart Bro SurfTV.

What is SmartBro Surf TV?

Smart Bro SurfTV is a device that will be connected to the RCA port of your color TV set which is responsible in letting you surt the internet, chat with friends and loveones and use the email services in the internet.

You can have it from the Smart Wireless centers for only PhP4,500.00, complete with keyboard, a mouse, a remote control, and a Smart Bro USB stick-type modem with a prepaid SIM, pre-loaded with PhP100 worth of load credit. And just like the ordinary prepaid Smart Bro USB for PCs, you’ll be charged with PhP10 per 30 minutes  in surfing the internet. You can buy SmartBro prepaid loads at your suking Smart eLoader the same way when you buy prepaid loads for your cellphones.

Note before buying Smart Bro Surf TV:

But before buying the Smart Bro SurfTV kit, make sure first that your area has 3G or High-speed Packet Access (HSPA) coverage for you to enjoy the high speed of internet. Otherwise, you’ll be pissed off with the slow internet through the GPRS internet connection.

Is Smart Money Pera Padala better than other Money Transfer Services?

Question: Is Smart Money Pera Padala better than other Money Transfer Services?


Actually, the answer is yes or no. It depends on the availability of the Smart Money users who will receive the money you sent through the Smart Money – Pera Padala.

Sending money to your loveones through the Smart Money will be done either of the following ways:

Smart Wireless Center to Smart Wireless Center

Just visit the  Smart Wireless Center near you and then tell your loveones to go to the nearest Smart Wireless Center. Then fill-up the form and let the Smart Wireless Center people to send the money to your loveones through the Smart Wireless Center they’re in. So, you and your loveones will pay the sending charges and the receiving charges, respectively.

Usually, the sending charge and the receiving charge is PhP10.00 of every PhP1,000 which is of course more cheaper compared to when sending money through the LBC Pera Padala, MLhuillier Pera Padala, Cebuana Lhuillier Pera Padala and other money transfer services.

Your Own Smart Money to Smart Wireless Center

This time, you have your own Smart Money and that you can access your bank account through your  Smart mobile phone.

First, you need to reload your Smart Money the amount you need to send to your loveones. Of course the money you reloaded to your Smart Money came from your bank account of which your Smart celphone has the access.

Then, tell your loveones to visit the nearest Smart Wireless Center. And then send the money using your own Smart Money to the Smart Wireless Center where your loveones are in.

With this, you don’t have to pay anything. But your loveones will pay the PhP10.00 of every PhP1,000.00.

Your Own Smart Money to Other Smart user’s Smart Money

Just like what you did above, you need to reload your own Smart Money the amount you need to send to your loveones.

Then tell your loveones to visit a Smart Money user near them who offer a Pera Padala services. Then send the money to the Smart Money of that person.

With this, you will pay nothing but your loveones will pay (usually) PhP30.00 of every PhP1,000.00.

Other Smart user’s Smart Money to Another Smart user’s Smart Money

This time, you need to find a Smart Money user who could send money. Usually, you would pay 30% of the amount you’ll send. And just like what has been described above, your loveones will pay PhP30.00 of every PhP1,000.00.


You can also send the money from your own Smart Money to the Wireless Center near your loveones. You will pay nothing while your loveones will pay PhP10.00 of every PhP1,000.00 you sent.

If you have questions, feel free to ask. Send the question to us by using this form.

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How To Connect to the Internet Using Your Phone with Smart Unli Surf?

Question: I don’t have any kind of modem including the USB modem of Smart Bro. But is it possible to surt the internet using my Nokia Phone?


There are cellphones that are capable of surfing the internet. Most of these kind of cellphones can also be used as modem for your PC or laptop.

Then what should you do next?

First, you should have enough credit on your phone. Then connect your Nokia Phone to your PC or laptop using the free Nokia PC Suite, then choose the proper network and then connect.

If you are Smart Buddy user, try availing the Smart Unli Surf. Read and follow the instructions here on how to register. Once successfully subscribed, you can now surf the internet.

About the Smart Unly Surf Promo:

Designed for the heavy mobile internet user, SMART Buddy™s UNLI SURF data plans allow you to connect to the internet using your mobile phone and surf to your hearts content at the most affordable rates without worrying about per minute charges. Browse mobile sites, upload photos, view videos, connect to your social networks, send and receive email, all through an unlimited data connection! Surf any time, any where, any site.

Choose from our affordable UNLI SURF plan that fit you and your budget:

Unli Surf Daily  P50 / day
Unli Surf Weekly  P300 / Week
Unli Surf Monthly  P1,200 / month

Update: For Unlisurf promo for Smart bro, kindly visit this page >> How to Avail Unlimited Internet Surfing of Smartbro?

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Smart Bro Prepaid

I already got an unlimited internet connection from the Smart Bro Plan 999 but I think, I need to purchase another one from the Smart Bro. But this time, I don’t need a new Plan 999 of Smart Bro internet but the Smart Bro Prepaid internet.

I really need the Smart Bro Prepaid especially this 3rd week of April 2008. I will visit my mom and my sisters in my home town in Surigao del Sur. Probably, I will stay there for 1 week. And after that my girlfriend and I will go to her hometown in Hinunangan, Southern Leyte and do some preparation for the upcoming wedding. These two towns I mentioned have no internet cafe and I can only use the Smart Bro wireless internet there but not the Plan 999 not even the Plan 799.

