How to check my SSS contributions?

Question: How to check my SSS Contribution?


There are two ways you can do to check for your SSS contribution, whether you missed to pay contribution for months or your employer did not remit your SSS contribution.

At the SSS Office

Visit the nearest SSS branch and ask them an update of your SSS account. They will give you a print copy of the record of your SSS contributions.

However, most of the SSS branches do not entertain such transaction anymore and they will just tell you to check your contributions using the SSS Online Inquiry system.

SSS Online Inquiry

SSS lauched the SSS Online Inquiry website, so that members can check their SSS account without visiting the SSS offices. So, by simply using the internet connection at home, you can do what you want to do with your SSS account.

Here’s how:

  1. If it’s your first time to use the SSS Online Inquiry system, you need to register here first. Read this article, “Philippine SSS Website Registration,” first for you to learn some information regarding the SSS Online Inquiry. If you are registered already, just login here.
  2. Then click “SSS Online Inquiry” as shown on the screenshot below:
  3. Then point your mouse to the arrow (number 1 as shown on the image below) and then click on “Actual Premium” (number 2 as shown on the image below)
  4. Then your contribution will be shown. You can print it or just save it into your computer.

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