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You read my first post on the “Time to Make Money Online” series. And then, you did ask yourself if you have passion in writing but you’d found out that you have no interest in it. However, you’re ready to get interested with it by putting your heart in it. You’re ready to learn things and to do things because you really wanted to be a blogger like those successful bloggers out there.

I’m ready to make money online by blogging. So tell me how to start with!” You’d gonna tell me that now.

So here’s what you need to do first.

The Topic of Your Blog

You need to know first what should be the topic of your blog. Do you want to have a blog with a wide range of topic just like what I have here at this blog?

But you might want to focus on a single topic but profitable one. Remember that you’ll be earning not just a hundred dollars from your blog that is focused on a profitable topic, but thousands of dollars. I guess I already talked about that on my previous posts:

However, it’s of course your decision. I am just here to help you came up the topic that best suited to be blogged about at your own blog.

1. Topics You are Knowledgeable

You gonna think of subjects that you are knowledgeable of. Have here some pointers:

  • Do you know about carpentry?
  • Do have knowledge on music?
  • Do you know how to cook food and recipes?
  • Do you know some interesting places like hotels, restaurant, land marks, tourist destinations, resorts and other interesting place to go?
  • Are fond of reading novels, books, and other similar things?
  • Are you interested of movies: old movies and new movies… including TV series?
  • What are your hobbies? Playing online games, offline games, electronic devices assembly… anything.

These are just few of the things you might be knowledgeable of.

Now, write them on a sheet of paper. But it might be better if you can write them on your diary book because you might use it on your future activities.

2. Topics you have passion

Now, read again the list of things you have listed as the result of following the step 1 that I told you above.

Pick or choose those listed above that you think you are passionate of… the things you are very much interested… the things that you love to do most. And then list them to the other page or sheet of paper.

3. Your Most Interested Topic

From the list you made on step 2, choose 1 topic that you think you love most.

Well, you can go back on this step if you want to choose another topic that you think is the best one to talk about at your blog.

4. Expand the topic into keywords

You have the topic that you want to blog about after doing the 3rd step, right? But it’s not yet the time to start blogging. You need to do a little research first to let you know what are the profitable keywords under the topic you’ve chosen.

For example, if you’ve chosen the topic “Bicycling” then you can expand it into:

  • Bicycling
  • Bicycle
  • Parts of bicycle
  • bicycle gears
  • bicycle pedals
  • bicycle tires
  • bicycle hub
  • bicycle maintenance
  • bicycle stores

The keywords above might be enough for you but I am sure that there are still lots of keywords that will give you an idea what should be the right topic for your blog.

You can expand your list of keywords by using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. So open the said keyword tool and then enter all the keywords above into the blank field as shown below:

After that, Google will ask you some verification code to make sure that you’re human not bot. Then click the “Get Keyword Ideas” button.

Then a long list of keywords related to the keywords you entered will be shown… Just scroll down your browser to see those keywords.

5. Pick Keywords with High Volume of Monthly Searches

You gonna take note of the numbers under the “Global Monthly Search Volume” of each of the keywords. The number is the estimate made by Google of the number of times the particular keyword was being search using the Google Search Engine.

Now, lists all those keywords that have more than 30,000 Global Monthly Searches.

6. Verify the Search Trend of the Keywords

From the list you made on the step 5, verify each keyword or each group of keywords whether the search trend is constantly high or whether the search trend is rising. Use the Google Trend tool in doing this step.

Open the Google Trends tool and enter the keyword on the blank field as shown below then press the “Search Trend” button.

Then the Google Trend graph of that certain keywords you entered will be shown.

For example. I will verify the search trend of the keywords “bicycle repair“. By using the Google Trends tool, I will get this graph:

The graph told us that the search trend of the keywords “bicycle repair” went up on certain periods and went down too. But the good thing is the lowest search volume is still high.

Now, list all the keywords steadily high or if not rising Search Trend.

7. Verify the competition on the searched keywords

From the list you’ve made on the step 6, verify each keywords whether the number of the competing webpages listed on the Google SERP is low by simply searching the keyword using the Google Search Engine.

