Southern Leyte’s Maasinhon Trio Won the “Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3″ Title – SELaplana

Southern Leyte, particularly Maasin City, is currently celebrating as the “Maasinhon Trio” won the “Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3″ grandwinner title. They took home the grand prize of PhP 2 Million, last Sunday.

The group is composed of Bonifacio Salubre, Andrew Sanchez and Licinio Lolo. They are all coming from Maasin City, Southern Leyte.

Contestants competing in the final of the Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3 were:

  1. El Gamma Penumbra
  2. Bringas Brothers
  3. Khalil Joseph Ramos
  4. Kiriko
  5. Loverkada Kids
  6. Sandugo Band
  7. Twin Divas
  8. Lucky Twins
  9. Muriel Lomadilla
  10. The Synergy
  11. Maasinhon Trio
  12. Renagine Pepito

Maasinhon Trio Videos

Maasinhon Trio during the audition.

Maasinhon Trio during the Semi-final.

How they won?

Do they deserved the grand prize of PhP 2 Million? This is what other people are asking.

I was reading forums talking about the grand final of the Pilipinas Got Talent Season 3 especially about the winner, the Maasinhon Trio. There are some commenters who said that the winners do not deserved the title because for them other contestant’s performance were better compared to the Maasinhon Trio’s.

Well for me, all the contestants competing in the final stage of the contest are all good and they performed best. But we should understand that what made a contestant a winner is the votes of their supporters.

In the case of the Maasinhon Trio, Southern Leytenhon, especially the Maasinhons were united in supporting the Maasinhon Trio. They voted them via SMS or other means. My sister and my aunt from Malitbog, Southern Leyte even voted several times. Southern Leytenhons do not look at who will get the 2 Million and where it will go. They simply wanted to push the three Maasinhons up, for them to get the 2 Million and the title, so that in return these three people will make us all here proud.

So, Maasinhon Trio really deserve the title and the grandprize.

Agas-agas Bridge

Agas-agas Bridge is in the mountainous terrain of Brgy. Kahupian, Sogod, Southern Leyte, in the Sogod-Mahaplag road section.

It is constructed by Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co. Ltd at a cost of PhP1.024 Billion which is a loan by the Philippine government from the Japanese government through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). It was inaugurated on August 09, 2009 led by the President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and the Japanese Ambassador to Manila, Makoto Katsura.

The bridge is part of the Maharlika Highway in Southern Leyte where transport services pass through it coming from Luzon to Mindanao or from Mindanao to Luzon. It has a height of 75 meters and the length of 350 meters. It is currently the tallest bridge in the Philippines.

Besides of giving ease when traveling from the North to the South vv, it is also the new tourist destination of the Philippines, particularly Southern Leyte. It offers not just the beauty of the bridge but also the beauty of the nature surrounding the bridge.

The provincial government of Southern Leyte has planned also of constructing facilities for extreme sports activities such as bungee jumping 30 stories down, rope jumping, rappelling, a zip line, para-gliding and others.

Agas-agas Photo

Photo credit: PhilStar.Com

Agas-Agas Tragedy

On March 13, 2011 (Sunday) Lowela Agero, 20-year old native and resident of Abgao, Maasin City jumped to death from the Agas-Agas bridge.

According to the report, Agero invited her friends to visit the Philippines’ tallest bridge. On Sunday, Agero along with her friends Jovy Mercedes, Gretel Lorzano and others arrived at the bridge at around 9 in the morning. At about 4:30 PM, when they’re about to leave the bridge heading to the parking lot where their motorcycles were parked, Agero went into the railing and jumped.

Agas-Agas Zipline (Leyte Zipline)

The Zipline, extreme sports found in the Agas-agas Park is launch in 2011 offers an experience in which you’re flying like superman above the Agas-agas bridge. Sulit ang P280/pax na ibabayad mo for a more or less 30 seconds ride on an almost a kilometer zipline.