You see, the Smart Bro plan 999 needs an external antenna, so it’ not the type of internet connection that a traveler needs. But I am not planning to get the Smart Bro plan 799 because I just hate to pay monthly bills of a service that I seldom use. Smart Bro Prepaid is the best one.

Smart BroSmart Bro Prepaid

Based on what I knew, anyone with the Smart Bro Prepaid USB modem can access the internet as long as there’s a PC and the SMART signal. The internet connection will be faster if you’re in the area where SMART 3G is offered otherwise it’s a little bit slower because you’ll be using the GPRS system of SMART.

What you need to do is to visit the Smart Wireless Center and purchase a Smart Bro USB Modem along with the Smart Bro SIM Card. I think, you’ll spend PhP4,500.00 for the Smart Bro USB modem and SIM but you have PhP30.00 worth of free internet or equivalent to 1 and 1/2 hours.

The loading system of the Smart Bro Prepaid is similar to when loading cellphone loads. You can use the Smart Bro Prepaid Card or just go to the Smart Bro retailer and buy loads from them.

The only problem is, SMART charges our internet use per 30 minutes block. What I mean is, even if you only use 10 minutes, Smart will charge you PhP10. If you are connected for 31 minutes, then Smart will charge you PhP20.00 because the 1 minute excess is already counted as 1 30-minutes block.

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Smart Money is Not Really a Smart Card

Yesterday, I told you about making your cellphone you wallet, right? And doing this need you to have your own SMART Money.

And did you know that today I was embarrassed by the SMART Money?

Actually, the real cause of this embarrassment is my expectation that SMART Money can be used as credit card just because it has the MasterCard Electron logo printed on it. However, when I use it into my AMAZON account, I realized that this couldn’t be used as credit card.

Amazon emailed me this:

Regarding Order xxx-xxxxxxxxxx-xxx from

1 of Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer

Greetings from,

Your credit card payment for the above transaction could not be completed.
An issuing bank will often decline an attempt to charge a credit card if
the name, expiration date, or ZIP Code you entered at does not
exactly match the bank’s information.

Valid credit card information must be received within 3 days, otherwise
your order will be void.

Once you have confirmed your account information with your issuing bank,
please follow the link below to resubmit your payment.

We recommend you select an option to create a new payment method when
prompted and enter the complete information for the payment method you
wish to use.

To view your transaction status online, please visit:

We hope that you are able to resolve this issue promptly.

Please note: This e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that
cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message.

Thank you for shopping at Customer Service

This experience taught me that not all cards bearing the logo of VISA, MasterCard or any similar credit cards can be used for your online credit transaction.

Are you users from the Philippines? Do you need wireless internet? Are you searching for information about Smart Bro? Check my article about Smart Bro.

Make Your Cellphone Your Wallet

Did you know that your cellphone can now be your wallet?

Yes! And for 1 year already, I avoided the hassle and worries in bringing with me a lot of cash, especially during my Honta XRM trip to my hometown (Oteiza, San Agustin, Surigao del sur) or to any other places. Wherever I go, I only bring with me few cash for food and for other personal needs, and the rest of my money are intact at my Metrobank ATM account. And if I need to withdraw cash, I only get my SMART cellphone, do some clicks and then, get some money.

How to make your cellphone your wallet?

Well, making your cellphone as your wallet needs you to do 2 steps.

  1. Enroll your bank account to mobile banking with SMART.
    I have an ATM account at the Metrobank Maasin branch. Metrobank offers mobile banking which is partnered with SMART Philippines. So, once you enroll your account into mobile banking, your SMART cellphone will now contain a mobile banking menu, and will became capable in transferring funds from your ATM bank account to your SMART Money or from one bank account to the another. However, you should take note that these bank accounts should be all enrolled to mobile banking for you to be able to transfer funds from one bank to the other.
  2. Register your SMART Money.
    You can actually register your SMART Money through your cellphone. However, to give you the capability to send and receive money, you need to customize it and pay PhP200.00 service charge at any SMART Wireless centers.

How to use your Cellphone as Wallet?

There’s a lot of ways on how to use your cellphone as your wallet. Few of these are:

  1. Pay your Bills
    I am not really sure if you can use your cellphone in paying your MERALCO, PLDT, BayanTel or any other bills because I haven’t tested it yet. However, I am using my cellphone in paying my hosting bills with the NOKIAHost. To let you know, I have websites being hosted by the NOKIA Hosting Solution. And every time I renew my accounts, I only send my payment into its SMART Money account. Thus giving me ease in paying bills.
  2. Send Money to your Loveones or friends
    My fiancee is not yet connected with the Department of Education, instead with the local government of Marihatag (Surigao del sur) and she’s earning more or less PhP3,000 per month. She’s actually having the hard time budgeting her income especially that her assignment is too far from her home. To help her cope her school assignments and activities, I give her allowance of PhP2,000 per month. And sending her her allowance is just on the tip of my finger. With just few clicks on my SMART cellphones, her allowance is already at her hands.
  3. Reload your cellphones with prepaid loads
    And one more advantage having your wallet cellphone is you can send prepaid loads to any SMART cellphones.

Just like what I said above, these 3 ways of using your cellphone as your wallet are just few of the uses that you might enjoy with your SMART cellphone. For more information about it, please visit the SMART Money page.

Read my write-up about Smart Bro Wireless Internet.