For example, I will check the number of the competing webpages on the Google SERP when searching for “bicycle repair“. By simply googling it, I will get this:

From that, you’d learned that there are 7,500,000 webpages competing on this particular SERP. Quite high, right.  So, it’s not good to blog about this and compete those number of webpages.

Now, list all the keywords that has less than 700,000 competing webpages on Google SERP. The lesser the competition the better.


So, now you have the list of the possible topic that you can blog about. You need to think and think and think which topic should you pick. You can even choose them all and tackle them all in just one blog.

But you still have a lot of things to do. Wait for the next article on this blogpost-series, “Time To Make Money Online“.

Incoming Visitors

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How to Decrease your Blog’s Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is defined as the percentage of the number of single-visit in your site.

For example, if there are 100 visitors visit your site, and 80 of them leave the site without visiting other pages of that site, then the bounce rate is 80%.

The process can be expressed mathematically as:

Bounce rate = [ (no. of single visit) / (no. of total visit) ] x100

To make it clearer, bounce means the visitors exit the site from the landing page or entrance page itself. If the visitor visit the homepage of this blog and leaves the blog from this page without visiting other pages, then it is already a bounce.

There are actually several ways of leaving your blog that are considered as bounces. Few of these are:

  • If your visitors leave your blog through the link from within your blog to the other blogs. For example the visitors click the links in your blogroll listed at the sidebar, or the links within the article to the other blogs or websites that are used as references.
  • If your visitors leave your blog through the Adsense ads or any other ads displayed on your blog.
  • If your visitors leave your blog by closing the tab or the browser’s window.
  • If your visitors leave your blog by clicking the “Back” button of your browser.
  • If the visitors open a new website by typing the new URL.
  • If your visitors do nothing after landing on your blog. What I mean is that, your blog is opened for a long time.

But what does high bounce rate of my blog really mean to me?

Actually, having a high bounce rate means two things: Either you failed or you succeed. Whether having high bounce rate is good or not depends on your goal in blogging at a particular blog. For example:

  1. If your blog is made for Adsense, having high bounce rate means two things: (1) your visitors click the Adsense ads; (2) your visitors leave your blog immediately after knowing that your blog is just made for Adsense.
  2. If your blog is a marketing type, having high bounce rate means two things again: (1) maybe your visitors clicked the ads on your blog; (2) maybe your visitors were not interested in the content of the landing page.
  3. If your blog has only 1 post, then you’ll be expecting that your blog has high bounce rate, from 80% to 100%. It’s because there’s no other post that your visitors could visit.

Bounce Rate and the SERP

It might be advantageous to you if your blog has high bounce rate especially if the visitors of your blog leave your blog by passing through the Adsense ads because it could mean huge Adsense income for you.

However, bounce rate is already considered by Google as a measure of quality visit and that the high bounce rate indicates that site entrance (landing) pages aren’t relevant to your visitors. And there was an speculations from SEO experts that bounce rate could greatly affect your blog’s ranking on the SERP.

What I mean is that if your blog has high bounce rate, especially in a certain googling or searching, your blog will be outranked by those blogs or websites or webpages that has low bounce rate.

It happens because the main goal of the search engines is to serve the internet users with the relevant search engine result. And one factor considered by the search engine in learning whether your blog is relevant to that certain googling or searching is the bounce rate.

So, how can you decrease the bounce rate of your blog?

Few of the ways that might decrease the bounce rate of your blog are:

  1. Make your blog user friendly. Your blog should be clean, orderly and appealing to the visitors. The text should be readable and the downloading should be fast.
  2. Write Quality and Relevant Contents. The articles published at your blog should be interesting and useful. Give your visitors the reason to stay longer at your blog.
  3. Inter- linking articles. Offer your visitors more articles to read that are relevant to the landing page. This can be done by
    (1) linking to the other articles by using the relevant keywords within the article;
    (2) by listing few related articles at the bottom of the article.
  4. Proper SEO. In optimizing your blog or every pages of your blog for the search engines, you need to target the keywords that are relevant to the page being optimized.
    For example, if your targeting the “Pinay Scandal” keyword, make sure that the landing page contains relevant content because if the content is not related to the keywords used to find a page of your blog, mostlikely your visitors will immediately click the “Back” button of the browser to check for another websites listed at the SERP.
  5. Brother Mapiles added this: Make at least two parts for a long post. I usually do this to get at least two page visits on my post. I don’t put everything in one page. If I’m posting series of videos, the next videos could be found on the other page.