The zipline is named Zip Southern Leyte.

Agas-agas Zipline Adventure

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Macrohon – Southern Leyte – SELaplana

Macrohon is a 4th class municipality and one of the 18 municipalities of Southern Leyte in the Philippines.

The Municipality of Macrohon has a total land area of 12,639.47 hectares. It is bounded by the Municiaplity of Maasin in the north, Municipality of Burgos in the south and the Municipality of Malitbog in the East. The town proper is 13 kilometers from the capital of Southern Leyte, the city of Maasin and is 10 kilometers away from the next town of Padre Burgos.

Brief History of Macrohon

Before it became a Municipality in 1901 with Felomino Demeterio as the Municipal President, it was long before part of the Municipality of Maasin as ones of its Barangays or Barrio.

As a municipality, it was composed of the towns of:

  1. “Nipaon” now Ichon
  2. “Hingatigan” now Amparo
  3. “Maypague” now Aguinaldo
  4. “Catong” now Flordeliz
  5. “Panasawa” now San Roque.

However, in 1903, it was reverted back as a Barrio of the Municipality of Maasin including those above barrios except the San Roque which became part of the Municipality of Malitbog.

It was Salvador Demeterio, a native of Macrohon who became a delegate of the First National Assembly, who made Macrohon a Municipality in 1907. Captain Gerardo Kuizon was appointed Municipal President.

Mr. Bautista Kuizon who once acted as a representative of Barrio Macrohon to the council of the Municipality of Maasin became the first elected Municipal President of Macrohon. He however held the position for only a year and leave the governance to his vice who was Mr. Ponciano Tallo.

The next President are:

  1. Filomeno Demeterio (1912-1919)
  2. Trinidad Demeterio (1919-1927)
  3. Felixberto Kuizon (1928-1930)
  4. Atty. Prisco Bitos (1931-1936)

When Philippines was under the commonwealth government, Municipal President became the Municipal Mayor.

Below are the mayors of Municipal of Macrohon:

  1. Tereso Kangleon (1936 – 1942). He took over for town from its caretaker Vicente Evarretta for the remaining term after the Second World War. He was reelected but then he left his office to his vice Rafael Joven.
  2. Tito Gloria Sr (1942). He took over the office when his Mayor Tereso Kangleon fled during the Second World War.
  3. Vicente Evarretta (1943). He served as the caretaker of the town when Tito Gloria left the office and joined the guerillas in fighting against the Japanese occupation.
  4. Tereso Kangleon resumed his term after the Second World War ended. He was reelected but did not take his office, instead he left it to his vice.
  5. Rafael Joven (1952-1955). He served as mayor of the town when Tereso Kangleon left the office. In the next election, he was reelected.
  6. Conrado Compendio (1956-1963)
  7. Leonor O. Galdo, MD (1963-1995)
  8. Caridad S. Evarretta (1995-1998)
  9. Fe Gaviola – Edillo (1998-2004 and 2007-present)
  10. Manuel Boldo (2004- 2007)

Barangays of the Municipality of Macrohon

  1. Aguinaldo
  2. Amparo
  3. Buscayan
  4. Cambaro
  5. Canlusay
  6. Flordeliz
  7. Ichon
  8. Ilihan
  9. Laray
  10. Lower Villa Jacinta
  11. Mabini
  12. Mohon
  13. Molopolo
  14. Rizal
  15. Salvador (Mangyang)
  16. San Isidro
  17. San Joaquin
  18. San Roque
  19. Sindangan
  20. Upper Villa Jacinta
  21. Asuncion
  22. Bagong Silang
  23. Danao
  24. Guadalupe
  25. San Vicente Poblacion
  26. Santo Niño
  27. San Vicente (Upper San Roque
  28. Santa Cruz (Pob.)
  29. Santo Rosario (Pob.)
  30. Upper Ichon


Primary Schools in Macrohon:

  1. Cambaro Primary School
  2. San Isidro Primary
  3. Ilihan Primary
  4. Molopolo Primary School
  5. Aguinaldo Primary School

Elementary Schools in Macrohon:

  1. Salvador Elementary School
  2. Mabini Elementary School
  3. San Roque Elementary School
  4. Ichon Elementary School

Secondary Schools:

  1. Macrohon Institute (MACI), Inc. (Private School) in Brgy. Sto. Rosario
  2. MACI-Jose K. Demeterio Learning Foundation, Inc. (MACI-JKD/MACI Foundation/JKD) in Brgy. San Vicente
  3. Villa Jacinta National Vocational High School (VJNVHS) in Brgy. Lower Villa Jacinta
  4. San Roque National High School (SRNHS) in Brgy. San Roque
  5. Ichon National High School (INHS) in Brgy. Ichon

Tourist Spots in Macrohon

  1. Statue of Our Lady of Fatima at the Fatima Hills in Brgy. Ichon.
  2. Fatima Hills, Brgy. Ichon
  3. Cambaro Caves, Brgy. Cambaro
  4. Macrohon Park and Plaza, Brgy. San Vicente (Pob.)
  5. Amparaiso Beach Resort and Amparaiso Hotel, Brgy. Amparo
  6. Manaya Beach Resort, Brgy. Asuncion
  7. Seven Falls, Brgy. San Roque
  8. Lapyahan sa BEC, Brgy. San Vicente (Pob.)
  9. Punta Beach Resort, Brgy. Flordeliz
  10. Southern Leyte Dive Resort, Brgy. San Roque
  11. Cristina White Beach Resort, Brgy. Ichon
  12. Tatay Ade Beach Resort, Brgy. Buscayan
  13. Mibulos Beach on the Rock, Brgy. Canlusay
  14. Banahaw Spring, Brgy. San Joaquin
  15. Marine Park and Fish Sanctuary, Brgy. Sta. Cruz-Molopolo
  16. Florencia Island, Brgy. Molopolo
  17. Municipal Hall, Brgy. San Vicente (Pob.)
  18. Kuting Reef in Barangay Asuncion

Below are Macrohon sons who became known for their achievements:

  1. Gen. Ruperto K. Kangleon who became Secretary of National Defense and was also elected as senator.
  2. Rep. Ciriaco K. Kangleon
  3. Leyte Governor Salvador Demeterio
  4. Archbishop Mariano G. Gaviola
  5. Former Court of Appeals Presiding Justice Ramon G. GAviola, Jr.
  6. Former Secretary of Education, Culture and Sports Ricardo Gloria.

Southern Leyte

Southern Leyte is a province in the southern part of Region VIII or Eastern Visayas that occupies about a fourth of the entire island of Leyte. It is bordered by the province of Leyte to the north, by Surigao Strait to the east, Bohol Sea to the south, and Canigao Channel, to the west. It has 18 municipalities and 1 city of which Maasin City is the capital of the province.

Panaon Island, Limasawa Island and the islets of San Pedro and San Pablo are the only the only islands and islets that belong to the province.

Municipalities in Southern Leyte

1. Anahawan
2. Bontoc
3. Hinunangan
4. Hinundayan
5. Libagon
6. Liloan
7. Limasawa
8. Macrohon
9. Malitbog
10. Padre Burgos
11. Pintuyan
12. Saint Bernard
13. San Francisco
14. San Juan (Cabalian)
15. San Ricardo
16. Silago
17. Sogod
18. Tomas Oppus

How To Reach Southern Leyte?

Southern Leyte is linked from Leyte through a network of major roads such as the Abuyog – Silago highway, Mahaplag – Baybay – Maasin highway or the Ormoc – Baybay – Maasin Highway, Baybay – Bato – Sogod highway and the Mahaplag – Sogod – highway which is part of the Maharlika highway.