Other articles:

Save Money with Jason “Kuripot” Calacanis – SELaplana

When Jason said something not good against SEO, I learned to hate him (but I still followed him through his blog). Now with his tips on how to save money running the start-up, I think, I loved him already. No! I am not gay. I just love his ideas.

He listed lots of things but I like few of them:

  • Buy everyone lunch four days a week and establish a no-meetings policy. Going out for food or ording in takes at least 20-60 minutes more than walking up to the buffet and eating. If you do meetings over lunch you also save that time. So, 30 minutes a day across say four days a week is two hours a week… which is 100 hours a year. You get the idea.
  • Buy cheap tables and expensive chairs. Tables are a complete rip off. We buy stainless steel restaurant tables that are $100 and $600 Areon chairs. Total cost per workstation? $700. Compare that to buying a $500-$1,500 cube/designer workstation. The chair is the only thing that matters… invest in it.
  • Go to each of your vendors every 6-9 months and ask for 10-30% off. If half of them say yes you’ll save 5-15% on fixed costs. People will give you a discount if they think they are going to lose the business.

I am a direct opposite to Jason if we’re talking about start-up and business. But Jason like me is a very much wise in spending money. Jasons Calacanis is “kuripot” guy (lol). And read his tip below:

  • Get an expensive, automatic espresso machine at the office. Going to starbucks twice a day cost $4 each time, but more importantly it costs 20 minutes. Buy a $3-5,000 Jura industrial, get the good beans, and supply the coffee room with soy, low fat, etc. 50 people making one trip a day is 20 hours of wasted time for the company, and $150 in coffee costs for the employees. Makes no sense.

That’s the wisest thing you should do. This tip simply tells us to teach your employees to save time… and earn extra income for your company by selling them coffee and other drinks.

And one more thing: Set-up now your Linkln and Facbook account, Jason Calacanis is using these 2 sites for hunting applicants.

  • Don’t waste money on recruiters. Get inside of linkedin and Facebook and start looking for people–it works better anyway.

Here’s my write-ups against, I mean about Jason Calacanis:

How Do I Choose My Life-Time Partner (Wife) – SELaplana

When I was 16-year old, choosing a woman to be my life-time partner or wife based on preferences was not really on my mind. What I was thinking is that, any woman who would love me, whom I loved, and would want to become my wife, can really be my wife.

But now, I am a little bit strict in choosing a woman. This is because I want to build a family that can be considered as the role-model in the place where we’ll settle. And before wooing a woman, I first ask my self questions like:

Is she a member of the Church of Christ?

Yes, I am looking for a wife only inside the Church of Christ. There are a lot of beautiful ladies out there, but I never consider them as candidates to be my wife.

Now, why I am doing this? Well, it’s because religion can be the cause of the couple’s conflict with their relationship. Just imagine a couple of different religions go on their own and separate ways to attend religious activities. The wife attends Catholic Mass while the husband attends another congregation’s worship service. Now, what if they already have children; I’m sure children will be confused where to go with. Will they go with their father or with their mother?

Besides, it’s one of the teachings of the Holy Bible that the believers should not marry with non-believers.

Is she an active member of the Church of Christ?

Her membership to the Church of Christ is really important to me. However, it doesn’t mean that when a woman is already a member of the Church of Christ then she’s already qualified. I am actually considering her activeness with the Church of Christ.

You know, I consider those inactive as fake members of the Church of Christ. Because for me, the true members of the Church of Christ are those who follow the teachings taught to them even if no one is watching them.

Am I her first boyfriend?