If you are coming from Mindanao, you can take the Maharlika highway via Lipata – Liloan ferry, or just take a passenger vessel from Surigao port to Maasin City port.

If you are coming from Bohol, you have the option of boarding a motorized banca bound to Bato, Leyte or directly to Maasin City from Ubay or a ferry vessel from Ubay to Bato, Leyte or directly to Maasin City.

If you are coming from Cebu, you have several options to consider.

  1. Cebu – Southern Leyte through a passenger vessel bound to Ormoc City. Then from Ormoc City, just take a ride of passenger bus or Van for Hire.
  2. Cebu – Southern Leyte through a passenger vessel bound to Hilongos, Leyte. Then from there, just take a ride of passenger bus, passenger jeepney or Van-for-Hire.
  3. Cebu – Southern Leyte through a passenger vessel bound to Bato, Leyte. Then from there, just take a ride of passenger bus, passenger jeepney or Van-for-Hire.
  4. Cebu – Maasin City, through a passenger vessel bound to Maasin City. Cebu – Liloan through a passenger vessel directly bound to Liloan.
  5. Mactan to Tacloban City through a passenger airplane bound to Tacloban City. Then from there, just take a ride of passenger bus or Van-for-Hire.

And if you are coming from Luzon, You can either take a land trip through the Maharlika Highway, sea trip through a Manila-Cebu bound passenger vessels, or through airplane bound to Tacloban City.

History of Southern Leyte

Southern Leyte is previously part of the province of Leyte. But because of difficulty of managing this portion of Leyte from the capital which is Tacloban City, a move to divide Leyte into two emerged.

In 1919, Representative of the 2nd district of Leyte, Ciriaco K. Kangleon (Representative from 1919 to 1922) authored a bill that would divide Leyte. The proposed Southern Leyte would comprise the towns from Inopacan to Cabalian. However, it failed to be passed in the Senate.

But, it didn’t stop the movement there. In 1922, the next Representative, Tomas Oppus presented House Bill 254 which had been passed into law as Act No. 3117. The law insist that the towns from Villaba to Hinunangan will be part of the new Western Leyte province. But the law was not implemented and never proclaimed.

In 1957, after the Act No. 3788 was passed which was responsible in the division of Leyte province into 5 districts, Nicanor Espina Ynigues, Jr presented a bill that would create a Province of Southern Leyte that would include towns from Maasin to Silago which is actually part of the 3rd district of Letye under Representative Yniques.

The bill was passed and signed into law by President Carlos P. Garcia on May 22, 1959 and became the Republic Act No. 2227 which is known as an “Act creating the province of Southern Leyte”.

The inauguration of the new Province of Southern Leyte was done on July 1, 1960. It’s official towns are: Maasin which is the capital of the province, Malitbog, Bontoc, Sogod, Libagon, Pintuyan, San Francisco, St. Bernanrd, Cabalian, Anahawan, Hinundayan, Hinunangan, Silago.

New municipalities were created later namely: San Ricardo from Pintuyan and then Tomas Oppus and Padre Burgos from Malitbog. Later, the island of Limasaya became a municipality, separating itself from Padre Burgos.

Southern Leyte Disasters

In December 2003, a landslide in San Francisco killed at least 200 people. It was followed by several landslides at the same town by the following years.

In February 2006, several landslides happened in various part of Southern Leyte including in Hinunangan, Pintuyan, Liloan and San Francisco. The biggest happened in St. Bernard which killed hundreds of people, destroyed homes and plantations and covering the entire village of Guinsaugon by muds.

New Year Flood in Southern Leyte

This is how Southern Leyte looks during the 2011 new year celebration.

Heavy rains started on the dawn of January 1 and it didn’t stopped up to the time of taking photos of those places.


PIA reported five children confirmed dead due to flooding and landslide.