Whether I am the 20th boyfriend that she has, it doesn’t actually matter as long as during the time that we engaged in a relationship I am alone in her life. But I will be glad and be proud of if I am her first boyfriend. However, it’s really hard to find a woman who doesn’t have boyfriend before my entrance to her life because I observed that even those who are still in the elementary grade have boyfriends already.

Is she a virgin?

Marrying a virgin is really what I dream of. How nice and wonderful thinking that your wife experience her first sexual intercourse with me. I’m sure her minds and heart while playing sex are focused on me. She can’t think of other guys while I am on top of her. She’ll never even compare me and how I play sex with her to the other guys.

But on these days that we tend to adopt the western culture, I don’t how many of the women I saw are still virgin.

Who are her friends?

There is a saying that says: “Birds of the same feather flock together.” And the other saying says: “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.”

I think, from the two sayings above, the reason why I am considering their friends in choosing a woman is already clear. Remember that you can’t immediately notice who really she is by just looking at her. You need to know her friends and barkadas too to finally tell who she is.


I consider a lot of things, and I will tell you more on my next post about it.

The Secrets To Successful Relationship

Those who knew about the real situation of our relationship think that it will only end up into nothing. Actually, we don’t have problems to each other or problems with our relationship to the future in-laws. It just happened that we are in a long distance relationship. Yes! And just like what I told you on my previous post, we are already on our 4th year already.

I can’t say yet that we are already successful in our relationship because we are not yet married and we are still on the process of getting the success we aimed. Even those who are here married with or without children can’t be considered successful. It might be true that they already got the early stages of their success but it’s not yet the real success of their relationship because they still have the chance to break it up. Only those who died with their relationship to their husbands or wives intact are those who can be considered successful in bringing up their relationship.

So, what are the secrets that a couple should do to attain the success of their relationship?

If you’ll ask the experts about this, they will tell you a lot of things… a lot of advices… a lot of stories to hear. And I generalized them into five (5) points, but these five points are equivalent to one, and that is LOVE:

Faith in God

To let you know, before I wooed my girlfriend, I first performed my devotional prayer to God asking him the wife I need in my life. It is because I really believe that good wife is coming from God as written in the Holy Bible, Proverbs 19:14:

14 Houses and wealth are inherited from parents,
but a prudent wife is from the LORD. (New International Version)

Well, actually until now I am always doing my devotional prayer to God. This is the only thing that I can do to make sure everything will be alright.

And by looking at her and by considering her personality and devotion to the service of God, I can say that she’s really the answer to the prayers I did to the Father and I am firm about this. That’s the reason why I tried to keep our relationship up.

We are just human, isn’t it? And we are subject to temptation and faults. In others words there were times that we quarreled over something, or just felt jealous to something and someone. But every time these things happen, we immediately close our eyes and pray to God and confess what happened, then ask His forgiveness and guidance. After we did this, we felt again the strength of our relationship.

Honesty to the agreement

We, even if we are not yet married, have agreement on many things especially those related to our relationship. It serves us our guidelines to avoid anything that can ruin our relationship.

Whatever that have been agreed, we tried to be honest to it. Remember that honesty to your agreement means honesty to your partner.


If you are into relationship, you need to have a good communication. You need to express what you feel, what you need, and what you want so that your partner will know about them and can immediately think of ways to resolve any problems. However, expressing something should be done in a way that your partner can understand what you really want to tell him or her.

To let you know, I spend a lot of money for our communication. Remember that we are in a long distance relationship. I understand how important our communication is. That is why I bought her cellphones and provided her cellphones load. Everyday we send messages to each other telling each other what we feel, what are we doing and where are we going to.

You might think that what we did is too much, but actually is not. On this way, at least, we feel like we’re together even if we’re too far away from each other.

Trust to each other

Trust to each other will make you confident and feel positive towards your relationship. It is also the one that will reminds you of what to do to avoid the involvement of the third party.

Remember that once you don’t have trust to your partner, you also tend to be dishonest to him or her and the result is that you made the third party enter into your relationship. And you already know what will happen if there are three or more parties in just one relationship.

In order for you to attain trust to each other, you need to practice the first three (3) points I mentioned above: Faith in God, Honesty to the Agreement and Communication.


Well of course you need to create beautiful memories in your relationship. These memories will strengthen your feeling towards each other.

There are of course a lot of ways to create beautiful memories but I will only mention few of these things:

  1. For married couple, make your sexual activities memorable, enjoyable and fantastic. Helping each other reach orgasm is the best thing to do during sex.
  2. Show your care to your partner.
  3. Help her or him cope her or his own problems.
  4. Give him or her memorable items.

…. And some other things that can become a beautiful memories to remember.

Some suggestions?

Do you have more tips and suggestions in bringing up a relationship? Well, if you’re our subscribers via email, then reply this with your tips and suggestions.

Make Use of Your Blogging Time – SELaplana

Yesterday, I was online the whole day but I failed to write a single article for this blog. I forced my brain to think of ideas but didn’t find any. I tried to surf the web, read the blogs of the bloggers on my community, and took a 5 minutes nap but still found nothing to write.

So, what should you do if you experience the same?

Okay, here’s the list of things that you should do in order to make use of your time:

  1.  Watch TV.
    Open your TV and scan all the channel and find a channel that will interest you. Take note of some interesting ideas on the program you’re watching. And if you got one, try to compose article for your blog.
  2. Read News Papers, Magazines and other books.
    Make use of  your time by reading these materials. And while reading, always take note of the ideas you found that can be use for your blog.
  3. Blog Hop
    Blog hop from one blog to the other. Take your time on reading their posts and commenting on their posts. By doing this, you will not only learn things, get ideas for your blog, but also gain friends.  (Read this post too.)
  4.  Play ZERO online.
    Playing online games is just a way of relaxing your mind. I don’t know you can find ideas for your blog if you’ll just play online games.

    To let you know, during that day that I didn’t have any ideas to write after scanning the internet, I decided to play the ZERO online game. And you know what happened?

    Well, my character reached its 58th level and deposited $530,000.00 gold at my warehouse.

Write Posts and Gain More Traffic For your Blog

Are you wondering what to write for your blog? Are you also wondering what to do to gain more traffic for your blog?

Everybody knows that content is the most important part of a blog. Your blog will not be a blog if it has no content. You can’t even bring people to visit your blog if there is nothing to find there, isn’t it?

However, if you already have published something in your blog but no one visits your bog, it leads you to think that your blog is useless. Useless in the sense that you’ll never benefit from it and you do not achieve the real reason of your blog’s existence.

Well, try reading my previous posts about these, and learn from these posts for you to successfully give life to your blog:

  1. Generating Much Traffic, Change of Niche
  2. Reasons Why You Must Participate the Filipina Writing Contest
  3. What To Blog?
  4. Gain More Blog’s Traffic from Your Trackback
  5. Reasons Why You Must Participate the Filipina Writing Contest
  6. Write Great Content, Gain Great Visitors, Earn Great Money

Did you know?

The very purpose of this post is actually to let our blog’s visitors visit our old posts. And this is also to tell you that you need to apply some ways so that your visitors of one of your posts will visit also your old and other posts.

If you’ll check the content of my blog, you’ll notice that I am promoting my previous posts in 4 ways:

  1. Recent Posts
  2. Related Posts
  3. Recently Commented Posts
  4. Top Posts

And they are located at the different spots on the blog as shown by the figure below:


I decided to place them like that in order to make sure that readers of our write-ups can notice the other posts.

However, some of our visitors really tend to ignore the links posted on that spots and immediately leave our blog behind. And thinking of that made me sad, because what I really want is to let our visitors stay longer on this blog by reading our posts whether new or old.

So, to make sure that they visited some of your old posts, it is better if you publish links within your write-ups to your old posts in different ways.

  • When writing your new article, make sure to quote something from your old post and publish link to them.
  • If you’re writing your new article, consider linking to your old posts which you think are related to what you are saying on your new article. For example, if you are writing about gaining traffic, why not link the term “gaining traffic” to your old posts that is related to gaining traffic.

You know, I am doing this on this blog and it really works. So why not try this too in your blog?