  1. Jordan Lakipon, 7 year old, of Barangay Bolodbolod of the town of St. Bernard, killed by landslide
  2. Maria Fatima Discaryal, 5 year old, Barangay Bolodbolod of the town of St. Bernard, killed by landslide
  3. Rodel Discaryal, 1 year old, Barangay Bolodbolod of the town of St. Bernard, killed by landslide
  4. Patrick Pelaez, 11 years old, drowned at a creek at Pancho Villa, town of Bontoc
  5. Ricabelle Montederamos, 11 years old, drowned at Barangay Maanyag, Tomas Opus town

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Two Gaisano Malls Will Be Established in Southern Leyte – SELaplana

The Philippine Information Agency reported at its website the establishing of the two Gaisano malls here in Southern Leyte. A branch of the Metro Gaisano will be established in Maasin City and a branch of the Gaisano Capital in town of Sogod.

According to the report, the building that is currently being built by the local government of Maasin City in its terminal complex for the dry market will now become the future Metro Maasin Department Store and Supermarket. The construction of its building will be based on the Public-Private Partnership program of President Noy which means a P100 million savings for the city government.

In the town of Sogod, the branch of the Gaisano Capital is tentatively set to open on June 2011. However, the construction of its building is not yet started. But reports said that the Gaisano Capital management applied for the building permit already.

“Akyat Bahay” Thieves in Southern Leyte

The authorities here in Southern Leyte should be alarmed of the successful operations of the Akyat Bahay (housebreaker) group of thieves who are currently operating here in the Province of Southern Leyte.

I heard from the talks of the residents in Malitbog, Southern Leyte that on these recent days, the Akyat Bahay thieves successfully broke in to the houses in Burgos, Divisoria (Bontoc), and San Vicente (Malitbog). The thieves on these separate locations and incidents used similar ways in robbing their victims:

  1. Feeding the dogs with food that contains poison.
  2. Forcibly opening the doors or windows.
  3. Stealing valuables that can be easily brought out of the house like cash, cards, jewelries, cellphones, and other smaller but expensive things.

And only last night, we became the victims of this Akyat Bahay thieves.

Our two dogs and two cats were killed by the poison mixed with the food that these thieves threw at them. When the dogs went quiet, the thieves started to break in to the compound using the fence at the back of our house.

They started to check our dirty kitchen. There, they found the knife, the Lugi (a tool used in Copra making process), a hammer, and a piece of steel rod. I dont know what were they thinking and how did they use these things. What I know is that they’re bringing these things as they entered the house and searched for our valuables.

I thought at first, the house is really safe from “Akyat Bahay” thieves especially that all windows have well-set window-grills and the doors are made of first-class hard woods.

But the thieves found the weakness of that house, the sliding door. I think it was easy for them to forcibly open that door because it did not awaken my sister and my two aunts who were sleeping in the room near that door, and the door of that room has not been shut off.

They entered all the rooms of our house except the room where my sister and my two aunts slept, and the other room where my wife and I stayed. The thieves did not bother to enter the room of my sister and my aunts maybe because they don’t want them to be awaken. But these thieves tried to open the door of our room using the keys the found. Unfortunate they failed to open it.

We found out that thieves were there in our house only when my aunt found the door of the dirty kitchen was opened widely, and then next she discovered their shoulder bags outside the house near the location where the dead dogs lay.

Lessons from this experience

While the Police investigators were collecting for evidences, I reflected and learned these lessons.

(1) Don’t let the thieves enter your house.

One of the famous saying says: “Prevention is better than cure.”

This saying is of course talking about our health. And it is said that preventing to be ill is really better than curing the illnesses that we have. Spending money to make our body healthy and making our immune system strong is really better than spending money to cure our illnesses.

However, this saying can also be applied against thieves. Preventing thieves in breaking our house is really better than pursuing them after stealing all our valuables.

But how can we avoid the entrance of the thieves in our house? Here’s how:

  1. Check your house or the compound of your house of the possible entrance of thieves and install something that would hinder the thieves in infiltrating.
  2. Install electrical lighting in every corner of your fences making sure that the outside area of your house are well-lighted.
  3. One of your dogs should stay inside your house. This dog will discourage the thieves in breaking in your house even if they’re already inside your backyard, and at the same time, the dog serves as your burglar alarm.
  4. Always check your gates, doors, and windows if they’re properly closed and locked before going to bed. And check also if all the fence and backyard lightings are all switched ON.
  5. Lock the doors and windows of your rooms while you are sleeping.
  6. If someone who is selling items like floor wax, cleaning agents, gas stoves safety device, etc, wanted to go in to your house for a short demo, be alarmed because that guy maybe is studying your house for possible “Akyat Bahay” (housebreaker) operation. Don’t ever let them go in to your house.

(2) Don�t disturb the thieves while they�re stealing your properties

However, if the thieves are already inside your house, then here’s what you need to do:

  1. Stay quietly where you are. Don’t let them notice you that you are awaken and that you have noticed them already so that they will do nothing harmful to you.
  2. If you think you are still safe to move in your room because they haven’t entered yet your room, then try to send text messages to your friends and let them call the police.

For now these are the things that I learned through my reflection on what happened. If you have thoughts about it, please share it to us by posting a comment in our comment section of the live version of this article. Visit the live version of this article here >>> “Akyat-Bahay Thieves in Southern Leyte

Feeling Not Well yet

Everytime I remember what happened last night, I always feel the fear.

And I really wanted to cry not because my wallet that contains cash, credit card, ATM card, debit cards, and IDs was stolen by those housebreaker thieves, but because my two beloved dogs and two cats were killed. I really missed them. And while writing this article, the tears are flowing from my eyes down my cheeks and dropped into my lap.

These dogs and cats were not just our pet, but they were really parts or members of our family.

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Dive Resorts in Southern Leyte

Foreign Tourists are very noticeable in the town of Padre Burgos in Southern Leyte not because of any interesting events that are happening at this town but because of the scuba diving resorts which are established in this area.

If you will be traveling from Maasin City to the Eastern part of the province, you’ll pass by the two popular dive resorts in the province of Southern Leyte such as: Peter’s Dive Resort and Sogod Bay Scuba Resort.

Dive Resort of Southern Leyte:

Peter’s Dive Resort
Lungsodaan, Padre Burgos
Southern Leyte, Philippines
Telephone numbers:

  • (53)573-0015
  • 0915-824-1431

Sogod Bay Scuba Resort
Lungsodaan, Padre Burgos
Southern Leyte, Philippines
Telephone numbers:

  • (53)573-0131
  • 0920-582-8542
  • 0927-481-9885

DavLiz Scuba Dive and Sports
Cantutang, Padre Burgos
Southern Leyte, Philippines
Telephone numbers:

  • (053)573-0002
  • 0906-898-4724
  • 0919-210-1717

Leyteno Clean Up Storm Land’s Mess – SELaplana

As of writing this post, residents of Southern Leyte are busy cleaning up the mess of the Tropical strorm “Lando” that hit the province yesterday, November 19, 2007 at 10am. The few hours stay of Lando left tons of trees uprooted, some areas are flooded and damaged the SOLECO lines.

It even of course interrupted my blogging activities.

More new here:

  • ABS-CBN – A  Tropical storm Lando has crossed the inland waters of Central Visayas and is now over the Sulu sea, leaving at least six people dead and submerging in …
  • Xinhua – At least seven people were killed in the heavy rains and landslide in central and southern Philippines brought by tropical storm “Lando”, …
  • GMA News – At least 10 persons were dead and others were reported missing in Northern Mindanao and Caraga areas as strong winds and rains from typhoon ‘Lando’ …
  • Philippine Star – The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration said at 2 pm today, Tropical Storm “Lando” was estimated based on satellite …